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Topic: Selling Topics

All About the eBay Importer

Introduction to the eBay Importer
How long will it take for my items to import?
My items have completed importing, and a bunch of them need to be edited. Any tips?
What kinds of listings does the importer import?
Is it safe to give Bonanza my eBay login info to import my eBay items?
Why do I have to verify my eBay identity before importing feedback or items?
I imported my items a second time and lost all the edits I had made to my items, what gives?
What happens if I import my items multiple times?
Can I select the items I want to import from eBay?
Does the item importer bring my pictures to Bonanza?
Does the item importer bring my item categories to Bonanza?
What doesn't the item importer import? What are the current limitations?
How do I import auctions?
Do I need to stay logged in during my import?
Does it cost anything for me to import my eBay items?
Is there a maximum number of listings that can be imported?




Introduction to the eBay Importer

The eBay importer is your friend in the importing business. It will grab all of your active listings from eBay and copy them into your Bonanza booth, with as much detail as it can gather (title, description, price, shipping information, pictures, and category are all usually grabbed, with some exceptions). Importing items from eBay is free and usually is completed within a few hours, though sometimes can take as long as 24-48 hours, depending on system load.

Where can I find the eBay importer?

You can access the eBay import page by hovering your mouse cursor over the "My Store" drop-down menu link (upper left side of each page, just above the Bonanza logo) and selecting the "Import from eBay" link from the drop down menu.  You can also find the same link on your main booth page (where you add/edit items).

How long will it take for my items to import?

When you submit your eBay importing job, you will be told how many jobs are pending before yours. Plan on it taking at least 30 minutes for each import job in front of yours before yours begins. After your job has started, the time it will take to finish importing depends on the number of items in your eBay store. It can range from a couple minutes if you have 10-20 items, to several hours if you have thousands.

My items have completed importing, and a bunch of them need to be edited. Any tips?

Yes! Use our batch editor! (My Store > Batch edit items) to change the price, category, shipping, desription or any number of other fields en masse.

What kinds of listings does the importer import?

The eBay importer can import standard eBay listings, either auctions or fixed priced listings. Instructions for importing auctions can be found in the "How do I import auctions?" section below. However, some proprietary listing templates (especially ones with complex HTML or Javascript) and eBay motors listings can sometimes throw the importer for a loop, and lead to errors importing, including descriptions not being imported. You can read more about this in the eBay importer limitations section.

Does it import my pictures?

Yes, the importer will import the first four pictures that it can find associated with your item. Our eBay importers will only bring over the main image when importing each listing for the first time. Then within 24 hours the rest of the images will be imported.Note that images that are embedded via HTML in the description for the item may not be picked up by the importer, but it usually does a pretty good job of discovering what your pictures are and how to grab them, especially if they were uploaded via the standard eBay listing form.

Does it import my categories?

Yes, the eBay importer will grab and import your primary eBay item category.

What doesn't it import? What are the known limitations of the eBay importer?

There are a couple known areas where the eBay importer is currently limited:

  • Price not imported for auction listings. Since the true/best price of an item listed in auction format is unknown, we don't try to guess at the price of your auction items. Your best bet to set their price is to use the batch editor after importing your items.
  • Global Shipping does not import. If your items were setup to use global shipping the international shipping settings will not update, you can set those through the batch editor after your import completes.
  • Advanced HTML descriptions can be abbreviated or dropped. eBay and Bonanza have somewhat different rules for what HTML is okay and what HTML isn't. In 90% of cases, your descriptions' HTML should import from eBay without issue, but in some cases, HTML will be modified when the item is saved on Bonanza. In some cases, very complex HTML may be ignored altogether when importing items. We attempt to train the eBay importer about these new formats on a case-by-case basis, so if this happens to you, you can contact and we will review the formatting of your listings as time allows.
  • Combined Shipping Discounts do not import. Combined Shipping discounts on eBay must manually be set for your Bonanza booth using the "Edit booth options" page.

Is it safe to give Bonanza my eBay login info to import my eBay items?

We use 256-bit high security encryption to submit your eBay login information so it can't be deciphered by malicious third parties. We then store your eBay login password no longer than necessary to verify your eBay ID. After your ID has been verified, we store your eBay user name and discard your password, so on subsequent import attempts, you don't need to use your password to re-import your items.

