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Topic: Selling Topics

What Do the Freebie Rules Mean? How Do I Use Them?

Freebies are items in a booth that the seller agrees to give away, usually for promotional reasons. Sellers set freebie rules according to the quantity of items sold (under the Discounts & coupons page in the Edit booth options area). A seller can agree to give buyers one freebie after buying one item, unlimited freebies after buying one item, or unlimited freebies without buying anything.

Other Users Say

BabaYogasHut says: January 22, 2009

This feature is unique. Freebies are great way to encourage buyers to make a purchase and a great way to promote your booth.

gabe0627 says: March 16, 2009

Q. Where is the advance options tab? I do not see it.
A. The advanced options tab can be found in your “sell” window. Make sure that your have closed your quick text messages as they will block the tabs.

BetsysBargains says: August 07, 2009

Q. Is there a $ .50 cent FVF on a freebie?
A. So long as the transaction has no money involved then you will not pay a FVF. If you charge to ship the item then it no longer is a freebie and you will be assessed a FVF.

partyguru says: October 10, 2009

Q. How do I get rid of the freebie option?
A. So long as you do not list freebies then there will be none.

BHP_Online says: April 10, 2010

Q. Can you make something a freebie with any $100 purchase by putting that wording in the listing details? I’m considering putting a $30.00 item in as a freebie with any $100 order.
A. There isn’t currently a way to specify the size of an order to qualify for a freebie.

ShamrockAntiques says: February 25, 2012

Q: I didn’t think Bonanza charged a FOV fee on shipping?? If not, why would there be a FVF on the shipping for a freebie?

A: As in the sale of a non-freebie item, if the shipping is less than $10, then no FOV fee is charged. However, sellers are charged on any shipping amount that exceeds $10. The FOV fee is always charged on the total transaction and not individual items.