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    I got my feet wet by selling items on eBay a number of years ago. I was creating an invention and needed extra capital. I’d grown tired of all the “stuff” I accumulated over the years that just remained in boxes without use. It became burdensome as I moved about, having to lug around all these items I never used anymore. I reached a stage in my life where I wanted to streamline my living space and my life to make it simple and uncluttered. I always had, in the back of my mind, that ‘I was going to clean out the garage”, “Have a garage sale” ‘Organize my accumulated photos”, “Frame all the vintage posters I had collected” “Get rid of all this stuff I had not seen, touched or used for over 20 years” – This was always in the far reaches of my mind as being something on my to-do-list that never got done. So I started selling my items on eBay and was VERY surprised at the success I had and the fun I had.

    Now I am venturing into the fun zone of Bonanzle after discovering this site a few days ago.

    Three years ago I entered graduate school to get a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica in California. (Currently I am on a leave of absence). At the same time I was moving my invention forward, paying the bills and supplementing my income by selling the remaining items I owned on eBay.

    Currently I work as a server at a beautiful restaurant in Laguna Beach, where I live, and I’m in the process of building my home based business. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and create and do beautiful things in the world. I have dreams of being able to volunteer as a teacher in the Cook Islands, create beautiful inspiring videos to uplift mankind, offer myself to organizations that are working towards making this world a more loving place and many other things to help our beautiful planet Earth and the human beings that live upon her. Being financially independent and having the money to pursue these dreams is my goal.

    I’ve since to expanded my eBay business and sell for clients and friends. I asked for assistance from Spirit and am blessed with wonderful clients and interesting items to sell. They range from fine antique jewelry to WWII airplane propellers and everything in between. A wide spectrum of items - a perfect fit for Bonanzle.

    I have 100% positive ratings on eBay as a seller and I’m very proud of that. I also have a passion for research and enjoy the lengthy process of finding out exactly what it is I am selling and providing my buyers with detailed information about each item I sell (almost to an obsessive fault). My descriptions are detailed and exact. I am always open to questions from potential buyers and am always willing to send extra JPEG’s to you of the item you are interested in.

    I’m earth friendly and believe everything we, as individuals, can do to help our Earth and Mother nature from all the trash and damage we have caused her will go a long way in helping to restore our environment – so I recycle. I go to my local hardware store and other places to gather boxes and packaging material that would have been thrown away. I wrap each item I sell in recycled bubble wrap and make sure each package is secure and your item arrives safely. Items that I sell vary and I'm constantly uploading new inventory.

    My Bonanzle booth is in its infancy and I’ll be working diligently on its construction and refinement.

    Once the gears are turning, check in occasionally to explore the new items I will be adding. I thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about me and for visiting my profile.

    Blessings to you and all your loved ones.

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    MONTROSE says: January 23, 2010

    It’s now 2010 and a new Personal eND0RSEMENT seems appropriate! After having the pleasure of viewing this active member perform, I am happy to say that I highly recommend this member to ANyoNE as bOth a Buyer &/or Seller because dedication & loyalty compliments this member…..Best wishes, M0NTROSe

    MONTROSE says: September 07, 2009

    Anyone dropping POSiTiVE energY my wAy and also believes in ANGELS = definitely deserves my individual PERS0NAL eND0RSEMENT ~ Please take a moment to visit members’ (Gaia) b00tH next…MONTR0Se approves this message!

    calendarchick says: August 11, 2009

    To know a Seller is to know the principles of the Person/Member. In my correspondence with Gaia, I have learned many things. Gaia is a person who is an extremely kind, sincere, honest, loyal and gracious man. A man who doesn’t take anyone for granted and is appreciative of the individuals he meets along the way. Gaia is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

    I look forward to an on-going friendship with Gaia , along as a Business one in the near future. Gaia is a Seller who is extremely knowledgeable in his field and eager to bring forth the best customer service possible. My best to you, Gaia, and I wish you a long successful career with Bonanzle.

    nelliekellie says: May 27, 2009

    Gaia is fairly new to Bonanzle! What a wonderful person!!! He is certain to be a big plus to Bonanzle! He is very friendly, appreciative of any help and has a nice sense of humor. Best of luck to you Bruce!

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