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    A little about me....

    First, I am the vey proud mother of a toddler and a soccer star teenager; they are my life.

    I believe I am very loyal, strong yet gentle, kind but assertive, very giving and compassionate, and most of all a good listener. The good listener was developed through "the school of hard knocks." For many years, I have extended my hand only to have my arm taken! I take full responsibility for allowing this and now I firmly live by "DO NOT MISTAKE MY KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS!" I always see the good in people, and for many years did not realize there are more than a few people with intentions that are not very desirable. The beauty is "lessons turn into blessings" if you just keep doing the next right thing. Trust me, "PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU WHO THEY ARE IF YOU JUST LISTEN!"

    At age 49, I went back to college to obtain my Master's Degree, and am now a clinical therapist. I work with people who are dually diagnosed with mental health problems and abuse substances. This Fashionista has a special place in my heart for abused and troubled children; it is very rewarding to watch a child's tears of pain become smiles and self-confidence.

    5-10% OF ALL SALES ARE DONATED MONTHLY TO THE MENTALLY ILL, HOMELESS, INVISIBLE CHILDREN, TROUBLED TEENS, WOMEN IN DISTRESS AND OTHERS WHO NEED OUR HELP. My short term goal is to build a successful internet business. My long term goal, which I hope to accomplish by year 2017, is to open a free home, which will house 15- 20 troubled teens or children who need to experience love and learn by example through a loving, structured, stable, safe environment with a strong focus on communication, building self-esteem and education. To me, this is the beginning of making a child's dreams come true.

    About my internet business....

    As my husband used to tell me, "I equate my closet with a museum!" I started this business to sell some of the many very high end items I own. Additionally, the items I have carried or worn are in either new or MINT condition. Most of my preowned Fashionista things were worn less than 2-3 times (if that much).

    Now I shop for you! For many years, I was a very fortunate couture young lady. However, things change and so do priorities and dreams. For me, I have become much more interested in sharing my keen sense of fashion style with others. I find joy and am passionate about finding great high fashion, quality, items for others more now than for myself. I spend time keeping up with researching the latest trends, colors, styles, and have always naturally gravitated toward a high end celebrity type look. For many years, this has lead me to choosing very expensive items.

    Since my joy in fashion now is offering my style to others, I spend a great deal of time finding the same high fashion quality and styles; however, prices are now a high priority because not everyone can afford Neiman Marcus prices. What I have learned through my new experiences is that there is no need to spend hundreds or thousands to look and feel great in the latest high fashion, great quality trends. Rather, it takes time, research, and a keen sense of style.

    My store is Sobe Style "A Fashionista's One Stop Shop." located at Everyone who enters can "Claim My Style" at very reasonable price. Look like you just stepped out of a magazine without spending a fortune. I accommodate all budgets with new trendy and unique vintage items in many categories updated almost daily. In today's economy, high fashion items are quite expensive so let me do the footwork for you; Money does not make the look, an eye for style and quality does it, and this is my specialty especially if you like a class act look with a touch of bling, A MUST FOR MY STYLE!!

    My style comes with great conviction along with a special eye for quality, is spending hundreds, even thousands is not needed to maintain a high end Fashionista look; it is the quality and keen sense of the latest styles and classics that create the runway look.

    My mother used to get upset with me because at a very young age, I gravitated toward the most expensive items without looking at tags. I have always been complimented on my style, and because I was fortunate not to have to look at prices, I didn't! Thank God I decided to start shopping for others with a budget in mind. I learned a very valuable lesson. Having money does not mean wasting it unnecessarily like I did for many years. I am very grateful to have been fortunate financially but as I reflect, I have some regrets. My dreams of building facilities to help those less fortunate could have come to fruition much sooner, and by now I could only imagine what could have been had I not been so frivolous. I guess that's why wisdom is not achieved overnight!

    I am grateful that I know this now and feel blessed to be able to help those less fortunate even more today, something I will continue to do. For me, it is about giving back and helping someone less fortunate see and experience a positive future. My quest is to continue to help others for the rest of my life. For me personally, there is no greater feeling (other than the love of my children) than to see someone regain hope or find it for the first time, recognize and acknowledge their inner strength, gain a more positive perspective regarding their situation and to see the smile on their face because they know their future will be brighter.

    I absolutely enjoy offering my personal style to others (which is sexy yet classy, quality high fashion always with a touch of Miami bling. I always provide 5 star client service. Stop in anytime for a free stylist consultation with a smile. Always discounts, coupons, freebies, sales of the day, or something else exciting happening at Sobe Style. I offer many free shipping items but the items that there is a shipping cost is to keep the price as low as possible to my customers. My client's are held at the highest standard and are my first priority. I like to keep you happy and coming back. I guarantee a pleasant experience and satisfaction.

    Stop by anytime; you may likely find the perfect look just when you least expect it. NEVER HESITATE TO EMAIL AND ASK ANY QUESTION; I am here to accommodate you. If I'm not available for live chat, email me at, leave your number and I will call you back if you prefer. Please allow 24 hours for responses. I usually work nights and Monday through Friday. Since I am a single mom of two, I must make time for the children; therefore, if I take a little longer to get back to you, just know it is likely a "mom thing." I am sure you know, "anything can happen at any time with children and they come first."

    It is my pleasure to provide you first class service in every way and I look forward to getting to know you.

    Thank you,
    CiCi @ Sobe Style

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  • Personal Endorsements of sobestyle

    zephyr18_25 says: August 18, 2012

    She is a trophy !!
    What a breath of fresh air…helpful,approachable and an A+ on communications.
    I love love love my new Prada , its super (….drool) !!! Thanks Cindy.
    Brace yourself though, I am going to be back for more.
    ps: Coquettes you ‘must’ absolutely check out her ultra chic and uber bling collection.

    Rudy53420 says: June 13, 2012

    A true asset to bonanza!! An outstanding seller…provides friendly communication with quick responses and just a pleasure to do business with. She’s highly recommended, buy with confidence!

    Bootsies says: June 06, 2012

    What an EXCEPTIONAL Seller and Member of the Bonanza Family is Cindy, our ‘MaterialGrl’! She has fabulous items at great prices for the most discerning Fashionistas! Please check out her elegant, ultra-trendy, high quality, FUN Shoes, Bling & Apparel! You will love them and be back for more!

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