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Topic: General Topics

All About Hand Picked Lists on Bonanza

What is it?

A hand picked list (henceforth, "HPL") is a group of at least 15 items (or at least 25 items, if the list is to be considered for the home page) that a user can create to showcase a theme of their choosing. For example, you might create an HPL called "Owl Love You," and add 20 Bonanza items involving owls to your list. We keep an index of all HPLs that were recently created here, so other Bonanzlers can see and appreciate your creation. Also, the three most recent hand picked lists you've created are shown in your user profile.

How do I make one?


Easy! Log into Bonanza, and click  the "My Bonanza" . Choose "My Hand picked lists". Click there, and then click "Create a new list." Pick a title and theme for your list and save it.

After your list has been saved, any time that you look at an item, you'll see a choice under the "Hand Picked List" menu that will give you a list of the hand picked lists you've created. Pick the list you think that the current item belongs in, and into that list the item will go!

You must add a minimum of 15 items for your hand picked list to show up at all. If you want your list to be eligible to be shown on the home page, you need to add 25 items. After each item you add, you'll be informed of how many more items are required to get your item potentially shown on the home page.

How long with my HPL last?

Your HPL will show up in our index of HPLs for a week after it has been been published (it is considered "published" as soon as it has 15items in it) unless it has been marked as a draft. After a week, the list will still show up in your profile, and in item search results, for an additional three weeks. 

How do the home page HPLs get chosen?

There are three factors we consider in choosing lists for the home page. Here are the three factors, with the rough weight we give each:

  • All item pictures in list are crisp and interesting - 60%. Putting blurry, dark, discolored, overcropped, or uninteresting pictures on the home page is something we avoid. Most all lists that end up on the home page are comprised of items with good pictures.
  • Interesting or relevant theme - 30%. Lists that are applicable to upcoming holidays or national events have a leg up on general lists. Lists that are organized into a clear and interesting theme (e.g., "Prom," "Owls," "Helicopters") are more likely to get chosen than those that don't.
  • Catchy title - 10%. We're suckers for a list with a catchy title. Like the list someone created called "Change we can believe in" that was made up of collector's nickels and dimes for sale. Hah!

What if I'm a gold subscriber of Bonanza and my item gets put in a list?

We give gold subscribers first shot as the three big picture slots on the home page. However, there are a number of reasons a gold member's item might not end up in the big slot. The two most common reasons are that item picture is dark, blurry, discolored, etc (see above) or that there were more than three items in the list that came from gold members. If you'd like to become a gold member to have your items get first shot at the big slots, click here to read more about becoming a Bonanza subscriber.

Other Users Say

firefly says: May 27, 2009

Q. How do I leave a comment about a Hand Picked List?
A. When you are logged in you will see a comment form at the bottom of the list.

Sumner_Collectibles says: January 29, 2010

Q. This is a great idea, but before I make one, can someone tell me whether it is appropriate to put any of your own items on such lists?
A. Great question! Yes, you can include up to two of your own items on the list.

froggieb says: February 08, 2010

Q. How will I know if one of my items is on an HPL?
A. You will receive an email letting you know.

Silvergirl says: April 02, 2010

Q. Where do I find the list of list I have been on?
A. You can find a link to the list of current HPL on the main “Buy” page.

Cheri5458 says: May 08, 2010

Q.In viewing the lists, I see reference to “click thrus”. What are they?
A. It’s How many times one of the items in the list was clicked on, resulting in a visit to the item listing.

Heartsome says: May 14, 2010

In order to receive the emails that you have been added to a HPL, you need to have that option chosen in your account settings.

northmillcreek says: July 24, 2010

Q. How do you delete an item on your list?
A. If you go back to the listing for the item that you want to remove you will see a link to remove it from your list under “Actions”