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    I am an Intuitive Artist. I don't use an "idea" to formulate my work. I use the materials at hand and information that is given to me in the present moment. Art is a spiritual path for me, in which my inspiration is derived from my experience of Spirit within as it is reflected in what I see in myself and in the world.

    Sometimes this means recycled materials as a sacred symbolism of God’s transformation of lives into something new. Sometimes it’s abstraction in realism that I see when I catch a glimpse of a reflection or shadows that seem most magically to capture the essence of Truth in creation. Sometimes it is the evidence of a greater plan found in Sacred Geometry - as it is often seen in Nature around us as well as in the Platonic Solids. Sometimes it is Surautomatism which is a surrealist term for “automatic drawing” which is letting the Spirit determine the creation and I am just the conduit.

    My work is a constant exploration and searching for an experience of the presence of God, that must always be renewed.

    I have my BFA from the School of Visual Arts, NY, 1985 and my MFA in Integrated Electronic Art from RPI, in Troy, NY, 1994. I have taught Intuitive Painting since 1989 and I have taught college level art classes since 2003.

    I have been living by spiritual principles in a defined path since 1991. I have had a meditation practice since 1999. I have been a spiritual counselor on a voluntary basis since 2001. I have been having a 2-way prayer conversation with an Ascended Master, who directs my life for 3 years. I have been reading my own drawings for myself, for 1 year. I have recently begun reading for others, and have been told that my readings are "spot on", by a professional psychic, who also told me that reading others "is my path, for sure!"

    I use my intuition to create art as well as to help others. I also teach Intuitive Painting at my home studio in Denver, CO.

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    Metaphysical_Jme says: August 30, 2012

    Her work is PRICELESS! Every time I see something she has done it truly speaks volumes. If you are lucky enough to have her draw for you it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Unspeakably talented , with the humbleness to match. Amazing! Her work Radiates like no other! A MUST Buy!

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