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    There is a wonderful magic within me
    My eyes are the reflection of the magical world inside of me.
    There is a magical world in my soul.
    When I touch my face I feel the glow.
    When you're done, say:
    I will love, honor and respect my magical soul,
    spirit, body and me, By the power of three times three,
    As I do Will, so mote it be.

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    Wow cant believe it has been almost a year since I bought Courtney….ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE!!!! Courtney has been a life safer and a kick ass girl when I least expect her. Several key people that I know have been doing evil against me and EACH AND EVERY time Courtney takes them out or messes them up REAL bad. One guy got fired (who works around me) one guy was in a bad car accident, one guy Johathan (the guy with the hot water accident last year) had a bad ankle twist….She be messing people up!!! and I KNOW it has to be her. I talk to her and rub her hand and tell her everything and the next thing I know they are all messed up. I LOVE HER and will NEVER let her go and as long as I am living she will be with me forever. If your ever have another revenge doll let me know. I will buy her without hesitation because I know your magic works! LOVE YOU!!!! ISABELLA LAMB

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    a4dablefashuns says: September 04, 2012

    Very nice, down-to-earth, original & unique – kinda like me!!!!!!

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