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    I have two boys 13 and 17.

    I've been at my job for 25 years and can't wait to retire.

    My goal in life is to save enough money to go on vacation to Australia and take that boat trip over to Antartica.

    I am selling mainly romantic novels which I have inherited from my grandmother, mom and two sisters who have been reading them for years. My grandmother's go all the way back to the vintage harlequin romances from the 1960's.

    I'm a mystery/true crime/horror/reader myself.

    I'm also selling other types of books in order to clean out my house plus any duplicates that I may have received when I buy bulk lots.

    I have been selling on Ebay since 1998, but it is definitely time to start selling on a second site as well and this is the one I chose. I've dropped my Ebay store from approximately 800 - 1,000 books a month down to 300 and hope to eventually stop selling there all together.

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