Bonanza's 8th Anniversary: Recap

Our anniversary week has come to a close. Thank you for celebrating with us! We are very grateful to have such a loyal and supportive community here at Bonanza.

Did you miss out on on any of our Seller or Staff Spotlights this week? Lucky for you, we've got 'em all here.




              Reilly O'Connor                    James Spence                  Anna Piechowski                       Bill Harding              

West Ninth Vintage          Frog & Bear Creations    American Antique Hardware          DiVASHACK      


Thank you to those of you who participated in our Facebook scavenger hunt! It was a treat to see all the unique items you found on Bonanza. The winners are My Texas Treasures, Louise's Luxuries, and ccmom. Be sure to wish them congratulations!

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses, while eliminating busywork. In the words of our fearless leader, we are confident that hard work and attention to detail will always win in the long run. Thanks for sticking by our side for the past 8 years. We're excited to see what the next 8 have in store!


The Bonanza Team

83 responses to Bonanza's 8th Anniversary: Recap

  • Ferrari thumb128
    Anna8080 says:
    06/21/16 at 17:52:29

    Happy 8th Anniversary we love you

  • Giftmart77 thumb128
    sharsgiftmart says:
    06/21/16 at 18:08:27

    Happy anniversary. It was a great celebration!!

  • Vickie the bamboo lady   sm thumb128
    BambooBeeMe says:
    06/21/16 at 18:17:53

    You Guys are AWESOME!!!!

  • Vegetable labels in a hand 300x225 thumb128
    vincysweet2121 says:
    06/21/16 at 18:18:51

    Keep up the good work, Happy Anniversary!

  • 10450151 10152125812211367 8415112423085811857 n thumb128
    Mottles_Murals_Tiles says:
    06/21/16 at 18:20:45

    Happy Eight Year Anniversary!

  • Weddingamericanproud thumb128
    TheAncientDragon says:
    06/21/16 at 18:23:16

    Congratulations on your 8 Years we will be here your next 8 years I think!

  • Jacobson green top hat thumb128
    somthinspecl says:
    06/21/16 at 18:24:02

    Happy many more.

  • Userpics17
    CoruscateLife says:
    06/21/16 at 18:24:49

    8 yrs

  • Joyce3 thumb128
    JoycesVarietyShop says:
    06/21/16 at 18:29:28


  • Avatar thumb128
    BlueBoy says:
    06/21/16 at 18:36:02

    Congrats… was a long way, eh?

  • Userpics15
    movies_4_u says:
    06/21/16 at 18:41:57

    Congrats – you make e-commerce fun!

  • Ancestorsx 001 thumb128
    nelliegreenkatz says:
    06/21/16 at 18:44:26

    Missed out on the big doings but congratulations! Hoping to continue building my store with you sooner than later!

  • Img 2175139 1437169757 thumb128
    starshinin says:
    06/21/16 at 18:47:06

    CONGRATS AGAIN!! looking at the photo of all the Bonz employees, oh my, How we have grown!!! WTG BoyZ!!!

  • Image thumb128
    ShowOffs says:
    06/21/16 at 18:47:27

    Happy anniversary!

  • 110310 barbierandy ortiz collection 1  thumb128
    DollsForCollectors says:
    06/21/16 at 18:51:59

    Happy 8th Anniversary to the Bonanza Family and Friends. Thank You for everything-Your’re the Best. Keep Up the Good Work Everyone!

  • Img 2868883 1470409350 thumb128
    twogirlpugs says:
    06/21/16 at 19:06:41

    How could it not be a great group. Look at the only dog in the picture. You guys do a great job!

  • Img 4766025 1515373759 thumb128
    bliss_beautyNglitter says:
    06/21/16 at 19:12:58

    The young shall GROW! Happy Anniversary BONANZA! Such a peaceful and cool platform to sell.

  • Img 2440482 1437331318 thumb128
    autolithome says:
    06/21/16 at 19:13:03

    classic operation from people who deal with classics.

