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    I spend much time working on my 'bugs' and on my website-www.elegantinsects.com. I design and create original jewelry in the form of insects, using real insects as models but never as an integral part of my jewelry. Also interested in and have begun creating jewelry inspired by medieval drawings of insects,and real and imagined animals.

    Most of my work is in Sterling Silver. It is made in a ancient technique called Lost Wax. In this method the individual piece of jewelry is carved or built in a special jewelers' wax, by hand by me. A mold is then made, and the mold is filled with molten silver under very high pressure, creating a exact duplicate of the wax. The wax is melted out and so it no longer exists( lost wax) and the silver model emerges. Then of course,there is much finishing to be done individually, by hand,for each piece. Only a few pieces-usually 4-6 are created of each item. They are not mass produced and so are very special.

    I am still trying hard to develop the knack of photographing my jewelry, which is not coming easily. I enjoy challenges, and really prefer to do everything myself, even when I know someone else could do it better.

    I welcome comments and questions about my jewelry, bugs in general, Lost Wax,or any other interesting related topic. I can be reached by e-mail at

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    BrothertownBooks says: July 05, 2010

    Beautiful and unusual! It is obvious that a lot of hard work, thought and research goes into these lovely creations. Wear these bugs proudly and smartly!

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