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    Copper is a passion. There is no other natural element that has so many diverse important uses, and that shines so bright. In a cream for the skin it is simple unbeatable: no other product is better for skin-toning. On the bare skin, as jewelry, it looks great while nourishing the body; acting as the most efficient antimicrobial material ever-known and as a therapeutic and curative aid.

    We are specialists in copper. We make our copper cream products from solid copper and pure snow, and craft our copper jewelry in the empty deserts we love.

    Our prices are reasonable because we only purchase 1 product at source: copper. Our solid, 99.99% pure copper comes from Zambia, Peru and Poland, and is free of any lead, cadmium or nickel contamination, whether as an intentional additive or an accidental one. We take particularly stringent measures to ensure our copper is of the highest degree. Pure and solid copper is a vital element for our well-being.

    Abertawy is the Welsh name for Swansea, nicknamed Copperopolis. In its time Swansea accordingly was the premium centre for producing the world's copper, and up to 40% of this output was exported to overseas markets, notably in Asia and across the Atlantic.

    New ores were brought to Wales from as far away as Chile, Cuba and South Australia. Swansea copper barques circled the globe to bring ore from Valparaiso, Santiago de Cuba, and Adelaide.

    Swansea sailors were known as 'Cape Horners' in recognition of their long voyages around Cape Horn. As new coal sources were discovered overseas new smelting centres were set up nearer to the sources of copper. Much of the expertise and skilled work needed for this caused a wave of migration from Wales to Australia (think New South Wales), South America and the USA.

    Our shipping prices to all of these continents and countries remains the same: we think that's only fair.

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