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Topic: General Topics

Bonanza Scams

How often do they happen? What does Bonanza do to thwart them? And what do we have in common with Super Chicken? 

The most important thing that a young marketplace like Bonanza can do is to provide a safe environment for both buyers and sellers. Here's what we're doing to try and ensure a positive experience for everyone.

1. Checking our sellers reputation

The starting point for trust is reputation. What has the seller done in the past to prove they can be trusted? If they're new and don't have a long past history, what credentials can they present to supplement that lack of history?

Every seller can import their feedback from other reputable marketplaces, so if a seller has 5000 transactions elsewhere and 4999 of them were positive experiences, that's a powerful endorsement.

If a seller doesn't have an existing good reputation at another marketplace, we require the seller to put a credit card on file. Credit card companies do powerful identity verification, so proving that a seller has a valid credit card is an important step toward reducing fraud.

Additionally, we have sophisticated systems for detecting users that log in from systems or locations that have a history of fraud or are more likely to engage in fraudulent behavior. When our system detects a potentially fraudulent user, we make it a priority to get more details about the seller and verify the authenticity of their offerings.

2. Helping you evaluate our sellers

A seller's feedback rating is the first place to get a sense of whether the seller has a history of satisfied customers. But Bonanza takes feedback a step further. We rate our sellers on a nine-point nine trustworthiness scale that includes stuff like:

  • Does the seller have a lot of positive feedback?
  • Has another user left a personal recommendation of the seller?
  • Has the seller taken the time to fill out their About section, and booth details?

While none of these are absolute indicators that a seller can be trusted, sellers that score six or more points are usually going to be trustworthy sellers.

3. Giving Scamsters our Support Team love.

In addition to making you happy, our support team is also our tireless defenders of good. Their first daily priority is to deal with reports of suspicious items on the site, and to either remove them, or to follow up with our sellers if there is doubt as to whether the items are authentic or the seller can be trusted.

Having dedicated members of our support team whose first priority is to make Bonanza safe reflects our genuine commitment to providing a safe environment in which to transact. But you may still rightly wonder, is it working?

The Numbers Don't Lie

The vast majority of Bonanza buyers end their transaction with a positive experience. We know this because we closely track positive feedback (it's currently 98.2%).

Generally, sellers who receive a feedback score of 98% or higher are regarded as "top tier." So how can we average higher than this? Because our sellers know that keeping 100% of their customers happy means repeat sales and a greater potential for business success.

If you read the rest of this page, you've earned this moment of zen.

Fighting Foul Intentions with Fowl Fauna

After extensive ruminations and a couple hairy calculus equations, the Bonanza think tank has decided to fight foul with fowl. We've adopted Super Chicken as our safety role model.

Like the eggcellant cartoon hero of the 1960s, we vow to think through possible scammer opportunities, close potential doors to fraud before they're opened, and tenaciously go after any bad guys.

Super Chicken drank Super Sauce to unleash his powers – we have our support team plus nearly 1,000,000 community members keeping a watchful eye out over our buying community.

Sleep well, our friends.

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