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Topic: Buying Topics

Introducing the Order Resolution Center

Bonanza's Order Resolution Center provides a means for buyers to communicate with sellers in transactions that haven't lived up to a buyer's expectations. The link to open a dispute will appear on the buyer's Order in 14 days or the day after the estimated delivery date, whichever is sooner.  Cases for items that arrive significantly not as described can be opened as soon as the buyer receives the shipment.

When the above is true, the Order Resolution Center becomes the tool through which a buyer can communicate with their seller, and with Bonanza, in order to find a resolution that is agreeable to all parties involved.

You can visit the Order Resolution Center now by clicking here.

For more information about the Order Resolution Center, see the following pages

I want to use the Order Resolution Center, but my order doesn't show up. Why?

The Order Resolution Center can only be used for transactions that have been paid for within the last 45 days. If your transaction has not yet been paid for, or if it was paid for more than 45 days ago, then it will not be available to have a case opened for it.

Other Users Say

BonanzaORC (Bonanza Staff) says: October 21, 2010

!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!

If you are having troubles with a specific order please attempt to contact the seller first.

If they do not respond then:
Either open a case in the Order Resolution Center (links above)
Or contact so we can help you in a timely manner.

Please do not leave comments about your case here – add them to your Order Resolution case or contact Support if you are having trouble opening a case.

Thank you!