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Topic: Getting Started

What makes Bonanza so fast to sell items on?

We have made a science of studying where seconds and microseconds get spent for the average person when they go to sell an item online. Our mission is to keep the average time it takes you to post an item at 1-3 minutes by cutting out every unessential detail, and adding creative flourishes that make your life easier. Like so:

  • One page to post one item. Other sites use 3-5 pages to walk you through picking a category, item location, shipping options, confirm your listing, etc., etc., etc. before your item is ready for sale. At Bonanza, there is one page, five fields, and your item is ready.
  • Skip the picture uploading. By using the picture cropper or the picture guesser, it is often possible to take and upload just a few pictures to use with many items. Imagine how much time you'd save if you had to take 5 pictures to depict your 20 items, instead of 20 pictures.
  • Just the essentials.Do you want that item bold? Underlined? Do you want this item to be in the gallery? At Bonanza, we say "enough already!" For the essential options (like types of payment you accept), you specify it once for all items. For non-essential options, we defer to eBay.
  • Describe your item while your picture uploads. When you're creating an item on Bonanza, you can describe it at the same time the picture for it uploads, saving yourself from waiting idly for those 10 seconds, or...
  • Shorter descriptions can be OK. Post an item for sale with a three sentence description on another site and people assume you have something to hide. Post it with a three sentence description on Bonanza and they assume that you did a good job of posting stuff quick.

What's more, when all your stuff is posted together on Bonanza, you're in the perfect position to sell multiple itemsif a buyer finds one thing of yours that they were looking for.

See our YouTube video on posting two items in two minutes.

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