Good news followed by great news!

Lots of great news from Bonanza headquarters.  First, Bill decided that no one is going to eat the case of Fig Newtons (aka mini bricks) he bought from Costco and we have finally been given the green light to remove them from our snack cache at the office and hand them out as Christmas gifts to unsuspecting family members.  That means that there is a Costco delivery in our future and a potential riot at my house on Christmas morning.  Woo Hoo!    

The other good news is that there are some serious sales happening on Bonanza but you already know that.  November numbers smashed last year and December is shaping up to be a humdinger of a month, by a wide margin!  No doubt, those who are taking advantage of our Google Shopping Advertising Program are realizing many sales, but another great stat from this holiday season is that Bonanza is seeing a 60%+ increase in direct visitors over last year!  A direct visitor is a visitor who comes to Bonanza directly vs a search engine or referral link or other non direct source.  In short, shoppers are remembering where to go to find "Everything but the Ordinary" and more and that is a very good thing!  

Now I know you are asking yourself how in the world can this get better?  Well let me tell you, it is about to get a whole lot better. Just today, after four long years of countless emails and tons of work, our very own CEO Bill Harding has confirmed with Google that Bonanza's' sellers feedback ratings are now visible in Google Shopping (Attaboy Bill)!  Referred to as "Google Shopping Performance (reviews)," this is the biggest factor in Google Shopping performance so good times are indeed upon us.  

According to Google's help center article, "For Google Shopping star ratings to appear, your business must have at least 30 unique seller reviews (on Bonanza), each from the past 12 months."  For sellers who do not meet that criteria, do not fret we have a game plan.  We are going to be more aggressive on our side to ensure the process of leaving feedback is as easy as it can possibly be for your buyers.  As we learn more you can be assured that we will update you.  Not ones to sit idle, we also have a few other initiatives that we are working on to give you even more visibility online, details to follow when they become available.

Shoppers are not going to see your seller ratings (or your items in Google Shopping) unless you are advertising in Google Shopping via Bonanza so what are you waiting for? To get started advertising, go to your "Sell on Bonanza > Advertise items" page.  

You can also learn more about our Google Advertising program here




29 responses to Good news followed by great news!

  • yippykiyea says:
    12/12/12 at 23:58:38

    Love it! Anything that will give buyers added peace of mind in shopping here is a good thing. It also rewards good sellers which is an added bonus. I’ve noticed a real uptick in my sales these last few months here on Bonanza. This year I have already made twice the sales I did last year! This is fun!

    I noticed another fun thing in my daily emails I get from Bonanza on my “saved search list” I copied it and would appreciate knowing more about it (like when was it instituted, what is the prize, etc) here is what the bottom of the emails say..

    “Your Saved Search lotto number is ixgkcl45le. Sorry, this email is not an instant winner. Keep an eye on future emails to win a random item from within the email you received. "

  • katrinastoys says:
    12/13/12 at 00:32:04

    Hey, I really like the new feature in SOLD view that lets gives me an area to keep notes on each sale!
    This helps bunches! Thanks!
    Bonanza just keeps getting better!

  • AbbysAttic says:
    12/13/12 at 01:43:39

    Well I was wondering just how these reviews would appear. Then I scrolled down. Great improvement. Loved being the example. Looking forward to more and more.

  • HavensRainbow says:
    12/13/12 at 07:01:50

    Great news!! Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad to know that there is an increase like this in the amount of direct visitors. It sure is what we’ve all been working so hard for. I like the idea of our rating showing in GS. One day I’m sure I’ll have enough to show there

  • Tortuga says:
    12/13/12 at 07:57:58

    Sales have been great this last few weeks! Wonderful! Lets keep up the momentum

  • BookbinEtc says:
    12/13/12 at 08:59:06

    I like this! I hope we can get more buyers to start leaving f/b, without nagging them, to keep us currently showing in GS ratings.

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    12/13/12 at 10:43:19

    Isn’t the feedback you are showing the feedback that Google Wallet collects from the buyer after the sale? I don’t believe it is the feedback from Bonanza that will be shown.

    Another concern I have (not to be negative) but we are putting a LOT of effort into Google right now, and so is Bing. I noticed an ad Bing has out showing that you can not trust Google search engine because what you find on Google is paid advertising. Bing says it is not rated as good as on it’s search engine because the Sellers PAID to be there – Bing is promoting “beware buyers!” when you use Google to search and buy.

    This has me concerned. This last year I got rid of all my Google products (Wallet, Google+, Profile…etc.) because of privacy issues on the net.

    What do you think?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    12/13/12 at 11:02:20

    From what I understand, the reviews are snippets from Bonanza and Google Checkout. Clicking through on the example posted above takes me to Bonanza’s feedback page.

    We have always put a lot of effort into Google (sometimes more than others) because lets face it, Google produces results. We are all about getting our sellers results, and sales. That said, we are definitely focused on the big picture and we have learned all to well about putting all of our eggs into one basket (thanks to Google) so that is why stats like a 60%+ increase in direct traffic are so encouraging.

    Re: Bing vs. Google. They are competitors and they are both competing in the same space so keep that in mind when you are viewing an ad sponsored by the competing company.

    So to answer your question about what I think, I think you should do what is best for your business and if sales are best for your business then I would utilize the tools we have to get you sales, Google Advertising included

  • BookbinEtc says:
    12/13/12 at 11:03:39

    Kim, it isn’t GW feedback. I don’t take the wallet, as that’s only for US sellers, and I have f/b showing.

    You can stop Google from sharing your stuff and saving your history. Go to and remove your search history. That prevents all your stuff being available on all your accounts; although that may not help with your situation, maybe someone else can use it.

