Hi, I'm Christopher!

Howdy, Bonanzlers!

Cute, but not mine.It’s time to introduce another new face around the ranch. My name is Christopher Thomas, and I have just finished my first week as Bonanzle’s official User Experience Designer. That means I’m working with Alex and the rest of the Bonanzle team to make sure that Bonanzle sellers and buyers have an enjoyable experience as they interact with the site.

A few weeks ago my wife and I packed up everything we own and drove from one side of the country to the other, moving from eastern Pennsylvania to Seattle. Along the way we picked up some fried cheese curds in Wisconsin, dropped in on the Minnesota State Fair, got a speeding ticket in North Dakota, and sat in awe of the emptiness of Montana.

Before the big move I worked with Alex on some of the changes you’ve seen around the site, my favorite of which is the reworking of the search results pages and the handy search filters we added there. As we grow and make Bonanzle a better place to buy and sell, you’ll see more of my handiwork and hopefully find yourself saying things like, “Wow, that new feature made life so much easier!”

Outside of the office I love making music (I’ve been playing drums for 15 years or so), re-watching episodes of LOST, wearing hoodies, and making my wife roll her eyes at my bad jokes. I was told that if I had a dog or kids I could potentially get some instant brownie points in the Bonanzle community. Sadly, I have neither.

I’m pumped to be here at Bonanzle! Let’s make great things happen!

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  • DakotaGold says:
    09/17/10 at 11:46:36

    Hi Christopher!

    Too bad you didn’t tavel a bit south and come through South Dakota. Had you done so, you may have avoided that ticket.

    Besides, South Dakota has cooler stuff to see than our sister to the north.

  • loristhisandthat says:
    09/17/10 at 12:03:47

    Welcome Chris! Enjoy your new home on the west coast

    BTW Beautiful children and dog even tho they are not yours!

  • SharsBoutique says:
    09/17/10 at 12:13:01

    Welcome, Chris! Can’t wait to see all of your new ideas.

  • gingernellscloset says:
    09/17/10 at 12:15:42

    Well you have the wife and you are a Lost fan so get a cat and we will fall in love with ya!

  • sofyblu2 says:
    09/17/10 at 12:17:28

    Welcome Christopher we’ll let you slide on the pets and kids till you get settled in

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    09/17/10 at 12:21:31

    Welcome Christopher!
    Glad your trip was safe, too bad about the ticket (don’t forget to pay).
    Hope you settle in just fine – and don’t forget to shop for some RAIN GEAR, may I suggest my place of choice to shop while in Seattle (or any other location) is Bonanzle.com!

  • EuropeanGoodies says:
    09/17/10 at 12:23:22

    Welcome Christopher!!
    No pets or kids needed – LOL

  • collecthappy says:
    09/17/10 at 12:27:18

    Hi Christopher!! Came to see who you were all about, and you might get a brownie point from the wife if you had one or the other….hint….
    Best wishes in the new home, and new life!!

  • permacrisis says:
    09/17/10 at 12:38:52

    Keep your code lean mean and fast and you will have a fan for life. Your enemy is not a competing site, it is the Intel Atom netbook processor.

    You have been warned.

    Keep it real mah man

  • TxSTar1953 says:
    09/17/10 at 12:42:35

    Howdy Christopher! Its great to see another super talented member on the team. Let’s make Bonanzle the best shopping site on the planet.

    Welcome and Good Luck to you and your family.

  • driver211 says:
    09/17/10 at 12:45:00

    Welcome Chris, As a mom and grandma, a dog is cheaper!! LOL

    PS Those just HAD to be the best cheese curds ever right?


  • SockHopShop says:
    09/17/10 at 14:04:16

    Welcome, Chris! If you decide you need a dog or a kid, I can lend ya mine… fast!

  • topherbook says:
    09/17/10 at 14:05:46

    Hi, everyone! Thanks for the kind welcome!

    I should mention that I actually do go by the longer-than-convenient “Christopher” rather than “Chris”. But all the same, I appreciate the welcome comments!

  • debdoll says:
    09/17/10 at 14:30:41

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve.

  • littleroses says:
    09/17/10 at 14:45:34

    Welcome Christopher.
    Everyone should suffer… I mean enjoy having kids, dogs, and cats. Maybe when you get settled.

    Good Luck in your new job.

  • jacksplace says:
    09/17/10 at 14:53:19

    Welcome to the Ranch!

  • chill02wolfart says:
    09/17/10 at 15:04:41

    Welcome, Christopher; great to have you join the Bonanzle Team! Loved your Bio; you’re pretty humorous too (like the other guys around here)LOL!

    I wish you the best as you get settled in. You’re on an excellent site, where they care about their Customers (Seller, Buyers, everyone alike).


  • J7339 says:
    09/17/10 at 15:16:33

    From all the way in Aussieland, Christopher welcome and I hope you have a great time here on Bonanzle.

