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Custom Categories by Brianna

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Hi everyone! I made a new help video and I want to share it with you. This one is about how to create custom categories. It may be helpful to those of you selling holiday items this season, or for folks selling books, sports cards or movies.

Bonanza uses standard site categories that will match up with Google Shopping for advertising or with eBay for importing. With booth categories, you can create categories specific to your booth so that buyers can browse your inventory exactly the way that you want them to. A shopper could reach your booth from a Google Ad for a costume mask you have, then easily navigate to see other items in the same category.

How to create a custom category

To create a custom category, you just add all the categories you want displayed in your booth on the "Categories & sorting" page in your "Selling > Booth settings." Then, when a buyer enters your booth, the normal list of categories posted on the left side of your booth homepage will be replaced by the categories you put in your custom categories box. 

Note that order does matter. Whatever order you create your categories in... (continued)

Resources for Sellers affected by Wildfires

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There have been multiple fires in the western United States that have left destruction and devastation in their paths. 94 large fires have burned 4.6 million acres. More than 30,000 firefighters and support personnel are assigned to incidents across the country. Evacuation orders remain in effect for communities near 36 large fires in the West.


Many Bonanza sellers have been impacted by these fires, as well as by recent hurricanes, so first and foremost we'd like to extend our condolences to those struggling throughout this time. Our thoughts are with you and we are hoping for safety for you and your loved ones.  

We'd also like to offer some resources for sellers who understandably might not be able to keep up with their booths for the time being. There are many options available for you: 

Place your booth on vacation. 

If you'd like your booth to be temporarily offline, Bonanza offers a "Vacation mode" feature that will automatically set all listings to "Reserved" status while you are unavailable to fulfill orders. Visit your Booth settings from the Selling dropdown in the upper lefthand corner of any page and set "Booth currently on vacation" to "Yes." You can... (continued)

Raffle for TurboTraffic

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Hey Bonanzlers! Here it is September already. How is everybody feeling about the three weeks of summer remaining and the beginning of a new season? As we head into fall, the holiday season is just around the corner. School is starting online for some, in-person for others, or a combination thereof. We hope you all have been able to make adjustments to the family's schedule to accommodate any new learning processes.

School Clothes and Supplies

Shoppers on Bonanza are looking for school clothes and supplies. Sellers should be checking their listings to make sure they have appropriate search terms included in their titles and descriptions. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much information. Describing your products in greater detail will only increase the views on your listings. Conversely, the less information you provide, the less precisely Google can match your ads with search queries.

Halloween Decorations and Costumes

Once you have the kids all set for school, next up is Halloween. Parents will find ways for the family to celebrate the holiday. My daughter plans for Halloween all year long, but most folks start shopping right about now.

Google is trending these search terms:

  1. Peppa pig Halloween... (continued)

Q3 Update

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Hello there! It's really hard to believe that in some areas school is already back in session and that summer is giving way to fall. This must mean that it's time for our Q3 update! Earlier in the year, I laid out our 2020 roadmap , then the Q3/Q4 priorities. Now, I'd like to update you on Holiday progress, emerging issues, and our core areas of focus:

  • Privacy, Compliance & Fraud Reduction - ENABLING BUYER TRUST
  • Seller Value Creation & Community
  • Traffic Generation & Site Speed

Progress we're making -

Privacy, Compliance & Fraud Reduction - ENABLING BUYER TRUST

  • Created a Compliance Dashboard, which greatly reduces the time to identify and act on bad sellers
  • Streamlining IP Infringement Reporting Process
  • Work to improve suspension messaging
  • BBB and TrustPilot account monitoring & responsiveness
  • Tracking and improving Buyer Customer Support experiences

Creating Seller Value:

  • Evaluate and deploy shipping label alternatives to limit seller business disruption during the holidays
  • Offer return labels and Canadian / international shipping label options
  • Launch additional payment methods to give our sellers and buyers more choices
  • You've provided feedback that our current billing schedule can be difficult to work into a budget and may impact seller cash flow.... (continued)

Tips for Buying Safely on Bonanza

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Hello Bonanza Community, Jackson here from the Support Team! As an online marketplace, the most important thing Bonanza can do is provide a safe environment for both buyers and sellers. Bonanza takes a variety of steps to ensure that reputable sellers are posting items on our marketplace. We also arm you with the tools and resources to help you evaluate sellers so you can buy with confidence. 

All shoppers want to be sure they're purchasing from a trustworthy seller for a trouble-free transaction. Factors that are important to shoppers include:

  • Shipping on time: Tracking added within the stated handling time.
  • Communication: Questions answered within 24-48 hours.
  • Item ordered is as described: Sizing, color, and compatibility accuracy on the item listing page.
  • Return Policy: The return policy is clearly stated in the seller's booth, and the seller responds and complies in a timely manner.

There are some indicators you can look for before making a purchase to ensure a seller is an active member of the Bonanza community. The more active a community member is, the better one is able to evaluate the character of the seller.


