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    "Out of Chaos, comes beauty"

    Eye shadow's come in a 5 gram jar. All jars of pigment are filled to the brim and do not have a sifter, which allows more room in the jar for more product for you!

    My recipe for success at Chaos Cosmetics Minerals is honesty, fast service, affordable prices & the best quality makeup available. All of my products are 100% Pure, Natural & Handmade in the USA!

    My Products are formulated WITHOUT petro-chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, oils, bismuth, talc or sulfates.

    They are gentle enough to be worn on a child's face..and have been!

    Where can I wear Mineral pigments?

    The most common uses for mineral pigments are on the eyes and the lips, but pigments can be used anywhere on the face, cheeks, eyes, lips, nails and hair. They can be used as a blush, contour, highlight, to enhance, whatever you want - anything, anywhere.

    What techniques are used to wear mineral pigments on the eyes?

    For the first time user, Using pigments as a loose eye shadow can be difficult, and it's best to use a base to help them adhere.

    Many products can be used as a base. The most popular are Urban Decay's Primer Potion, MAC Shadesticks, Mixing Mediums (such as Ben Nye LiquiSet, or MAC's water-based mixing medium), water, or saline drops (such as Visine). Some people use petroleum jelly (Vaseline), or lip balm as a base. Anything that is tacky, or helps the pigment to stick to your skin will help. Not only will this help the pigments stay put, but will aid makeup in lasting all day, and night, if need be.

    You can also combine a drop of water, mixing medium, visine, or other liquid of your choice with a pigment forming a sort of 'paint' which will create a more metallic, satin or smooth finish.

    The best way to avoid dusting pigments onto your face while applying them to your eyes is to put a tissue under your eye, the corner of which pointing towards the corner of your nose and eye.

    Pigments can also be used as an eyeliner, wash, contour, highlight, all over color, or however you choose to use them.

    What techniques are used to wear mineral pigments on the lips?

    There are a few techniques for using pigments in lip color.

    You can mix the pigment with clear or colored lip gloss in a separate jar, or you can apply a bit of pigment to your lips after putting gloss on, blend, and then add another coat of gloss on top.

    What techniques are used to wear mineral pigments in nail color?

    You can add pigments to clear nail polish to create your own color. It is a good idea to use a jar of polish that has the little metal agitator pellet in it. If your polish does not have the agitator ball, you can use a small be-be or ball bearing, which you can generally find at craft stores or hobby shoppes. Using these metal balls allows you to continue to mix the two elements together.

    You can also use pigments and glitters by sprinkling them over nail polish before it has dried.

    What techniques are used to wear mineral pigments as body shimmer?

    You can add pigments to body cream by putting a dab of cream in your hand, sprinkling pigment on top and mixing together to create a beautiful shimmery body lotion.

    You can also add pigments to any foundation or facial cream to give it a pearlescent or shimmer effect.

    What techniques are used to wear mineral pigments as cheek color?
    Apply small dabs of the pigment across your cheek, like a football player line, and then blend in with your fingers or a brush.

    What techniques are used to wear mineral pigments on hair?

    Take your favorite hair styling product (cream, mousse, gel, pomade, etc.), sprinkle a bit of pigment over it and mix well. Then streak it through your hair, or use all over for a total effect. If pigments or glitters are just dusted over your hair without mixing with something to help them adhere to the hair, they can spill out causing pigment to be everywhere.

    So, as you can see from the above, the possibilities are endless!

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    krimzinart says: February 15, 2013

    Got my order last week with some beautiful samples! The packaging was cute & the jars came full & everything was in great condition. Eyeshadows are finely powdered & easy to work with. Colors are very unique & stunning, Look really great when applied over a primer & a slightly damp brush. Will definitely be ordering from here again! When communicating with them, they were very kind!

    PixieKleioUrania says: March 28, 2012

    Original colors, dupes of hard to find and exotic colors, ceative colors, safe, pure minerals, superb quality, incredible value and simply phenomenal customer service! Customer for life! Pixie of Pixie Polish wears Chaos Cosmetics exclusively! Nothing else would do or be as good!

    southerladmisty77 says: March 27, 2012

    AWSOME SELLER love everything about these eyeshadow every one i know loves them as well . i will not stop buying untill i have every one of these for me and for the people i do makeup for AAAAHHH !! i am just so happy that i found this thank you thank you for making them as well

    AlexisJohnson3 says: August 25, 2011

    Great product and wonderful selller. Fast shipping. Good value.

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