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Welcome to The Nostalgia Nook

Our booth name has changed from Noel's Nook of Nostalgia and a few other updates have been made. Please note our policy has stayed the same and our first class service to our customers is our priority.

Take a memory trip with us as we...

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My Endorsements (17)

karoden says: July 30, 2012

This lady is one of the most generous and helpful persons I have ever known in my entire lifetime. In my opinion she is the ultimate Role Model of what we should all strive to be.
Best wishes to as Fine A Lady as I have ever known, and believe me I have known many Fine Ladies !!!

ZenGirl says: May 07, 2012

Wit and whimsey, northern midwest collectibes, usables, and much more. You can’t go wrong visiting this booth on Bonanza. Outstanding communication and service too.

lussoprodotti says: April 21, 2012

Noel Really made me feel welcome. Such a nice person. Hope you are having a great weekend!! Thanks again for helping the newbie.

Wufflespring says: March 08, 2012

I’ve known her for nearly 4 years – and she is still the best seller I know! Amazing items and so wonderfully nice!

driver211 says: June 27, 2010

A fellow Cheesehead and great seller and buyer. A great Bonanzler!

pennipete says: March 06, 2009

What a delightful seller, adds a personal touch to your shopping adventure! Super duper communication, wonderful merchandise, zippy fast shipping, beautifully packaged…you can’t go wrong with NoelsNook!

grandmabobbieshouse says: February 09, 2009

Noel has a great selection and really good prices. She ships fast and takes lots of care with your purchase.

MagickalMe says: February 05, 2009

Like my Mama used to say, “Good People!” Honest and ethical seller, a beautiful person.

karoden says: January 22, 2009

A GREAT Booth with tremendous variety. It has to be checked out several times each day to keep up with the Great inventory.

sterlingdragonfly says: January 08, 2009

What a fantastic seller! A real delight to purchase from as well as converse with. A real gem.

Buzz says: January 07, 2009

I have known this seller for a long time, and she is one of the best ever!

pieper says: December 08, 2008

A valued member of our community, one who is willing to take that extra step spreading the word about Bonanzle. So glad to have them on our team!

BaysDesigns says: November 29, 2008

Great Booth you have here. Nice things as well.

vinewood says: November 19, 2008

Noel is a great seller who i have purchased items before, fast shippment and safe packing . a great person to deal with . an asset to BZ .

margieme says: November 18, 2008

Delightful person to deal with, very friendly and fun to talk with.
Sells very nice items and packs well. Thanks for a pleasant transaction, I will return.

Wufflespring says: November 09, 2008

Another wonderful Bonanzler! :D So friendly and REAL! Gotta love her!

sofyblu2 says: November 08, 2008

A wonderful member of the Bonanzle community. Truly a welcomed asset to this site and to our fellow Bonanzlers!