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    12/13/12 at 11:17:32

    Thanks Mark! I am taking advantage of Google Advertising and I will admit, it is really helping in my views!

    Thanks for the comment back…I really appreciate you and Bill and all that you do and take what you say to be very informed and knowledgeable – why? – because you are on the front line looking out for us and the Bonanza Community!

    @Bookbin – THAT is great info to know! That our feedback is being taken from Bonanza! That is where it should be coming from – THUMBS UP!

    I’m so GLAD I made a comment earlier – you ALL are so helpful! I feel I’m learning something new EVERY DAY from my community here on Bonanza.

  • bharding says:
    12/13/12 at 14:35:38

    Hot dog!!! Great news, love that I even got a link to my profile in the blog!

  • SharsBoutique says:
    12/13/12 at 16:56:03

    This is great news and all, but are you still working on making the last feature (Shipping Time Estimate) to where it works for everyone? (i.e. free shipping)

  • momspennies says:
    12/13/12 at 18:39:29

    Just curious, when I look at my listings on GPS, I am only seeing 30 reviews. I presently have 397 all Bonanza Feedback (for 2099 transactions) so I’m wondering why it only shows 30. It can’t be category based because I have sold hundreds in this category. And it can’t be just for that particular style because it shows the same amount of reviews for All listings on GPS. Also, It can’t be because I have only had 30 reviews in the past year, because that wouldn’t be correct either….. Any idea’s? Still, Love this new feature and glad to see Google Has implemented it for us. I am not seeing the option showing for other venues though so there must have been some connection between Bonanza and Google to bring this about. Thank you so much for always trying to stay ahead of the curve. We really appreciate the efforts~

    bonanzamark says in response:
    12/13/12 at 21:03:08

    This just rolled out yesterday so it might be a while before Google crawls our site completely and shows all available feedback.

  • Sofy'sSeasonal says:
    12/13/12 at 20:37:44

    Any idea on how long before the stars do appear on google? Never mind I see it shows on some items

  • HavensRainbow says:
    12/13/12 at 21:26:26

    I’m not sure how it works, but I took a look at list view rather than grid view in Google shopping and I’ve got some listings (not all) showing up as 7 reviews. I’m happy just to see some action going on in there with reviews for me. Thanks!!!

  • UknowUneedAnother says:
    12/14/12 at 02:21:17

    Sounds GREAT!

  • FrogAndBearCreations says:
    12/14/12 at 11:52:28

    Thats really great for those that show up there!

  • MoldavitePlus says:
    12/14/12 at 16:29:54

    Quick question about feedback. Is it against Bonanza policy to offer a discount on a future purchase for leaving feedback? What about offering it specifically for positive feedback? Thanks! And if anyone has any other ideas, I’m sure we’d all love to here them while we wait for what Bonanza has up their sleeves.

    bonanzamark says in response:
    12/16/12 at 09:28:37

    As far as I know it should be fine to offer incentives to your buyer to leave feedback. Giving incentives for a specific type of feedback (positive) would defeat the purpose of feedback so that would not be something we would suggest. For our part we will be looking for opportunities to make it easier for buyers to leave feedback.

  • Yettalass says:
    12/14/12 at 22:49:15

    Great news. I have had a good year on Bonanza and know it will only get better. Thanks for all you do to make it such a great place to be.

  • chestoftreasures says:
    12/15/12 at 11:42:22

    I love the idea, but only about 1/4 to 1/3 of my customers leave feedback.

  • ilovecrystals says:
    12/15/12 at 14:02:03

    What is so amazing to me is that we have our items showing up on Google shopping and some of the reviews show up as well, not all of them but some…Yet we are not signed up for google shopping. Guess we have some luck going on here for now.

    Bonanza, through all the changes, everything just keeps getting better and easier. Way to go on all your hard work and brilliant ideas. They are starting to pay off.

  • ttishere says:
    12/16/12 at 02:16:58

    Hi and goodmorning all my friends at bonanza. I would like like to say that my new store is now open and I have some great items I’m home decor ready. You really should check my store out for great candleholders. And all my items are at reasonable prices. I add new products everyday, so if your serious about great products check it out at www.bonanza/booths/ttishere. Hurry

  • millie02 says:
    12/16/12 at 03:06:17

    I have just joined this website and I am looking forward to finding lots of great things to buy.

  • MoldavitePlus says:
    12/16/12 at 21:24:56

    Thanks Mark!

  • kenoticket says:
    12/17/12 at 08:59:04

    In the blog it says –
    “For Google Shopping star ratings to appear, your business must have at least 30 unique seller reviews (on Bonanza), each from the past 12 months.”

    Buyers hardly leave feedback. If I go back 12 months, I’ve had 138 sales and 24 of those left feedback.

    Maybe Bonz could add a feedback catagory that would give a positive rating if no complaints come in within 30 days after a sale. Maybe put some type of statement on the buyers checkout page that unless they check a box saying not to do this that it will be done for them.

  • SilverCrowLady says:
    12/17/12 at 14:05:12

    This would be great if only buyers would leave feedback. I get almost no feedback even tho I give buyers positive feedback and request same if they are happy with their purchases. No one has ever complained to me about their purchases but the feedback just doesn’t get left even with the reminder email.

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    12/19/12 at 06:48:42

    I’m with kenoticket – after 30 days, if no feedback is given – it is assumed that it was possitive and the Seller gains.

    This year has really been good in NEW buyers from the net, but they are not coming back to give feedback. There surely is a system that can be generated to complete these transactions…unless that is against Google rules.

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