We recommend you consider these indicators:

  1. Feedback score. ... (continued)

Get Extra Features with a Membership!

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You are not required to have a paid membership subscription in order to sell on Bonanza, however, our memberships offer a variety of premium tools and resources that can help sellers drive traffic to their booth and keep shoppers browsing their goods. Sellers can gain access to Google Analytics to better analyze their business, set custom booth sort orders so their seasonal items are promoted at the top of their booth homepage, and receive monthly TurboTraffic, just to name a few of the added benefits associated with the memberships.

Here's a summary of features associated with each of the membership levels so that you can pick the best fit for your business needs:


The Importance of Traits

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Item traits are crucial in helping buyers find your listings.

Hi, Brianna here! I've just wrapped up my latest video to simplify the how and why of adding traits to your listings. Let's start with the why:

Imagine that you want to buy a pair of size 9 blue loafers. If you just type ‘women’s shoes’ into a search bar, you’ll get a couple hundred thousand results. At that point, you would narrow down those results by searching for specific item traits such as brand, color, size, and condition. These traits are what help shoppers find the item they’ve been dreaming of! 

At Bonanza, we use these traits - along with the category you select - to increase visibility for your items. When buyers are browsing through categories, they will be presented with the traits available for each category. They can then use these traits to narrow down their results.

When we send a seller's items to Google Shopping, we also use item traits where possible to match your item up with specific details that Google uses. Sending Google Shopping this extra info helps our sellers' items rank higher in search results.

There are two ways you can add item... (continued)

The Bonanza Seller Playbook

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NFL playbooks are well-known for being extremely detailed. They outline everything imaginable to execute a play of any sort. It is a notebook containing descriptions of all the plays and strategies used by a team. We've created a playbook that outlines everything from starting a new booth to how to manage your existing booth for optimum sales.


Even if you're a seasoned seller, you may see some recommendations and programs or tools in the Playbook that you hadn't noticed. If you're new to Bonanza, welcome to our community! The Seller Playbook is a great way to get started. Relentless simplicity is always our goal when using Bonanza, but there are choices to make and we can help you find the best fit for your business.

  • What advertising level should I choose?
  • What are my shipping options?
  • What is most important when creating a listing?
  • What should I do if Google Shopping disapproves an item?
  • How can I use social media?
  • Can I bring my listings over from another site?

We've got you covered. Our Playbook takes you through the first time you log into your account to activating a listing to making a sale. It teaches you the basics... (continued)

Accurate Delivery Dates Promote Happy Customers

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Last week I talked about Bonanza's discount shipping label program. This week I am following up with tools we've created to clarify delivery times for your customers. You can set up shipping timelines in your Booth Settings to display an accurate delivery date on each of your listings. This is an easy way to meet (or even exceed!) your customer's expectations for their shopping experience.

What is your handling time?

Your handling time is the maximum number of business days between when the item is purchased and when you ship it to the buyer. You can specify this information in advance. It's called "Items ship within" on the "Shipping & returns" page of your Booth Settings. Use it to set the number of days until a buyer should expect to see a tracking number on their order. This information provides clarity for the buyer and saves you both time since they don't have to write to you to ask about their order status.

To give the buyer an estimated delivery date, we add the handling time you entered in the "Items ship within" field to the number of days associated with your shipping method. This delivery estimate is then... (continued)

Discount Shipping Labels

image of packageDid you know we offer a discount shipping label program that makes it possible to purchase and print labels right from Bonanza? We know from talking with our seller community that minimizing busy work and reducing postage fees are equally important to you. That's why we offer this program. It's also why we teamed up with postage provider,, to offer savings of up to 15% below retail USPS pricing.

Significant Value

  • Up to 15% below retail USPS pricing

  • Orders automatically Marked as Shipped and the buyer notified

  • Tracking number added to order automatically

Where can I find the Bonanza postage-printing feature?

First, celebrate your sale! Then, when you view the order in "Items Sold," you’ll see the option as “Buy shipping.” It’s located right next to the links you already use to mark items as shipped. (Screenshot on left)

You can also purchase a shipping label directly from the email you received announcing the new sale. Simply click on the "Purchase Shipping Label" button in the email. (Screenshot on right)

It's as simple as 1..2..3!

We don't want to spoil the joy of having a new sale with the chore of buying postage, so we made it as simple... (continued)

Bonanza Pets have Perks

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Many of us at Bonanza have pets and in the Before Days, we'd often bring them to the office with us. Now, our animal companions are enjoying extra petting, treats , and walks while our team works from home. A perk of working for a marketplace like Bonanza is the opportunity to peruse the booths of our seller community while working on the site. We often find interesting snacks and toys for our furry friends!

I'd like to introduce a few of them today, along with their recommendations for items they love on Bonanza.