  • AutumnLeaves says:
    09/17/10 at 15:26:42

    Welcome Christopher, you’re going to love it here.

  • RM1Gordon says:
    09/17/10 at 15:35:39

    Welcome Christopher

  • momspennies says:
    09/17/10 at 15:45:57

    Well Christopher,
    I guess you’d best get working on that kid and dog, because they are what makes life truly special…(You’ll find out once you do.)

    Anyway, welcome to the crew! I know that was a long ride…went from New Jersey to Nevada once and will never forget it. I hope to do it again too in the future~

    Warmest welcome and best wishes to you and your wife.

  • AnnappleBonanza says:
    09/17/10 at 16:00:36

    Welcome Christopher Thomas!
    Good luck settling into your new home. I’m sure the Bonanzle Community will make the transition a smooth one. Glad to have you here.

  • Griffengarb says:
    09/17/10 at 16:06:39

    Hi Christopher and wife, You teamed up with some good people! Welcome to Bonanzle. Yes – you will need some rain gear up there….
    Cats are KOOL!

  • froggieb says:
    09/17/10 at 16:56:23

    Welcome Christopher. I am sure I am not alone in looking forward to seeing great changes on bonanzle from you and the rest of the team! Dogs and kids are optional! Mine kids are grown but the dog is just a pup!

  • ladivafashion says:
    09/17/10 at 16:58:21

    Hi Christopher,

    My home state is PA, and I have made the trip westward to Cali 3 times. I wouldn’t trade those trips for anything, have always loved the adventure!

    Welcome to Bonanzle, we are glad you’re here!

  • Queenmum says:
    09/17/10 at 16:59:48

    Welcome Christopher!

    Once you get settled in and used to the quirky humor here, you’re gonna fit right in.

  • DS520Diecast says:
    09/17/10 at 17:02:30

    Welcome Christopher! Yeah, Montana has’t been the same since I left in 1972.

  • deniseboutique says:
    09/17/10 at 17:24:32

    welcome christoper welcome to bonanzle glad you are here

  • joestreasures says:
    09/17/10 at 17:40:21

    Hi and welcome. I like your Disclaimer….lol

  • GINGERH1003 says:
    09/17/10 at 17:48:42

    Welcome Christopher….anyone that plays the drums and loves music can’t be too bad….Glad you are here…

  • starshinin says:
    09/17/10 at 17:54:36

    Welcome to our family. gonna be quite a change in weather for ya from e. pa to seattle..but u’s with an awesome group…am happy to have ya with us…
    ummm ya better let us know when u get the puppy and chitlins too

  • RayvensRarities says:
    09/17/10 at 18:07:24

    We have enough pets here that you could adopt some and we’d still have plenty

  • FabFinds says:
    09/17/10 at 19:17:12

    Hi Christopher! and a Big Welcome from Canada.

  • bluepennylady says:
    09/17/10 at 20:27:16

    Hi Christopher.

    Welcome to Bonanzle. How totally cool! Isn’t Montana just unbelievable!


  • zanderbooks says:
    09/17/10 at 22:02:23

    Welcome on board, Christopher!! Love your sense of humor and high energy . . . sounds like it’s a perfect fit with the Bonanzle Team! Looking forward to seeing your handiwork and exclaiming WTNFMLSME!!

  • bookbrowzers says:
    09/18/10 at 00:34:18

    Hiya, Christopher…welcome to the Ranch! Wow, that’s a lotta miles to travel to make it here but we’re so glad you made it! Now grab a blanket and a beverage and settle in…

    we’ll be callin’ on ya soon!!

  • polzar says:
    09/18/10 at 01:36:45

    Hi Chris… You’re another welcomed addition to the Bonanzle team. I wish you all the best the ranch has to offer.

  • n3rd_n3twork says:
    09/18/10 at 02:45:36

    Welcome aboard Christopher!

  • ChristinesTreasure says:
    09/18/10 at 03:45:42

    Welcome Christopher! So glad to have you join the Bonanzle team!

  • junesart says:
    09/18/10 at 05:12:24

    Glad to have ya…

  • UknowUneedAnother says:
    09/18/10 at 06:01:16

    Welcome aboard!!!
    I gave you major “brownie points” for your choice of pics and the disclaimer. Maybe, … ‘borrowed kids and pets’ will work just as well.

  • granny7x says:
    09/18/10 at 07:43:47

    Welcome Christopher..happy to have you aboard..

  • trustblue127 says:
    09/18/10 at 08:25:06

    Welcome Christopher. Good luck in your new position with Bonanzle. I’m back from vacation on a 1,553 mile trip from Western PA, to Boston, Mass. Speeding was involved, but no tickets. I’m ready to do business again, and I hope your work can help with sales for all of us.
    Good Luck,

  • CoinsYouWant says:
    09/18/10 at 08:42:36


  • adammas says:
    09/18/10 at 09:13:10

    Hi Christopher I am Leticia nice to meet you.

