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Topic: General Topics

What is Bonanza's "Switchboard?"

Switchboard is a horizontal quick-access bar located at the bottom of your screen. When you click an icon on the bar, you get one-click access to some of the most common features you use or places you visit on Bonanza. Pop-up windows allow you to keep up with conversations and notifications. The bar contains the following sections that you can turn on or off:

Screen_shot_2015-05-31_at_2.56.51_pm Quick Text -- Shows quick text conversations that you are having with other members.

 Rewards -- Allows you to claim your daily tokens and review your rewards dashboard.

 Item History -- Shows the most recent items that you've viewed.

Notifications - Lets you know when a Bonanza game is starting, or when a user you've marked as a favorite posts new items to their booth.

Any section can be hidden (it doesn't appear), minimized (it appears only as an icon on the right side of the page), or expanded (each element in the section appears as an icon). For example, if you minimize the Quick Text section, each new Quick Text you receive will show up as a line of text after you click the "Quick Text" icon in the Switchboard. If you expand the Quick Text section, each quick text you receive will be shown as an icon (the icon of the user with whom you're conversing) in the Switchboard, giving you one click access to see that conversation (in the case of Quick Texts, you can also set them up to automatically pop up when new messages are received. Read more on that, below).

Each section can have up to 10 elements associated with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Switchboard

How can I customize my Switchboard?

To change Switchboard settings:

Click the Switchboard Options icon,  it will be the leftmost icon on your Switchboard. Then pick the "Customize Switchboard" link.

What can I customize on my Switchboard?

On the Customize Switchboard page, you can specify your preferences for general settings such as Hide Switchboard or use the Mini-Switchboard. You can also expand, minimize, or hide Quick Texts, Notifications, Roundtable Questions or Item History.


Other options allow you to change Quick Text settings (show /don't show new Quick Texts, automatically delete received messages you've responded to) and Notification Settings (show/don't show notification when Bonanzas start, when games start, and when new items are posted by your favorite sellers).

Other Users Say

bizzysplace says: March 01, 2010

Q. So is this the beginning of adding more features – like a button to take me directly to my ‘messages’ or the ‘items sold’ pages?
A. Sounds like a neat suggestion, noted. For now you can find your messages and selling activity as well as a ton of other information on your My Bonanzle page.

SunflowerAntics says: March 08, 2010

Q. HELP! I lost my Bonanzle Switchboard, how do I set it up again?
A. You can configure your Bonanzle Switchboard by clicking on this link:

mneth says: April 23, 2010

Q. How do I ask a roundtable question?
A. If you go to the “People” page and click “See all Roundtable Questions” you will be taken to the main Roundtable page where you can ask a question.

chermay777 says: August 13, 2011

Q-Can I change my username?
A-Yes! Well, kind of. We can change it for you if you just write to support and ask us nicely