If giving out your eBay password still rubs you the wrong way, your best bet is to log into your eBay account, change your password to a temporary password while Bonanza verifies your eBay ID, and then change your password back to its original value after your items have been imported.

Why do I have to verify my eBay identity prior to importing items?

Because if you didn't, Bonanza would quickly become known as the most scammer-friendly marketplace on the Internet. Scammers would be able to import 10k item eBay stores, where the descriptions and pictures for those items would already be well written and ready to sell. Not to mention we would be violating the content ownership rights of the seller who rightfully owned the item. By verifying that you are actually associated with your eBay account, we limit scams and spam for our buyers site-wide. To see the safety measures we take to ensure your eBay account information remains private, see the explanation in is it safe to give Bonanza my eBay login info?

What happens if I import my items multiple times?

If you select the checkbox for "Just add new items, don't update existing items," then subsequent item imports will only pay attention to (and put in your booth) items that were added to your eBay account since the last eBay import.

If the box isn't checked, then the importer will re-import all your eBay items from scatch (except for the pictures of the items you had previously imported), making you lose any edits you had made to your items after the original import. Use this option with caution!

Can I select the items I want to import from eBay?

Not at this time. The eBay importer will import all your items, but it is pretty easy to remove items en masse from your Bonanza booth after they've been imported, and no items will be made available for sale until you give us the word by activating your booth.

How do I import auctions?

To import auctions, you're going to want to select the "Show advanced options" link on the eBay importer page. From there, you'll just want to check the box that says "Import items that don't have a 'Buy it Now' price." As mentioned above, because the eBay importer isn't able to determine the best price for an auction, you'll have to set it manually using our batch editor.

Do I need to stay logged in during my import?

Heavens no! Your items will import whether you're logged into Bonanza or not.

Does it cost anything for me to import my eBay items?

Nope, nada. You will only be charged final value fees on Bonanza, and only then if you sell your items here.

Is there a maximum number of listings that can be imported?

No, but the more items you import, the longer the total import will take. Note that the importer will also "take a break" for an hour or two to let other imports get processed after every thousand items of yours that it imports.

Other Users Say

mcolinj says: January 09, 2009

The items that you import (copy) from eBay will not go live until you “activate/update” your booth. This allows you time to edit your listings and pick and choose which items you want to go live.

standardproducts says: January 12, 2009

If you have multiple user ID’s you can use them both to import items to your booth (just prompt the eBay import with the correct account information). The feedback importer is a separate action and can only use one eBay account ID.

tapestryoflife says: January 15, 2009

The system currently does not update your eBay inventory when you make a sale at Bonanzle and vice versus.

ladychetah says: January 21, 2009

Currently the importer will copy all of your active listings at eBay. There is no way to pick and choose which ones you have. However when they do copy over they will not go live until you update your booth so you will have a chance to edit them.

Wheeledtoys says: January 24, 2009

Items with the same title and price are considered duplicates, even if the description and picture are different.

cja519 says: January 30, 2009

Question: I just had 943 items imported from eBay to my booth. It says 1item is incomplete and 942 are ready for sale. How do I find out which item is incomplete and why? What would make it incomplete? Thanks for any help!

Answer: Incomplete items are usually missing shipping costs or the price. For small inventories you can locate the incomplete item(s) in your sell window. They will have a yellow dot below them and be shaded. If you are working with a larger inventory then you can use the batch editor filter to recall “Missing Fields” items and then edit them. Always make sure to update your booth when you make changes.

passion says: February 01, 2009

If your items on Bonanzle are listed elsewhere it will be your responsibility to manually adjust your inventory at your other venue when it sells here and vice versus.

DesignerStyleChicks says: February 12, 2009

Q. Will I be notified when the eBay auctions have been imported successfully?
A. You can check the status of your import by going to your “Sell” window.

EllenMorrowArts says: February 12, 2009

Q. How does a person “update” their booth?……
A. Go to your “Sell” window and you will see the “Update” button on the upper right side of the window.

Rigbys says: February 15, 2009

Comment: I’ve noticed that some sellers on Bonanzle are forgetting to remove any references to eBay in their listings and profiles. It doesn’t look right to be selling on Bonanzle and using the word “eBay” in the listing and/or profile. Proof-reading and editing if necessary would probably be a good idea.

