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Topic: Selling Topics

What is a booth, exactly?

A "booth" is your online store. That's right, you and Wal-Mart now have something in common. Photos of all of the items you have for sale are visible in your booth, so buyers can browse your stuff and fall in love with things they didn't know they need. For example, a buyer arrives at your booth interested in your set of Spode china plates, sees the collection of antique bamboo canes, and buys those as well. I mean, who can't live without a collection of antique bamboo canes?

Other Users Say

bargainhouse says: January 14, 2011

Q. Can I have more than one booth? How to do I set that up?
A. Yes, you can have as many booths as you need. You will need a different email address for each booth, and once you have that all you have to do is click the “Register” link on the home page. If you don’t see the link, click the “Log out” link and then click “Register”

dawntheisen says: January 23, 2011

Q. Can I change my booth name? If so, how?
A. You can change your booth name on your “Sell” page in “The Basics” section. If you need to change your user name, please contact