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Topic: General Topics

Bonanza Pricing

All prices below are based on the Final Offer Value (FOV). FOV is the amount that the buyer paid to you for the item sold, plus any portion of the shipping fee that exceeds $10. For example, if your product sold for $15 and you charged $12 for shipping, your FVF charge would be calculated based on an FOV of $17 (that's $15 for the item, plus $2 for the portion of shipping fee that exceeded $10). 

See additional examples below if you have questions. Or, learn how to pay your fees.

Bonanza Fee Table

See above for a definition of FOV.

FOV under $500 3.5% of FOV for standard booths
FOV greater than $500 $17.50 + 1.5% of the amount over $500

Minimum fee: $0.50
Maximum fee: $250 (This includes transactions that use our advertising platform).

Advertising Fees

All sellers can use Bonanza Advertising  to drive extra buyers to their items. If you opt into advertising, the fees you pay will vary depending on the settings you have chosen and the source of the buyer that purchases your items. Please see the advertising page for more details.

Pricing Examples

  • You sell a $2 item. Although $2 x 3.5% = $0.07 you still owe $0.50 as that is the minimum on any item.
  • A buyer buys three of your items for $109 after shipping. The total shipping for the offer is $14, of which $10 is deducted. So your FOV is $109-$10 = $99. Your fee is then 3.5% of $99, or $3.47
  • You sell one item for $750 with free shipping. You owe 3.5% on the first $500 ($17.50) and 1.5% on the remaining $250 ($3.75) for a total of $21.25.

The "Fine Print"

  • We may choose to offer optional advanced selling features (for example, the ability to view advanced statistics on your items) at a price in the future. However, any non-free features that we choose to add will be purely optional, that is, you won't have to pay for them to be able to sell on Bonanza.
  • For the purposes of computing your FOV, it doesn't matter if you close your offer through negotiation or with "Buy Now"
  • Sellers have up to 90 days from the date of the transaction to request refunds on the final value fees. Final value fee refund requests on transactions outside of 90 days will not be honored, no exceptions.


Other Users Say

hg52789 says: January 04, 2010

Q. My bill is not due yet I owe money to you. When are my fees due?
A. When you have fees due ($ 3.00 or more), there will be a link that appears on your My Bonanzle page, “You have fees due but we can help you fix that.” Clicking on that link will open the billing page where you can either pay your fees one time or you can set up automatic billing.

Transflow says: January 12, 2010

Q. If a someone buys 5 separate and different items from me, each costing $1.00, and all being shipped together; will the fee be $2.50 or $0.50?
A. The fee is based on the total amount of the transaction. If the buyer checks out with 5 items for $1 each in one transaction the fee would be $.50 based on a transaction total of $5.00.

rmcomics says: January 29, 2010

Q. Can I pay with a Debit Card?
A. Yes

Belik77 says: February 04, 2010

Q. Can I pay my fees with paypal?
A. Yes. You have your choice of paying your fees with either Paypal or Google Checkout.

RubyRed11 says: April 05, 2010

Q. I posted six pictures? How much will it cost me?
A. You can post as many pictures as you like, and the answer is always the same at Bonanzle, $0 extra cost for photos. :-)

Louboutinista says: May 27, 2010

Q. If I cancel my listing am I charged anything?
A. Nope. There are no fees unless an item sells

texstarwesternwear says: August 15, 2010

Q. What happens if the buyer doesn’t pay and what happens to the final value fee?

A. If the buyer hasn’t paid and 7 days have passed you should have a “mark as unpaid” link on the transaction. Clicking that will re-list your item and reverse the fee.

If the buyer has paid, but they were refunded or if the link doesn’t show up you can request a fee refund from your “Fees owed” page.

If neither of those options works you can contact with the refund details and we can help you out.

widget-warrior says: March 28, 2011

Q. Is a final offer value fee charged for just the cost of the item minus the shipping? or is the final value fee charged for the combined item cost and the shipping also?
A. The FOV is based on [the sale plus of the item] + [the shipping amount over $10] If your shipping is less than $10 then it doesn’t come into play for the fee.

firefly says: June 24, 2011

Q-I’m a little confused on the comment above. widget-warrior’s Q&A:
My question: If I had an item for $12 with FREE shpping, Would my FOV be $1?
If I sold that same item for $8 with shipping of $4, Is my FOV 50 cents?

A-If your item costs 12.00 with free shipping, then the FOV is 12.00. If you sold an 8.00 item with 4.00 shipping then the FOV is 8.00. Basically, the FOV is the cost of the item (regardless of that cost) and we give you a break on the first ten dollars of the shipping cost, and the rest goes in to the FOV.

So, if you have a 2.00 item with a 12.00 shipping, your FOV would be 4.00.

cost of item + (cost of shipping – 10.00 if shipping is greater than 10.00 or 0.00 if shipping is less than 10.00)

judykudz says: July 11, 2011

Q-Hi, Just sold a bunch of stuff to one buyer. The shipping was calculated at $87.66 for Priority Mail, and the buyer paid it. However, I was able to ship for MUCH LESS by UPS Ground so I refunded her the difference of $52.52. Am I going to be charged FVF on the whole $87.66 or just the $35.14 she actually paid? Help!!
A-You will be charged the full amount unless you contact us and advise us of the situation. You can email with with the Transaction ID #, A copy of the refund (If applicable) along with any other details that will assist. Once this is done we can get you taken care of and credit the applicable fees.

galleryofjewel says: July 14, 2011

Q-How much it cost to post a item ?
A-Posting or listing an item is absolutely free. You can even leave it up as long as you like and we will not charge you for it. Only when you make money do we make money. (Unless you sign up for a paid membership, in which case we put your membership fees towards giving you the ability to make your booth even more awesome!)

HeavenlySoaps says: January 06, 2012

Q: What is a paid membership?

A: A Bonanza subscribing membership is an optional program that offers sellers additional benefits for a paid monthly membership. Sellers who are not already members can find more information at

Brinascloset says: June 16, 2012

I posted an item costing 15.99 and the shipping is 9.00 for additional out side usa 9.99. If someone pay for it in USA what is my fee and if someone pay for it outside USA, what is my fee? I am still confused. Thanks