Response: Each seller may have their own reasons for having their listings the way that they do. When you think about it, it would not make financial sense for them to direct buyers to eBay. They might be testing the water at Bonanzle and are not ready to invest the time here. Leaving eBay for Bonanzle is a large step for some. I would say to treat them kindly and supportive. Maybe share some success stories of Bonanzle. Help them with a tool. Ask them if they are loading their items to Google Base and share with them your Google traffic stats.

uvledblacklight says: February 23, 2009

Q. Six of my listings did not import correctly so I had to delete them. Now need to import them again. Does this mean I have to import all of them again?
A. No. You would initiate the import again and select the options in the importer to only import new items.

xxlucille38 says: March 18, 2009

Q. Where do I find the eBay importer?
A. In your “Sell” window.

jandsknight says: April 17, 2009

Q. Is it possible to import completed eBay auctions that did not sell?
A. Not currently. Only active listings will be imported. says: May 19, 2009

Q: Is there a way to capture pre-filled item information when you import to Bonanzle? Most importantly, I am looking to capture the UPC number of movies and video games which did not import over.
A. Yes, you can do this via the CSV Inventory File Importer

garagecat says: May 31, 2009

Q. What happens if at the exact same time, someone places a bid on an eBay item; and someone places a buy on the same item on Bonanzle?
A. Though rare, it does happen. As a seller I would be honest and let the eBay buyer down easy. Then I would celebrate the extra profit you just made by selling it at Bonanzle

XXJustXXSassyXX says: June 20, 2009

Q. Do you have to keep the same Login name that you have on eBay to import your active listings and feedbacks over to Bonanzle?
A. No. The eBay importer is a tool that is not connected to your user ID at Bonanzle. You will enter your eBay ID and log in info into the importer tool just as you would at eBay to initiate the import.

zntraindepot says: February 02, 2010

Solution for importing Auctiva listings from eBay:

My first attempt brought in 18 out of 960. Since it’s the HTML that causes the problem, I decided to cut the offending stuff. Here’s my step by step that isn’t that difficult compared to starting from scratch:

1. Select revise listing

2. Copy the text & pictures in the description (left click and drag over everything to be copied – Control “C”)

3. Change from “Standard” to “HTML” view.

4. Place cursor in the body, hold down the control key, and left click.

5. Click “Delete”

6. Select “Standard” and paste the text back (Control “V”)

7. Save

8. Repeat (I used “Revise another listing” to get the revise option to be the default and from then on used the “Back” arrow to viw/select the previous “Active Listings”).

This process let me reivise my 960 listings in 2 rather busy days.

shivastore says: April 09, 2010

Q. When I post a new item on ebay, Can I some how just add from ebay those new items? Or is it going to load all my 100 some items? Or I need to down load them separately?
A. You can tell the importer to only grab the items on eBay that it as not retrieved before, so there shouldn’t be any duplication.

kandiskorner says: April 22, 2010

Q. how do you import tings in inventory from turbo lister, these are items that are not currently on ebay?
A. Currently there is not a way to import directly from TuboLister. You may find the .csv file importer useful however.

qtdebs says: May 01, 2010

Q. My eBay items are being imported now to Bonanzle. I noticed all my prices have changed. How do I change the prices back to what I had them at on eBay?
A. Delete the current listings (via your batch editor) and import them again.

MICHELLEBARGAINS says: May 02, 2010

Q. I need to change my eBay ID on Bonanzle but each time its reverting back the old ID. How can I correct this error?
A. Double check your second ID and password and make sure you are entering it in properly. If still trouble then contact

booboo says: May 06, 2010

Q. I ‘imported my items from ebay’ then I inadvertantly ‘hid’ the message stating how many were in the queue – has this cancelled my importing?
A. No, that won’t impact the import process, you just won’t see where you are in the queue.

shigbig says: May 08, 2010

Q. Is there any way I can import only the listings in my ebay store? I do not want the auctions to be imported. Thanks
A. At this time there is no way to chose which listings come over. When they are imported they are brought in as “ready for sale” but do not go live so You can use the batch editor to remove listings you don’t want in your Bonanzle inventory.

vitabellisima says: May 11, 2010

Q. So, is it OK to have the same items listing on eBay and Bonazle at the same time? And what about iOffer? Can we post the same on the three sites?
A. You can, although you should be sure that if you have the exact same items on each site you should only have a Google Product feed for one of them.

