What is Bonanza?

"Quite simply, [Bonanza is] the best I've seen in my four years of reviewing and writing about start-up marketplaces" --Vangie Beal, on behalf of Ecommerce Guide.

At Bonanza, we think that online shopping is stuck where online search was 10 years ago, in the age before Google. Many users today think that eBay and Craigslist are "good enough," and the "rules" for online shopping are set: items get posted through a series of selling pages, buyers browse static listings, buyers buy items and hope that sellers are trustable.


We think there's still a lot of room for improvement over the precedent that eBay and Craigslist set 10 years ago (and that the eBay/Craigslist lookalikes have copied ever since).

Here's how we think online shopping ought to be:

What Does "Find Everything but the Ordinary" Mean?

While everybody is welcome to sell on Bonanza, our most successful sellers are those that have items that aren't new, shiny, and mass-produced. Why? Because we believe Amazon already does a darned good job at helping people find new DVDs, CDs, electronics, computers, and books. We specialize in helping you buy and sell everything else.

I'm Still Not Sold. Is Bonanza for Me?

"[Bonanza] is without doubt the cleanest and easiest to use selling platform I've ever listed anything on."
-- Auction Wally, Marketplace Writer & Antiques Expert, in article eBay Alternative Bonanza is Super Simple

"The runaway winner as our Best eBay Alternative is Bonanza. This startup combines an easy listing process with cutting-edge features such as on-the-fly image cropping and live chat and an avid seller community."
-- SmallBusinessComuting.com, Marketplace Journal, in article 2009 Awards: Reader's Pick the Best Small Business Tech Tools

"Bonanza is putting the fun back into online selling."
-- Randy Smythe, Marketplace Analyst, in article You Can Find eBay's Soul At Bonanza.com!

"If there was just one eBay competitor to watch, I might just put my money on this one."
-- Scott Pooler, Marketplace Journalist, in article Bonanza - Bodacious eBay Competitor Gives Birth to Fresh Merchandising Format

"There's a reason Bonanza is experiencing tremendous growth. Well, ten and a half reasons, actually. But it all boils down to a simple business model that promotes communication and builds trust among members, a simple interface that's easy on the eyes and even easier to use, tools that make simple things even easier, and reasonable rates."
-- Salehoo, marketplace review blog, in article Bonanza: An exciting eBay alternative

... And that's not to mention the many thousand positive messages about Bonanza on the Powersellers Unite forum, making it the most talked about eBay alternative in the four year history of this popular site!


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