Space Ghost

Bill, our CEO, has a beautiful white Turkish Van cat who gets an occasional haircut thanks to allergies in their family.

Left to right: Bill and Space Ghost, Space Ghost, Space Ghost enjoying the smell of hard work, Lunch Break

Space Ghost recommends these products Inaba Churu Chicken with Scallop Recipe Cat Treat, Bug Jar Cat Toy, Cat Trees, and Crocs shoes all found on Bonanza!

Mucca, Tucker, Eiger, and Felix

Greg, VP at Bonanza, has a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, a white lab, and two guinea pigs.

Left to right: Mucca at Bonanza Headquarters, Mucca and Tucker, Tucker... (continued)

Help Videos on Bonanza's YouTube Channel

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At Bonanza, we are always striving to make selling easier. We have some great help pages that cover just about everything, but visual content along with audio can make understanding quicker and easier. What looks complicated with the written word can often be made much simpler when watching the action performed in a video.

Bonanza is so lucky to have Brianna, one of our Happiness Producers, working on a series of video tutorials on our YouTube Channel . Brianna is a superstar on the support team and a self-taught videographer. Many of you may have worked with her if you've ever written to Born and raised in the Evergreen state, she is a life long cat lady, avid online shopper, collector of honey, and graphic novels aficionado.

When asked about her work, Brianna says "Since joining as one of the newer teammates at Bonanza, I've been incredibly impressed by the ways the company continuously strives to provide more tools and resources to help our sellers succeed. One of those tools I have been working on is refreshing our Youtube channel and providing tutorials to correspond with our wonderful help pages! 

We understand that some folks prefer visual aids to help... (continued)

12th Anniversary Recap

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Wow, what a week! We just wrapped up 7 days of celebrating Bonanza's 12th Anniversary yesterday and we wanted to thank everyone who participated and took the time to send well-wishes. We truly do appreciate our amazing, loyal sellers, and we're always striving to help your business thrive.

Annual Membership Sale

A big welcome to all the sellers who purchased a new annual membership during our 25% off sale this past week. Be sure to take a look at your account's Seller Checklist to take advantage of the sales-boosting tools and benefits your membership provides.

The Seller Checklist is a useful, free resource available in all seller accounts that cleverly updates to match the benefits associated with your current membership level. To view your own checklist, click on "Selling" in the top left corner of the page to land on your Selling Dashboard. The checklist will be on the left under the toolbox menu. Click on the green button that reads "View Benefits". If you have any questions about your new membership, our award-winning support team is here to help.

Raffle Winners

We also celebrated our community by hosting a raffle in last week's blog. We asked our... (continued)

12th Anniversary Celebration

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Happy 12th birthday Bonanza! Beginning as a scrappy start-up in 2008, we're now 12 and are so proud of what we've accomplished with our community in making Bonanza your seller-centric online marketplace. We believe that over the years we've shown our true colors. You said it best in last year's raffle contest in which readers were asked to post One word to describe Bonanza in our comment section.

  • Dedicated
  • Diverse
  • Satisfying
  • Opportunity
  • Extraordinary
  • Easy
  • Economical
  • Flexible
  • Friendly
  • Community
  • Reliable

We're blushing, but we also remain 100% committed to living up to those kind words. And now, we have a variety of ways to celebrate with you!

12th Annual Membership Sale

Save big on a membership PLUS increase your sales!

Save an additional 25% off annual Gold, Platinum, and Titan membership subscriptions, now through June 28th.

Sign up now to save on membership-only features designed for professional sellers like you. With no contracts required, what do you have to lose? Don’t miss this opportunity for huge savings on a membership that will benefit your business all year long.

  • Access to live support chat (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titan)
  • Apply discounts as visible markdowns (Gold, Platinum, Titan)
  • Appear in sponsored listing results when... (continued)

Q3/Q4 Priorities

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Hello all, Greg here again! It continues to amaze me at how quickly time flies! It seems like only a few weeks ago when I communicated my learnings and insights as I hit the 90-day threshold here at Bonanza. Now that we're approaching mid-June, I wanted to tell you about some of the improvement opportunities that we have scheduled to work on for the second half of the year.

Our core focus areas in our third and fourth quarters are:

  • Compliance & Fraud Reduction
  • Revenue & Efficiency
  • Community

Here's our roadmap:

  1. Utilize our new Seller Advisory Panel to provide critical insights & guidance on multiple levels of our business and to bring a voice into the development of upcoming strategic planning.
  2. Develop additional payment methods to give our sellers and buyers more choices.
  3. Develop advanced dashboards that assist our Loss/Risk Prevention team in providing additional safeguarding methods to protect our marketplace from unsavory sellers and their negative impact on our business reputation.
  4. Continue to evolve our system to ensure tax compliance for all sellers.
  5. Celebrate BONANZA's 12th ANNIVERSARY (June 22 - June 29) with contests and prizes! Keep an eye out for next week's blog post with more details.
  6. You've... (continued)

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