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Launching a feature twice, means
we get to celebrate twice!

It’s been just a couple of months since we launched our Digital Downloads feature for Bonanza Platinum Pro merchants. Since then, our seller community has offered some great feedback and made it clear that demand for the feature stretched far beyond our “full-time seller" contingent.

In fact, many sellers said they could move a whole heap of virtual merchandise (you might say, "mega bits") if only the digital sales channel was available to all membership levels. It seems that everybody wants a "byte" of the action.

MyTexasTreasures said: “Would it be possible to offer it to all sellers, but with a higher final value fee which would offset the cost? I can see tremendous potential in this, but would like to see it available to all Bonanza sellers.”

TheHotAttic said: "I can already sell my PDFs on another site without having to pay a monthly fee for any membership."

SunflowerAntics said: "As a buyer, I have purchased MANY times patterns and craft books via this instant download product availability (from other sites). I prefer this over having to WAIT for the paper product in the mail.”

You know what? We agree. Today, we’re happy to announce that the Digital Downloads feature is now available to all Bonanza sellers, regardless of membership level. Even if you don't have a paid membership, you can still take this premium selling feature for a test drive with 10 free digital listings per booth. Pro Members get more storage space and more free digital listings - for example, Gold Pro members can create up to 500 digital listings in their booth.

So whether you sell ebooks, software, sewing patterns, or any other digital good you can dream up, Bonanza will help you bring those dreams to your customers - quickly and automatically.

To summarize:

  • Digital Downloads now available to all Bonanza sellers
  • Non-Pro members can try it with 10 digital listings - Pro members can list even more
  • Digital freaks can list an unlimited number of downloadable items with our Titan membership

Thank you for all the great feedback you’ve given us on this feature. We’re excited about providing this new, high-margin revenue stream to all our Bonanza merchants. Visit our How To List Digital Goods page for more information on setting up your own Digital Download listings.

Happy (digital) selling!

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