  • Rainbow3 thumb128
    Unikrainbow says:
    06/21/16 at 19:17:31

    Great anniversary!!!

  • Image thumb128
    nnnlingerie says:
    06/21/16 at 19:21:26

    Thank you for creating Bonanza! It’s been a great ride. Keep up the good work.

  • Sunset thumb128
    eXtraCoolDeals says:
    06/21/16 at 19:23:20

    Great Job !!

  • 00001 thumb175 thumb175 thumb175 thumb128
    marbosport says:
    06/21/16 at 19:27:34

    Thank you for creating Bonanza!

  •  cid cc9ac912965b4678a64ef42c0ff78b43 barb1 thumb128
    dubbie-du says:
    06/21/16 at 19:37:45

    Way to go!!! Keep it up!

  • Userpics14
    Matis_preferred says:
    06/21/16 at 19:40:50


  • 20140412 212956 resized thumb128
    uniquejewerly says:
    06/21/16 at 19:42:43

    Happy Anniversary and thank you for helping me grow my business!!!

  • Giftbyliz1 pp02 2  thumb128
    giftbyliz says:
    06/21/16 at 19:56:59

    Happy 8 Years Bonanza!!! way to go!

  • Nsc thumb128
    Naturals says:
    06/21/16 at 20:06:37

    Congratulations!!! Keep with the excellent Job : )

  • Userpics17
    LoraineBurdickBazaar says:
    06/21/16 at 20:14:43

    No comment except that Shelly is the Best for info, support and friendliness.

  • Lampshade head ad 1960s cover girl avaitar thumb128
    forsythiahill says:
    06/21/16 at 20:15:23

    Happy 8th! Hoping to do more business on Bonanza in the future, a company w/a good vibe.

  • 1. me sept 2008   thumb128
    Egilpatr says:
    06/21/16 at 20:18:06

    What a great reason to celebrate!! HAPPY!

  • Marioa thumb128
    FantasticFinds2014 says:
    06/21/16 at 20:18:35

    Happy 8th Anniversary! Hopefully many more to come!

  • Img 1926523 1386612891 thumb128
    alchemy2000 says:
    06/21/16 at 20:31:33

    Congratulations. A small team for a big site. The best I’ve worked with to date. Thank you for everything.

  • Affiliates programs thumb128
    jcbargainmart says:
    06/21/16 at 20:38:04

    Congratulations to all of you!!!

    Thank you for creating a unique marketplace that stands out in the e-commerce world. I am proud to be a Bonanza seller and I do hope you guys can keep the great work up.

    I know you work hard every single day to improve Bonanza marketplace and make sure that buyers and sellers have a secure site for all their online transactions.

    I look forward to growing my business on Bonanza.

    Thanks a lot for letting me be part of the Bonanza family.

    Wishing you the best in the years to come,

    JC Bargain Mart (jcbargainmart)

  • One thumb128
    imalu says:
    06/21/16 at 20:44:29

    happy birthdays

  • Dscf4151 thumb128
    irishcoinjewelry says:
    06/21/16 at 22:24:15

    Happy birthday, its been a pleasure my time as a seller here

  •   7 thumb128
    waterlily12 says:
    06/21/16 at 22:25:59

    Happy 8th Anniversary!

  • Gumby   cat thumb128
    sandy7172cat says:
    06/22/16 at 00:15:50

    Happy 8th Anniversary!

  • Userpics16
    ACECamera_Exchange says:
    06/22/16 at 00:55:04

    Happy Anniversary! We’re looking forward to the next 8!

  • Queengallery thumb128
    Queengallery says:
    06/22/16 at 00:58:29

    I wish you to have a great celebration and even greater promotion this year!

  • Genericphotowithhat thumb128
    onemanstreasure16 says:
    06/22/16 at 02:00:03

    Very happy to see Bonanza growing! Hopefully, more buyers and sellers will discover this site.

  • Me thumb128
    borgais says:
    06/22/16 at 03:51:48

    Thank you for creating Bonanza!
    Happy Eight Year Anniversary!

