Bonanza nominated for Startup Deal of the Year

Techflash, Seattle's largest technology / startup blog, is gearing up for their annual award night called 'the Flashies.' And Bonanza is a finalist for the Startup Deal of the Year. We're honored to be included in a list alongside many of Seattle's best companies. Here's the link to the story that announces our nomination.

The winner will be chosen by vote of the people, so if, after careful consideration of the various factors, you see fit to pick a winner, go for it.

28 responses to Bonanza nominated for Startup Deal of the Year

  • fairdeals4u says:
    11/17/10 at 14:19:08

    guess who i voted for???

    ok i tell.. bonz all the way

  • AnnappleBonanza says:
    11/17/10 at 14:23:14

    Thanks for letting us know! Great news. Congrats on being nominated. Just voted!

  • Liquidation says:
    11/17/10 at 14:32:12


  • momspennies says:
    11/17/10 at 14:46:41

    Well be on it like White on Rice!

  • DS520Diecast says:
    11/17/10 at 14:53:40

    My vote is in

  • gingernellscloset says:
    11/17/10 at 15:25:30

    Way to go guys and gals!
    Do I get a vote for each one of my stores?

  • DonutzBazaar says:
    11/17/10 at 15:37:30

    Congratulations Bonz Gang!!
    My vote is in too

  • Starfisher says:
    11/17/10 at 16:57:34

    Congrats on the nomination, just voted!

  • jansfashions says:
    11/17/10 at 16:59:23

    My vote is in as well

  • cdvdmart says:
    11/17/10 at 17:00:36


  • MoldavitePlus says:
    11/17/10 at 17:04:55


  • Queenmum says:
    11/17/10 at 17:25:15

    Bonanza snagged my vote

  • EuropeanGoodies says:
    11/17/10 at 17:32:11


  • DebbiesCorner says:
    11/17/10 at 18:42:50

    Got my vote

  • collectiblecorner says:
    11/17/10 at 18:59:52

    Voted. But wonder about this statement in the article:

    Profitable and growing, the Bill Harding-led startup had refused venture financing throughout its history as it built out its online marketplace for handbags, jewelry and other crafts.

    What happened to everything but the ordinary? Are we now a handbag and jewelry mart?

  • chill02wolfart says:
    11/17/10 at 19:05:54

    Congratulations on being nominated! I just voted

  • bogcandle says:
    11/17/10 at 19:30:53

    Voted for Bonanza! Hope you win!

  • nanassewingcabinet says:
    11/17/10 at 20:28:14

    Great work people! Bonanza is the best.

  • alicesgiftshop says:
    11/17/10 at 21:23:22

    That is great my vote is in.

  • NancysNostalgicDolls says:
    11/17/10 at 23:46:38

    OK, I voted..but are we still a startup? Hmmmmmm…♥

  • fentonfan says:
    11/18/10 at 04:33:23

    Awesome-cast my vote for Bonanza this morning.

  • pepestreasures says:
    11/18/10 at 06:48:33


  • AutumnLeaves says:
    11/18/10 at 07:27:33

    Congrats and well deserved. Of course I voted.

  • AbbysAttic says:
    11/18/10 at 07:57:25

    So how many times can I vote?

  • BookbinEtc says:
    11/18/10 at 08:08:59

    Congratulations on the nomination!

  • spencer455 says:
    11/18/10 at 08:12:53


  • Memaws16 says:
    11/18/10 at 09:16:01

    Voted! Great exposure!

  • miriamkay says:
    11/19/10 at 11:35:00

    I voted too Congrats!

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