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    Acrylic Paintings , Olive wood Gifts and Sculptures.
    Ellenis Workshop presents an exclusive range of unique art and gifts.
    Designed and created by Eric Kempson
    Elleni’s Workshop,was established in 2006 in Molivos,the ancient hill town on the Greek island of Lesvos,to feature the unique olive-wood sculptures and paintings of local artist Eric Kempson
    To these we added a stunning range of locally hand-crafted olive-wood and gemstone necklaces & earrings, each unique in its matching of a beautifully grained olive-wood mount
    with a complementary stone.
    We now also have an exciting and exclusive range of olive-wood gifts to suit all pockets,
    all individually hand-made by us in our workshop/ home.
    We are Philippa and Eric Kempson, who settled here from Britain in 1999.
    And Elleni? - she is our daughter.

    Olive Trees

    The millions of olive trees on Lesvos have always been a mainstay of the island’s economy, providing food and oil for home consumption and export, animal fodder and bedding, and wood for winter fuel.

    This amazing tree is very hardy: drought-, disease- and fire-resistant, it can live to a great age.
    Its root system is robust and capable of regenerating the tree even if the above-ground structure is destroyed. The older an olive tree is the broader and more gnarled its trunk appears. Many olive trees in our groves are said to be hundreds of years old, while an age of 2,000 years for a number trees has been verified scientifically.

    Olive wood is an extremely difficult wood to work; we were once told by an Italian sculptor that what Eric dose is impossible! A few years ago we provided a young couple with two blocks of wood; they wanted to send them to a craftsman in Hawaii who makes gold and wood wedding rings.
    They returned to Lesvos for their honeymoon, thanked us for helping and bringing a message from the Hawaiian craftsman stating he will never work with olive wood again. He later amended his advertising that said “I will work with any wood” he added “except olive”

    This dense and intricately grained wood, much of it centuries old, is now being used by Eric to create his unique sculptures, as well as hand-made jewellery, key-rings, combs, hair ornaments and other exclusive gifts.

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