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    We are called Only Hot Wheels, Why?? Because that is all you will find here. :)

    Here is the spot to get your Hot Wheels. They first started out as wall paper in my bedroom, I would staple the cards to my walls.

    So alot of the cards do have staple marks in them but I tried hard to put them up at the top of the cards. Some of the cards are damaged in different way, such as rips or holes or creases. But most are very good to great condition cards.

    I collected Hot Wheels from all kinds of places, Store, Yard Sales or given to me as gifts.

    All cars are in the packages and have not been removed.

    Please feel free to ask questions. I am as honest as I can be with the way the cards and cars are.

    Sorry but I do not take returns, so please make sure it is the car you are wanting. Ask questions if your not sure.

    ~~Shipping Cost Includes Delivery Conformation.~~

    Q & A's:

    Q: Why is shipping higher than others who sells Hot Wheels on Bonanza?
    A: I WILL NOT use envelopes to ship my cars. Envelopes and Cars can be damaged in the process of getting to you. Therefore, I only use Priority Mail Small Box.

    Q: How are your cars shipped?
    A: By using USPS Priority Mail Small Box. Tracking number is included

    Q: Can I get a closer picture of a certain area on a car?
    A: Yes! Just let me know what car and area you would like to have a close up.

    Q: Why do you not take returns or give refunds?
    A: I do not take returns for remorse after buying, or the spouse gets upset, or they did not read the descriptions, etc. All items I have are sold AS IS at buyers discretion. If there is a problem with item(s). Please contact me within 2 days of receiving item(s). All descriptions are true to my knowledge.

    Q: Are you an expert on Hot Wheels?
    A: I am not an expert on Hot Wheels, I have only collected them for 17-21 years, I have done a lot of research on each Hot Wheel car I own.

    Thank you for stopping by,
    Only Hot Wheels

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