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Topic: General Topics

Tweet an Item

Bonanza offers you the opportunity to get your items noticed on one of the web's fastest growing social media platforms -- Twitter. Here's what you need to know about sending items to Twitter.

Publishing Items to Twitter

After you've hooked up your Twitter account to Bonanza (see below), whenever you visit an item you'll see a link labeled "Tweet" under the "Share" menu for every item (the "Share" menu is just below the box with the price for an item).

When you click "Tweet," a popup will open that allows you to edit the tweet. Describe what makes the item worth tweeting about in 140 characters or less, and your message including a link to the item will be posted automatically to your Twitter account.

Is there an item you think a Twitter celebrity needs in their life? Tweet it at them! Ride their coattails to coat sales!

Icon.apply-warning.crystal-clear.128 Your Twitter followers want to read something interesting or provactive. If you tweet an item more than about once per day, or if you don't provide a message to your followers about why you tweeted the item, your Twitter followers might view your item tweets as spam. Twitter is an extremely powerful promotional tool, but to wield it wisely, put some thought into what would make the item interesting to others before your post the item.



Setting Up a Twitter Account

The first time that you click the "Tweet" button under an item, you'll be brought to a login screen that allows you to enter in your Twitter user name and password. After verifying that the name and password are legit, we'll save your info so that any time you click "Tweet" in the future, your message and a link to the item will automatically be posted to your Twitter account.

If you decide you want to unlink your account (or if you change your Twitter password), you can click the link to tweet an item, then click your profile pricture and select "sign out." Super easy!

Other Users Say

chloeev says: April 17, 2009

Fantastic way to broadcast your items to the online selling market! Make sure and get your community together first, those people who are interested in your items..then show them your goods!
Wow, gotta love this free marketing!

nkrohini says: May 20, 2009

Q. Should I Tweet each item posted on Bonanzle or is it enough if one item is tweeted?
A. We would recommend Tweeting items which may be of interest to your followers. The more creative you are with your Tweets, the better (i.e. "Great Father’s Day gift, etc).

MrsMysteryGal says: October 22, 2009

Q. Is their a limit to tweeting?
A. Not at Bonanzle. Best to check with Twitter as their policies may say otherwise and may change. It is also a good idea to be crafty with your posts and relevant to the current times and also to your followers.

jewelry_at says: October 23, 2009

A great way to publish your items.

blindie says: February 18, 2010

Q. Where do I find the “Tweet it” spot on Bonanzle?
A. When you are on an item page if you look below the main description you will see “Advanced Details” and “Actions”. If you click on “Actions” you will see a “Tweet it” link.

Purseservere says: April 06, 2010

Q. Can you put you widget on Twitter?
A. No

bbstyle says: June 02, 2010

Thanks This is a great Tip

LowBudgetShopping says: June 04, 2010

Q: I have never used twitter. But the question is, when we tweet an item, only the followers under your twitter will see it? or it gets posted to a live feed that everyone and their momma can see?
A. Just your followers will see it in Twitter. Currently you can see recent tweets by fellow Bonanzlers on the Bonanzle “People” page.

Beautyjust4you says: June 10, 2010

Good information. Thanks !

judykudz says: May 04, 2011

Be sure to put the name of your item in the description box along with Bonanza’s suggestion to tell what’s interesting about your item.

anchorhaven says: July 08, 2012

Add hashtags to your tweet to help people find it in Twitter search #Bonanza