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    The artistic mediums I love are so vast and eclectic, that all I can safely call myself is an Alias of Artful intention.
    We all crave to be our finest, to be bold, and we yearn even more to be heard. I feel that people and the tools and items we use, inanimate as they may be, are both equally meant to be constructed to their most abundant potential.
    I view the world through an imaginary frame, and I can set any stage that my mind can see. I believe that the art I put my love into portrays this world as a never-ending resource of endless possibility.
    ~My work reaches to me, and I reach to be heard through it's voice~
    As such I believe that with each piece I complete, a little part of me perishes and passes into it, giving it new meaning, thus rotating the arcane cycle of life that has been turning for centuries.
    My biggest endeavor at the moment has been the creation of burlesque-style hair pieces! I am also super excited to say that there are many new and inventive fascinators to come, so stay tuned! ! !
    Things I love to dabble in are:
    *sewing, pattern-making
    *feather and bead-work
    *sculpey and clay
    *flower pressing & preserving
    *every kind of functional art piece
    I am *seriously hoping in due time* that all of these artistic avenues will be opened up through my shop!
    PLEASE CONVO ME if you need a special fascinator or ruff for a fancy occasion, Nothing makes me happier than collaborating with the creative minds of my customers.

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    ["Anything within the style of Victorian", "Morbid", "Decadent", "and generally Artistic!"]

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