  • Img 2235187 1412407631 thumb128
    e-comven says:
    06/22/16 at 04:42:28

    Great keep it up

  • Dscf0139 thumb128
    maczr1 says:
    06/22/16 at 05:35:22

    Congrats you are doing great for a 8 year old let’s all help build traffic .

  • Tim photo 1 thumb128
    timart22 says:
    06/22/16 at 06:04:22

    Happy 8Th. Here is to many more & growing succes to all

  • Img 2879062 1471214950 thumb128
    ccmom says:
    06/22/16 at 06:04:35


  • Amin3 thumb128
    rangolicollection says:
    06/22/16 at 06:10:07

    Happy 8th Anniversary to the Bonanza Family and Friends, You all doing great job

  • 3 30 14 face lake thumb128
    razorsnmore4u says:
    06/22/16 at 06:14:45

    Happy 8th Anniversary !! Keep up the great work !! We love Bonanza !!!

  • Yorkshire terrier 790361 1280 thumb128
    bonzuser_nvpfd says:
    06/22/16 at 06:15:13


  • Logo natural health mall5 thumb128
    Natural_Health_Mall says:
    06/22/16 at 06:36:21

    Happy 8th Anniversary!!

  • Shabby chic thumb128
    LindasPassions says:
    06/22/16 at 06:39:59

    Happy 8th anniversary.

  • Img 2766185 1462187535 thumb128
    posterbobs says:
    06/22/16 at 06:43:45

    Happy Eighth Anniversary

  • Small littlerustic fb2 thumb128
    LittleRusticSignShop says:
    06/22/16 at 06:51:56

    Happy Anniversary!! Great looking group!!

  • Img 2756765 1466776738 thumb128
    asiaachi76 says:
    06/22/16 at 07:28:39

    Thanks so much for the great job. Thanks for creating this Great e-commerce place and cool platform to sell.

    Congratulations on your 8 Years.
    Happy Anniversary Bonanza!
    Very Happy to be part of the Bonanza and seller here.
    Hopefully, more buyers and sellers will discover this awesome site.
    Wish you all the best
    Happy Eight Year Anniversary Bonanza!

  • Is2.jpg lulu 2.png 2 thumb128
    AuntieLulu says:
    06/22/16 at 07:34:28


  • Bonz profile thumb128
    bharding says in response:
    06/24/16 at 14:46:29

    We were awfully close though, weren’t we? A couple Bonanza membership subscriptions away from being able to clothe the entire team…

  • Sfa 011 001 thumb128
    suejo0101 says:
    06/22/16 at 07:35:37

    Happy Anniversary! My, how Bonanza has grown!!

  • Med italy 2005 rome r 5 402 thumb128
    nco4242 says:
    06/22/16 at 08:59:19

    Happy 8th!!!!

  • Butterflydoily thumb128
    marecrochets says:
    06/22/16 at 09:00:55

    Goin’ strong! Can’t wait until the 10th!

  • G3 thumb128
    Simonian_Saw_Service says:
    06/22/16 at 09:04:18

    Congratulations on your 8 Years here is to another 20

  • 2 thumb128
    ImanJewelers says:
    06/22/16 at 09:24:58


  • Img 2291349 1421012922 thumb128
    dmseeleys says:
    06/22/16 at 09:37:08

    Cograts folks the best to you all. Denny

  • Img 2910841 1473813146 thumb128
    Gold-Angels says:
    06/22/16 at 10:15:24

    Congrats on the 8th Anniversary!Looking forward to the big 10

  • 18.08.2009 060 fc thumb128
    AlpacaAndMore says:
    06/22/16 at 10:23:49

    Congratulation from Peru. How time is running. I remember when I started here to sell before 5 years. You where growing so well in this time. Go on! You make a really good Job.

  • Bookbin avatar thumb128
    BookbinEtc says:
    06/22/16 at 10:43:16

    Happy 8th Anniversary to the Bonanza team and all the sellers.

