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    I work nightshift, so that explains my booth name if anyone was wondering!

    I have a BIG, BIG family and we all live on the same street. It is nice to have all of your family so near. It's good for baby-sitting & borrowing stuff! No quick runs to the store for 2 eggs! Just call your sister and have her kid run it over to ya! How 'bout that!?

    I also am the only one whom sells online of the whole family. So, I get most of the family stuff dropped off at my house and they say just give me a cut! How 'bout that?!

    So my Bonanzle Booth is packed full of **WHATEVER** waiting for a **CUT**

    So pull up a chair and browse awhile. There's something for everyone here, and if you don't see what you need, well, just send a messege and I'll get one of the kids to bring it to you.

    Be Well!

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  • Personal Endorsements of EastCoastNightGirl

    tattooshack says: June 19, 2010

    A true asset to the Bonanzle community! Super to work with!

    MONTROSE says: January 16, 2010

    It’s now 2010 and a new Personal eND0RSEMENT seems appropriate! After having the pleasure of viewing this active member perform, I am happy to say that I highly recommend this member to ANyoNE as bOth a Buyer &/or Seller because dedication & loyalty compliments this member…..Best wishes, M0NTROSe

    HavannaMoon says: September 27, 2009

    Very Pleased. Nightgirl keeps things smooth easy and fast. Thank You for such great service. the items was exactly what i wanted in better condition than i imaged.

    prettykitty505 says: June 22, 2009

    I just need to say when I first purchased these items in her booth I was pretty new to Bonz and I just put a “+” for feed back because I was unaware of how it showed up and that is SO embarassing now lol. So I need to clarify…

    EVERYTHING I GOT FROM HER WAS LIKE IT WAS BRAND NEW! I couldn’t believe it! I highly recommend her as a seller! I LOVE and CHERISH all the items I got from her!

    collectibles4u says: May 15, 2009

    She is a great customer and a super asset to Bonanzle in buying & selling. She has very nice items up in her Booth. And trust worthy.

    joyce72747 says: May 06, 2009

    Pleased to have sold to Nightgirl in my first few weeks on Bonanzle. She made me feel good about the community and bought from me during my first Bonanza

    LetsMakeup says: April 15, 2009

    She is a wonderful Bonanzler. Her sense of humor can make anyone laugh. We were in another sellers auction together and her personality and gift to make others have fun is amazing. She is a BIG ASSET to Bonanzle. Glad I have met her. Looking forward to doing business with you. I love this girl She is the BEST! (((LetsMakeup)))

    gemini-dreams says: April 09, 2009

    The perfect buyer & a gem to have on BONANZLE. Communication is 2nd to none!
    I am proud to endorse Nightgirl


    granny123 says: April 07, 2009

    She makes me smile and is a Great assett to our Community she makes me laugh and has a Great sense of Humor.Thanks for everything

    jouons says: March 27, 2009

    Capital T – reffic person to do business with!

    ChrissysSoyCandles says: March 16, 2009

    GREAT and VERY friendly seller!!! Will go out of her way to make sure you are happy and sattisfied!! VERY sweet seller!

    springsale says: March 15, 2009

    A fantastic seller/buyer. Nice to deal with.

    pinchrosemary says: March 15, 2009

    A real professional seller and nice to boot with a friendly and funny sense of humor. A real asset to Bonanzle.

    MissJonie says: March 13, 2009

    This seller is the most honest seller …well…one of many honest sellers here she says what she means and she means what she says …enjoy and relax as you wander her booth

    DebraV says: March 07, 2009

    great lady to do business with! helps make bonanzle a great place to be

    inspired says: March 06, 2009

    You can buy or sell with Nightgirl, with the confidence and assurance that you will receive the best customer service, fast shipping and/or payment, and quality items. We’re fortunate to have nightgirl as a valuable member of the Bonanzle family.

    jGaragesaleGoddess says: March 06, 2009

    This is what Bonanzle is all about! Members like Nightgirl!

    jgreg says: February 18, 2009
    Thanks nightgirl for taking time to come to my auction.
    karoden says: January 23, 2009

    Very generous with her time and always ready to give someone a hand. You had better stop by her booth !!!

    davidsm133 says: January 21, 2009

    wonderful person.spent a lot of time helping me.great to do business with.just plain cool.

    styles1987 says: December 17, 2008

    Beautiful and wide selection of items!

    pieper says: December 08, 2008

    A valued member of our community, one who is willing to take that extra step spreading the word about Bonanzle. So glad to have them on our team!

    attheboutique says: November 15, 2008

    Such a wonderful person to do business with! The best communication combined with excellent customer service makes every transaction a great experience!

    TerraKacher says: November 13, 2008

    The sweetest and most helpful person, honest and a welcomed asset to Bonanzle.
    I thank her for all her hard work in helping me get Google Base up and running.

    sofyblu2 says: November 08, 2008

    A wonderful member of the Bonanzle community. Truly a welcomed asset to this site and to our fellow Bonanzlers!

    LDJ2452 says: October 15, 2008

    Great to do business with! Super communication and honest business person. No hesitation to recommend Nightgirl to all!

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