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Topic: Selling Topics

Using Shipping Profiles

What are "Shipping Profiles?"

A shipping profile is a way to streamline the process of entering shipping information by having Bonanza remember shipping defaults that you tend to use repeatedly.

For example, if many of your items having optional shipping insurance for $5, and ship internationally for $10, you can create a shipping profile that remembers these pieces of information. Then, on either the New Item Form or in the Batch Editor, you can apply that shipping profile to your item to give you a good head start on populating your item with your usual shipping options.

How Do I Create a Shipping Profile?

Hover over "Sell on Bonanza," click on "Edit booth options," then navigate to the Shipping & returns page and click "Add a shipping profile." A pop-over box will allow you to name your shipping profile and fill out whatever options you want to be associated with the shipping profile (shipping amounts within U.S., internationally, and/or shipping insurance). You can fill out as little or as much of this information as you want. When you're done filling out your shipping profile, click the "Save Shipping Profile" button at the bottom of the pop-over box.

How Do I Use a Shipping Profile?

From the New Item Form: After you have created a shipping profile, the title of your shipping profile will be appended to the list of options in the standard shipping drop down list (e.g., the list where you pick "flat rate," "calculated", etc.). When you pick a shipping profile, all of the information you filled out in your shipping profile will be copied to the item. Note that choosing a shipping profile will delete all your existing shipping information for an item, so you probably would only want to use it when you are first creating the item.

From the Batch Editor: On the "shipping options" page of the batch editor, you can choose a shipping profile and apply it to items. As mentioned above, this will delete any existing shipping information associated with said items, so use it with caution.

Other Users Say

belladerosa says: February 11, 2009

Q. How do I DELETE a shipping profile?
A. Go to your “Sell > Advanced options tab” and click on the Red X to delete your shipping profile.

RealityCramp says: April 15, 2009

Q. I am unable to save changes to International shipping in my existing profiles. Any suggestions?
A. Yes, create a new profile. You can have multiple shipping profiles.

billndarth says: August 22, 2009

Q. Why is there a red “X” next to my shipping profile?
A. If you click on the red “X” next to your shipping profile, it will delete that shipping profile.

hg52789 says: January 19, 2010

Q. I have large items and small items, the shipping rate is not the same price, is there away to have two prices on shipping, for the USA and international ,One price for smaller package and one for larger ones ?
A. Yes. You can set up multiple shipping profiles for both Domestic and International shipping options.

weln says: January 29, 2010

Q. I want to offer one flat shipping rate, no matter the number of items purchased but can’t seem to make this work.
A. Do this. Set all shipping to “X” price for each item. Then set up a combined item discount and create a rule to discount “X” price for each additional item purchased.

ariverrunsthroughit says: April 16, 2010

Q. How do I offer Free Shipping? What if I want to sell and ship to U.S buyers only?
A. You can do both of these by setting up a “Shipping Profile” in Sell>>Advanced Options

vitabellisima says: May 08, 2010

Q. How do you add handling fee on calculate shipping?
A. Currently there is not a way to do that. A workaround would be to include it in the price of the item.

Callunna says: May 10, 2010

Q. I’m based in the UK. How can I delete the US-based shipping info? Or make the UK info as the default? Is there a way to show prices in GBP instead of USD?
A. Right now there isn’t a way to do this, but things are always changing at Bonanzle!

msholiday says: June 13, 2010

Q. How do I add optional Insurance? Some items going USPS by the calculator are fragile and I might want to add Insurance cost or give it an an option?
A. You can set up insurance on specified items in your Batch Editor

ever_sells999 says: August 25, 2010

Q. I have set up shipping profile but when applied it only show US shipping. How do I know if the international shipping is there?

A. You can see what you have set up if you go to your Batch Editor and click on “shipping”

Q. Am still not seeing the international shipping on the listing when viewing it as buyer view. How do one know if international shipping is visible?

A. When looking at a listing you are only able to see the shipping options offered for your country. As a seller you can see what you have listed in the batch editor, but if you want to verify what the buyer sees you could temporarily change your country in your profile to see what a buyer from that country would see.

Electro-Mavin says: December 14, 2010

Q. I want to Offer UPS and the US Postal Service on my listings, can I offer more than one shipping option?
A. Yes you can. After you have set up one shipping on your listing a link will show up asking if you wish to include another option.

KazoosCollectibles says: April 05, 2011

Q. Do customers see insurance is required when buying, and can this be included in the shipping costs as one number?
A. When you set up separate insurance on a listing it’s an option and the buyer doesn’t have to purchase it. If you want to make it mandatory you will need to fold it into your shipping cost for the item.

this_is_the_place says: May 12, 2011

Q-Is there any way to list restricted destination countries the same as there is to list restricted buyers?
A-Yes. You can edit this in Sell>Batch Edit Items. From here click on the shipping tab and you can select the destinations you are willing to ship to. You can read more on that here:

MLgets1OutoftheBox says: June 14, 2011

Q-What is a shipping profile name? Is that my name, or my booth name or the carrier’s name -from a first-timer!

A-The name is for your reference, for example, you could add a profile named “items I love” and set it up to be sent for free shipping. So, the name is whatever helps you categorize your shipping decisions.

SunflowerBayouFinds says: August 24, 2011

Q- I want to offer free shipping for seed purchases more than 5.00 How do I set that up?
A- The easiest way would be to create the shipping profile and then use your batch editor (Sell>batch edit items) to filter for listings over 5.00, then apply your shipping profile. There is not currently a way to automatically set shipping for items of a certain dollar amount or other characteristic.