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Topic: Selling Topics

How Can I Increase My Sales on Bonanza?

Give yourself a big high-five for even asking yourself how you can make more sales online! The eCommerce landscape has changed quite a bit over the years. Gone are the days where you list an item and wait for a sale to come to you. These days there are many variables that factor into being a successful eCommerce merchant.

The first thing you need to know is that you will get as much out of Bonanza as you put into it. Yes, our traffic is increasing daily, as are sales, but you need to make sure you are positioning yourself correctly to take advantage of our growth. Success comes to those who put themselves in a position to succeed and preparation is the key to success. So let's start with some of the basics:

Your Profile

Your profile is an extension of your identity. Should a buyer want to learn more about you or your business, your profile is where they would likely go. Make sure to use this space to let your buyers know who you are and what is special about you (i.e, "I am the fastest shipper west side of the Mississippi!"). You should also include a profile picture so that buyers can see who they are buying from (best size is 400x400). Be sure that your contact information is clear and visible. Buyers like to have phone numbers available to them so consider including yours or at the very least setting up a free Google Voice account, and including that number on your profile. Feel free to also include a link to your social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc) so that buyers can have optional external pages to learn more about you. Lastly, if you have earned feedback as a seller from eBay, make sure to utilize our free feedback importer. The link to import your feedback from eBay can be found on your Bonanza feedback page. Total time investment, 30-60 minutes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Your Booth

While each booth on Bonanza is unique, there are basic principals that are applicable for all sellers. Pricing your items correctly is key. Remember, there are no upfront costs on Bonanza, you are only charged a small % when your items sell, so make sure that your prices on Bonanza reflect this savings. If you neglect your prices and list the same prices on several marketplaces, then you could be inadvertently directing buyers to purchase your items on a marketplace (like eBay) where you are going to be paying nearly double the fees that you do on Bonanza (aren't you glad we told you that?). Double check your images to make sure you are showing buyers sharp, crisp images, that best represent your items. Images with cluttered backgrounds can be instantly corrected with the Bonanza Background Burner.

With respect to your listings, you want to make sure that you have optimized your titles and descriptions to capture your target audience. Try to not waste valuable title space with irrelevant repetitive words. For example, instead of, "@@@***@@@Super Neat Brand New Apache Helicopter@@@***@@@" try "2010 American Apache Helicopter." Believe me, the second option is more search engine friendly and will help buyers find your items faster (also Google, buyers, and little old ladies despise weird characters). Save the condition and other traits for the description and also for the available item trait drop down windows on each Bonanza listing. If you have ALL CAPS titles and ALL CAPS descriptions, get rid of them as soon as you can. I can guarantee you that having them is costing you sales. Google does not like them nor do potential buyers. Even if you have 3000 items, make a commitment to remove the ALL CAPS at your earliest convenience. Visit your items as a buyer would and try to anticipate any questions a buyer may have and include that information in your listings. The more information a buyer has the more informed decision they can make. Buyers want instant gratification and if they have to email you obvious questions that should have been included in the item details in the first place, then chances are they are going to look elsewhere first, rather than wait to get an answer from you. To summarize:

  • Price your items correctly
  • Make sure that you have shipping assigned to your listings.  If you only have "See item description" as a shipping choice, buyers will not be able to "Buy it Now." They will need to make an offer instead which can result in the buyer abandoning the transaction.  
  • Upload the best possible images for your items
  • Format your titles and descriptions properly (No ALL CAPS or weird characters, or irrelevant/repetitive information)
  • Add conditions, color, brand and other traits via the drop down trait fields when creating/editing your items
  • View your item as a buyer would and add missing information a buyer may want to know

Your Booth Bonus Questions!

Do your listings have old text or irrelevant links brought over from another marketplace?

If so, remove them. It does not make sense to direct your buyers to another marketplace where you may pay higher fees. Additionally outbound links are not allowed on Bonanza. Bonanza has a text removal tool that can remove text in bulk (Go to "Sell on Bonanza > Update items as group > Text editing").

Do you have enough items in your booth?

The more items you have in your booth, the more key words you have on the Internet. The more relevant key words on the Internet the more buyers you are going to attract to your booth. More buyers to your booth means more sales for you.

Have you set up your Bonanza Advertising Program yet?

Bonanza's advertising program is the main reason that our sellers make more sales than they could on any other marketplace or platform. We pool together the many places that buyers go to shop, and we publish (or "advertise") your items to as many different buying channels as you like. And unlike other selling platforms, Bonanza has no listing fees or upfront advertising costs.  You can also learn how to optimize your products for those advertising channels too!

Have you tapped all of the seller tools and promotional opportunities with a Bonanza Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership?

Bonanza memberships offer features and analysis to help you improve your sales. From metrics, site customization, live chat support (Gold and Platinum), tools, more visibility, etc. New users get a free 30 day trial (Silver and Gold) and you can cancel out at any time; there are no contracts.

Do you have enough payment options available?

Bonanza now offers you the ability to offer PayPal, and Checkout by Amazon. Buyers like choices. Give your buyers more choices and payment options.

Are your terms clear? What about your return policy?

Buying on the Internet involves a leap of faith for many buyers. Ease their concerns by making your terms and return policy clear (Go to "Sell on Bonanza > Edit Booth Options > Shipping & Returns").

Do you have "Buy it Now" and "Make Offers" enabled?

The more options you give your buyers the better (Go to "Sell on Bonanza > Edit Booth Options > Payments & Purchases").

Have you specified how long buyers can expect to wait before your items will be shipped?

Last thing you want is an unhappy buyer who was not informed of the transit time for their purchase.

Are you using coupon codes to promote sales?

Bonanza gives you the ability to publish coupons for all to see or to create private coupons for selected buyers. The possibilities are endless (Go to "Sell on Bonanza > Edit Booth Options > Discounts & coupons").

Have you ever invited a customer to "meet" you at your booth so you can utilize your booth chat feature?

If you have not then you are missing out on one of Bonanza's most popular features, live booth chat. Get creative. Maybe make it known that you are available for a live chat daily from 6pm to 8pm or something like that.

Are you following your item stats (or Google Analytics) to see which items are getting traffic and which are not, and adapted the items not getting traffic to be more like the ones that are getting traffic?

So much valuable information can be taken from your traffic stats. Set a goal to target 1-5 low traffic items daily. You will be surprised at the results.

The Community

Bonanza is home to one of the most empowering, positive and talented communities online. Don't take our word for it, stop buy and visit. Post a question. Announce your birthday, join one of the many community created games. Engage with other like minded individuals and become part of our amazing community.

  • Are you participating in the forums at Bonanza and elsewhere? Remember, sellers buy items too!
  • Are you including the URL to your booth in all your signatures and social pages?
  • Do your former and existing customers know where you're conducting business?
  • Are you targeting outside forums that may be of interest in the items you are offering (i.e. Sports Forums if you sell baseball cards)?
  • Have you joined the Bonanza Facebook page?

You're in Control!

Bonanza strives to empower you with every possible tool to help you drive sales. But for most sellers, slapping 20 items into a booth, then abandoning that booth while you wait for buyers to find your stuff amongst a sea of similar items results in slow sales. Particularly in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Our most successful sellers realize that they must utilize the tools Bonanza provides, and customize these tools to meet the needs of their business. Always ask yourself what you can do. Make sure you are putting yourself in a position to succeed and you will.

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