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Topic: Selling Topics

What does duplicating an item do? How do I do it?


Duplicating is kind of like human cloning, but without the ethical questions and funding dilemmas. Duplicating makes a copy of the fields and pictures from one item and pastes them into a new item. You can then edit the new item as you see fit. It works like this: From the "Sell on Bonanza > Add/edit Items" page, mouse over the item you want to duplicate and choose "Duplicate" from the menu that appears.

Let's say that you're selling a 1999 Honda Civic, blue. You also happen to have another blue 1999 Civic with a small stain on the driver's seat (cops ain't gonna catch you riding dirty). Rather than fill out a whole new item form to get that second Civic in your booth, you could mouse over the first Civic, click "Duplicate," then edit the copy to include that bit about the stained seat.

Other Users Say

blindie says: February 20, 2010

Q. Is “Duplicate” the best way to list several items with the same traits?
A. Yes.

buybrilliance says: August 29, 2010

Be vigilant about which item is the duplicate and which item is the original. After you duplicate an item, look at the green dot under the item picture. The bright green dot signifies the item is the original and is for sale (buyers can see it). The light green dot signifies it is the duplicate.