BrothertownBooks says: May 30, 2010

Q. How do we know if items have had a Google Product feed effected? Is this done by the host sites automatically or is it something that individual sellers need to do?
A. Bonanzle sends a booth feed for each seller automatically. The first time occurs when the seller activates their booth, subsequent feeds are generated every two weeks or when the “update booth” button is clicked by the seller (usually after editing or adding items), whichever occurs first. If for some reason a seller does not want a feed generated it can be turned off in Sell>>Advanced Options>>The Basics

JamieHayesGallery says: June 02, 2010

Q. What effect would canceling eBay Picture Manager or even my entire eBay account have on my BZN listings? THX xoJHG
A. If your photos are in the 1 to 6 gallery image gallery in your listing, they will be fine as those are hosted by Bonanzle. If you have your photos embedded into your description those photos would disappear if you delete them from their host.

FirstOliveoyl says: July 12, 2010

Q. What does Synchronize items with Ebay inventory do?
A. The Synchronize feature removes your items from your Bonanzle booth that were previously imported to Bonanzle but no longer exist on eBay.

FirstOliveoyl says: December 01, 2010

Q. What is the secret to importing items from 2 Ebay IDs? Please tell us step by step how-to.
A. When you get to the eBay import items page, you can choose the “Change User” link to specify a different eBay user ID and password to import items from additional eBay accounts.

dubbie-du says: December 28, 2010

Q. When I import items from eBay do they remain in my eBay as well?
A. Yes, your listings on eBay are left just as they are, we just get a copy of them

gins_things says: March 22, 2011

Q. Can you send new listings from Auctiva to eBay and Bonanza at the same time?
A. Bonanza is only set up to import listings from eBay directly.

billieb says: April 17, 2011

Q. How do I stop an eBay import?
A. Once begun, there isn’t a way to cancel the import process. The items do not go live automatically after the import, so if you wish you can go to your batch editor and delete all of the listings that are “ready for sale” when your import is complete.

TheCuriousPhoenix says: April 21, 2011

You MUST activate your booth prior to doing any batch editing. If you import some listings that you don’t want active right away (say, maybe you want to edit them). You’ll have to activate your booth, then batch edit those you don’t want listed to “reserve.” As you edit each one, you can take them off “reserve” and put them “for sale.” Also, make sure and check any measurements you have listed. In a lot of my listings, 1/2 shows up as oe and 1/4 shows up as OE.

Alvarado419 says: July 22, 2011

Q- I have 148 Active Ebay Listings but when I go to import items (I’ve done this many times) it tells me that it could’nt find any active listings in my Ebay. I’ve checked to make sure the ebay screen name is correct and it is. I’ve tried every check list option under importing from ebay and I keep getting the same message. I’m not sure what else to do!
A- When you see that message that means that the importer is not finding items that meet your search criteria. When you have live auctions on eBay you will want to make sure to check the “Import items that don’t have a ‘Buy it Now’ price” option on the eBay importer page. This is the third check box under “Choose Import Options”.

kathijanes says: January 12, 2012

Q: Can I import my etsy items to Bonanza?

A: Yes, you can. On the “Add or Edit Items” page, there is a link that allows you to import from etsy (and eBay or CSV file). The link takes you to the procedures that you need to follow to first export your items from your etsy account and then import them into Bonanza using a CSV file upload. Here’s a shortcut to that page >> (replace XXXXX with your Bonanza User ID).

designonadime-2009 says: January 22, 2012

Q: When the same active item that is listed on eBay and Bonanza sells, are there any additional steps to remove/end the listing on either of the sites?

A: When a listed item sells on Bonanza, the listing must be manually deleted on eBay to remove it from their site. If a Bonanza seller has eBay synchronization setup for their booth, then items that are no longer on eBay can be removed by our system during your next eBay import. Or, automatic synchronization can occur on a daily basis, and the syncing feature will remove Bonanza items that are no longer on eBay. Otherwise, a Bonanza seller would need to manually adjust the Bonanza inventory to reflect sales that occurred on eBay.