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Topic: Buying Topics

Seller Order Problems

For most transactions on Bonanza, your items will not be marked as sold until we have confirmed that you received payment for them. However, in some cases, you may accept an offer that a buyer proposes, but wait and find that the buyer never pays.

Here's what to do prevent and/or resolve this situation.

Give buyers a deadline to pay

The Proactive Solution: Payment Deadlines

When you accept an offer from a buyer, you can choose to limit the time that a buyer has available to pay for the accepted offer. After you accept the offer, the buyer will be notified that they are obligated to pay within the timeframe you selected.

If the buyer does not pay within that time, the items in the accepted offer will be returned to your booth, and fees for the transaction will be stricken from your account.

The Reactive Solution: Cancelling Offers and Orders

Sometimes you may not have set a payment deadline when you accepted an offer, or you may have invoiced a buyer for an order only to find they fail to pay for the order.

The first recourse in these situations is to attempt to email the buyer. All offers contain a link to email the other party. Using this link to send the buyer an email will ensure that their failure to pay isn't due to confusion or some other fixable circumstance.

If the buyer still fails to pay, and a week has passed since the offer was accepted, you can cancel the offer. Cancelling an offer returns the items in it to your booth, and removes the associated transaction fees from your Bonanza account. Just visit "My Bonanza" -> "Items sold" and find the transaction in question. Beneath the transaction is an area labeled "Manage my transaction" and one of the links will be "Mark as unpaid." Click this, confirm you want to mark the offer as unpaid, and it will be canceled.

Other Users Say

mumof4 says: April 05, 2011

Q. My buyer paid for item but not the correct amount agreed to so I canceled the order. I refunded the payment, but it is not showing on my account details. What do I do now?
A. Go to your My Bonanza > Fees page and find the transaction. Click on the link titled, “Request a refund for a transaction on this bill” and follow the prompts to request a refund.This will cancel the transaction on the Bonanza end. You can then go to the transaction record and re-list your item, and “hide” the transaction if you choose.