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Topic: Selling Topics

Customized Item Sorting in a Booth

What is it?

A special Bonanza feature offered to our Pro members, customized item sorting allows the seller to wield power over the default order that items are shown within their booth.* The seller can either choose one of the basic sorting types (least to most expensive, most recent to least recent, etc.), or they can create a completely arbitrary item order if their heart so desires (and their time so allows!).

How does it work?

If you are a pro member, when you visit the Sell on Bonanza -> Edit booth options area, you'll see a link to the Categories & sorting page.

The next part's easy: select your sorting option of choice, then click the Save all of my changes button. If you want to create a customized order, read on...

Creating a customized item order

To create a customized item order, select "Use my customized order," then click Edit your custom item order. Then simply drag listings from the sidebar or from the listings displayed on that page into the position that you want it to appear when a buyer views your booth. Up to 100 of your items and their item numbers are listed on the far right of the page for your convenience. You can even search by keywords along the right side.  

Be sure to set the "Secondary Sort method" too. The listings that are not in the Custom booth sort order will appear in the booth arranged in whatever Secondary sort method you choose.

Wait a minute, how do I save the customized order I set up?

You don't. When you click outside of the item number input box, we'll automatically save the change you made. Do not panic. It is easy by design.

How do I remove an item from customized sort?

Just delete the item number below your item, click outside the input box, and it will magically vanish.

Limitations and other questions

Currently there is no way to insert an item before other items, so if for instance you had setup your item order and then you decided you wanted to add a new item in front of all the others, that is not yet possible. You could of course just replace your old first item with your new first item by dragging the listing into the desired position.

There is currently a limitation of 100 items that you can sort by hand. After you run out of items that were custom sorted, the items will be shown in the order they were created. Or by the Secondary sort order.

We plan to somehow address these shortcomings in a future version of the Customized Item Sorting Page.

* Bonanza respects a buyer's ultimate decision as to what order they want items displayed. If a buyer in a booth has chosen to order items by a particular criteria (even if it wasn't in your booth), Bonanza remembers their preference and will apply it in future booths they visit. Setting up a custom item sort order affects the order that your booths' items are presented only when (1) the buyer has never chosen a sort order (2) the buyer has closed and re-opened their browser since they last chose a sort order or (3) the buyer chose to display the items in the "Seller Picked" order because they trust your judgement.

Other Users Say

ZiggyZool says: January 19, 2009

Quick Tip: Use the copy and paste (ctrl c for copy and ctrl v for paste) to quickly add your item numbers without typos and to move the order of your item selections.

SunflowerAntics says: November 28, 2009

Quick Tip: If you want to use items in your custom sort that are not in the list to the right – go to the item in your booth, open it up – under “Advanced Details” copy and paste the item number into the box of choice! Have FUN making your Custom Sort!

buybrilliance says: August 20, 2010

Just noticed it takes some time before you see the items in your Customized Item Sorting section. If you don’t see the items instantaneously, then just be patient.

attictoybox says: August 11, 2011

Thanks for the help.