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You are not required to have a paid membership subscription in order to sell on Bonanza, however, our memberships offer a variety of premium tools and resources that can help sellers drive traffic to their booth and keep shoppers browsing their goods. Sellers can gain access to Google Analytics to better analyze their business, set custom booth sort orders so their seasonal items are promoted at the top of their booth homepage, and receive monthly TurboTraffic, just to name a few of the added benefits associated with the memberships.

Here's a summary of features associated with each of the membership levels so that you can pick the best fit for your business needs:



All of the features noted above, plus:


All of the features noted above, plus:


All of the features noted above, plus:

Titan Ad

All of the features noted above, plus:

Enroll now and start reaping the benefits of these extra sales-boosting features!


Check out all of the paid membership subscription details here! If you have any other questions our support team is always ready to help. Bonus: members who are subscribed to the Silver level and higher can reach our team via live chat, as well! 

11 responses to Get Extra Features with a Membership!

  • jewelrymandave says:
    08/18/20 at 14:03:12

    When you only make a couple sales a year om Bonanza but make daily sales on other platforms, it is difficult to get excited about “extra features” here at Bonanza.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    08/19/20 at 12:49:09

    Hi jewelrymandave! Thanks for checking out the blog and taking the time to comment. You’ve done a good job with the images of your jewelry and you have perfect five-star feedback after having been with Bonanza since 2009!
    Memberships are completely optional, but they can pay for themselves in increased sales for some, but not all, businesses. As a seller-centric marketplace we work to have options for all types of sellers.
    I noticed that your beautiful jewelry is new, but some of the listings have “New Without Tags” as a condition trait. Google Shopping translates that condition to “Used” in their ads, which may slow views and sales. If you add a tag to your items you can edit the condition to “New with Tags”. Here’s one of those listings: You can check all of your listings by going to Batch Edit and select “Search Optimize”. If you have any questions our support team is always available to provide assistance.

  • LisasTreasures4U says:
    08/18/20 at 17:29:52

    Thank you for sharing.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    08/19/20 at 12:50:16

    You’re very welcome, LisasTreasures4U!

  • WalterC403 says:
    08/18/20 at 17:43:00

    I was not able to make sales when I was not a member. I became a member and paid the outrageous fees and still not able to make sales. am honestly disappointed.

    BonanzaJudy says in response:
    08/19/20 at 12:56:22

    Hi, WalterC403,

    I am sorry to hear sales have not met the expectations. No membership alone is going to increase sales. The membership provides tools and features to help a seller better brand their booth, product lines, user name to name a few. In order to give those features and tools a fair shake, they need to be configured and set up.

    Support will be happy to help by providing information on how to configure the features and tools available with your membership. Shoot a message to support and ask them to help you!

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    08/19/20 at 13:37:33

    Hi WalterC403! Thanks for your feedback. The memberships come with unique and exclusive features for sellers to use to promote views and sales. If you click on the Gold Membership icon in your booth you will see a seller checklist of those features for you to use. After each feature, you will see a link to “Try it Now”. Take a look! If you need any help just let us know. I will also reach out to you by email to explore additional ways to optimize your booth!

  • AtoZoutlet says:
    08/19/20 at 05:19:15

    Thank you for the information. This is very useful.

    BonanzaJudy says in response:
    08/19/20 at 12:56:49

    HI AtoZoutlet!

    You are most welcome! Glad the info in helpful!

  • hubbardstoncandle says:
    08/20/20 at 09:59:53

    I have to agree with others that after purchasing a membership (gold in my case) I was expecting more sales (only a sale here and there). I looked and we are not even getting more item views. We sell a lot on other platforms. Not sure if it makes sense to pay for a membership next year as we are doing just as well without one.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    08/25/20 at 12:10:50

    Hi hubbardstoncandle! Thanks for your comment. Your listings look great, and there is TurboTraffic running in your booth. With an excellent product like yours could the descriptions be enhanced? Could you add keywords for other uses for the wax melts, such as wedding favors, drawer fresheners, etc? Just a thought!

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