  • Marilyn thumb128
    BargainBasementStore says:
    06/22/16 at 10:57:19

    Love the puppy.

  • Af9 thumb128
    americanpestsupplies says:
    06/22/16 at 11:04:24

    Congrats on 8 years in the marketplace. We like selling our products on Bonanza.
    We also like your great customer service!

    Best regards,

    The Team @ American Pest Supplies

  •   7 thumb128
    munchausen says:
    06/22/16 at 11:47:08

    Neat dog.
    Congratulations, Bonanza Team.

  • Img 2381254 1432255482 thumb128
    Neatgifts4u says:
    06/22/16 at 13:43:49

    Happy Anniversary And thank you for your site.

  • Img 2836767 1467831134 thumb128
    Harry_Books says:
    06/22/16 at 15:39:19

    Happy 8th to all.
    How can I get a Bonanza t-shirt 4xl for my master. Thanks for letting me in. (In the pic is Baby Girl.)

  • Dsc 3052 1small thumb128
    Violin06 says:
    06/22/16 at 16:15:44

    Happy 8th Anniversary And thank you all .

  •   7 thumb128
    DirectSalesKing says:
    06/22/16 at 16:16:55

    Happy Anniversary! I’m newer to Bonanza but I really like it. It is good to have other players in this space besides Amazon and eBay.

  • Nikki2 thumb128
    barnyard_critters says:
    06/22/16 at 17:37:34

    How can we get t-shirts like that?!?! Those are pretty cool and would help us advertise… Also, what happened to my Early Adopter Badge? It was there then gone the next day. :(

  • Bonz sign square thumb128
    BonanzaGrace says in response:
    06/23/16 at 09:30:08

    Hey there!
    Thanks for your kind words. You can purchase Bonanza swag in our merch booth:

    The Early Adopter badge was sent out prematurely. Sorry for the confusion and the excitement. That badge is not yet ready for prime time. Stay tuned for the “official” release of this and other badges and know that we have cyber love for all of you!

  • Image thumb128
    T_SHIRTS_KINGS says:
    06/22/16 at 19:11:37

    Happy Anniversary! Love you all!! This is what family is all about…

  • Cell city thumb128
    Cell_Phone_City says:
    06/22/16 at 19:13:41

    Thumbs up!!!!!!

  • Collage thumb128
    Weasels_Herbs says:
    06/22/16 at 20:28:41

    Happy Anniversary for Bonanza Team!

  • Collage thumb128
    Weasels_Herbs says:
    06/22/16 at 20:30:06

    Happy 8th Anniversary for Bonanza

  • Kostas 250x250jpeg thumb128
    savemoneyonline says:
    06/23/16 at 04:11:27

    You Guys are Heroes

  • 67879 101625073341800 885926144 n thumb128
    trevor24 says:
    06/23/16 at 05:21:57


  • Img 1049 thumb128
    Mharmer1964 says:
    06/23/16 at 13:53:56

    Looking foward to the next 8

  • Img 4412 thumb128
    MomentsInThyme says:
    06/23/16 at 15:51:52

    Thank you for the best selling site. I appreciate all the hard work from each and everyone one of you, as it takes a professional team to pull it all together to deliver a terrific website to both the buyer and seller. Let’s see it get even better over the next 8 years. Cheers to 8!

  • Img 2180747 1407000937 thumb128
    your2Nd_Home says:
    06/23/16 at 18:39:00

    Keep up the good work, Happy Anniversary!

  • Userpics16
    perumala7654 says:
    06/24/16 at 00:49:04

    Happy anniversary

  •   d bemgb3u   kgrhgoh ceejllly3ccbklys kkcw   7 thumb128
    Ezmod_Furniture says:
    06/24/16 at 09:08:02

    Happy Anniversary, Bonanza! <3

  • Fishing bridge x thumb128
    SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    06/24/16 at 13:50:05

    Happy Anniversary to my friends at Bonanza! You guys rock!

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