  • Laboutiquefrancais says:
    09/18/10 at 09:59:26

    Welcome Christopher, can’t wait to see what you have up your hoodie

  • Indizona says:
    09/18/10 at 10:49:00

    LOL! Enjoyed your post!! Welcome Christopher and thanks for your hard work to make life easier for us!!

  • BargainBasement says:
    09/18/10 at 10:56:37

    Welcome Christopher! If you would like to be on the Look who’s having a birthday today Bonanzle birthday list (day, not year), let me know.

  • Alilbirdy2 says:
    09/18/10 at 11:47:23

    I’m late to the party, Welcome to Bonanzle

  • sandy7172cat says:
    09/18/10 at 12:04:07

    Welcome to Bonanzle Christopher! That’s quite the move! Good luck with your new venture!

  • Starfisher says:
    09/18/10 at 15:32:22

    Hi Christopher,
    Welcome to Bonanzle. I look forward to seeing the creative ideas you will bring. This month on the 26th it will be my 2nd year anniversary here on Bonanzle. There have been many changes in that time and I am anticipating more wonderful improvements to this site. It is the only place I sell.
    Best to you and your wife in your new venture.
    Jan (Starfisher)

  • shellbysbooth says:
    09/18/10 at 15:37:33

    Welcome to Bonanzle ! And someone has great looking kids and a dog ! Good choice !

  • yeshuazgirl says:
    09/18/10 at 15:47:34

    Hello Christopher! Welcome! Good To Have You Aboard! User Interface and User Experience Are Crucial Aspects Of Any Site’s Success
    Patti (Yeshuazgirl)
    THE Eco-Chic Boutique

  • Casperloveslola says:
    09/18/10 at 16:31:51

    Welcome Christopher! Glad to see a fresh face around

  • SherAhnn says:
    09/18/10 at 17:36:38

    Welcome Christpher ! Anything you can do to make our buyers enjoy their shopping experience is a plus and hope you also enjoy working with all of us.


  • MONTROSE says:
    09/18/10 at 18:26:52

    Hi, I’m MONTROSe!

  • Must_Have_It says:
    09/18/10 at 18:27:40

    Welcome “Christopher”~~!!! If you’ll work on having my PayPal Invoices show a Breakdown of Item Prices & Shipping… then you can skip the kids and dog or cat. I’ll Love You.
    My customers find it very confusing when they buy 3 or 4 items from me and their PayPal Invoice only shows a $TOTAL. Yes, they do complain to me. Thanks for your help. Dianne~

  • Haleybug_Boutique says:
    09/18/10 at 18:40:54

    Welcome to the Bonanzle Team Christopher!

  • midfield_john says:
    09/18/10 at 22:27:23

    Welcome Christopher. Hope you enjoyed your cheese curds! This is quite a leap of faith for you and your wife, and I hope you enjoy your work at Bonanzle.

  • Lisas_TX_Treasures says:
    09/18/10 at 22:51:12

    Welcome Christopher! Wishing you all the best, to you..and your family.

    Glad to have you!

  • calicoseas says:
    09/19/10 at 01:30:21

    Welcome, Christopher! Looks like your quick wit and clever sense of humor will be a great match with Bill, Mark, et all in Seattle! Right now, I’m imagining a wellspring of creative ideas bouncing back and forth within the walls of that office! Glad you and your wife took that leap, and remember, we’re all swimming right along with you.

  • paws4critters says:
    09/19/10 at 02:06:53

    Howdy & welcome, Christopher! Don’t worry ’bout the pet thing; I got enuff critters to go around! lol

    All the critters require is that you stop by and pet them once in a while. They keep the place here at Bonanzle, well, fuzzy… and well licked! Don’t mind the hissy fits; the cats just try to establish a hierarchy from time to time. The dogs will always offer a warm, wet welcome so long as you bring them goodies from any drive thru window!
    The Critter Gang

  • memaw7 says:
    09/19/10 at 08:18:35

    Hi Christopher! Maybe we can learn the ropes together! Wishing you much success with Bonanzle.

  • pugs says:
    09/19/10 at 11:54:50

    Welcome to the site, we are happy to have you as part of the family.

  • maddog1122 says:
    09/19/10 at 13:28:05

    ji christopher, welcome to the messages
    one design feature would be to have a easier wayt o reply to the forumns, I stillhavent been able to find how to reply or to post a new discussion. I also tried to list that i was having a charity sale on all my incense listed, but i can not find the listing on the forumns anywhere. Could you please either email me or have alex or someone else explaint o me how to get to the forums and how to post events thanks

  • miriamkay says:
    09/19/10 at 14:24:27

    You can borrow mine if the Boyz push the issue on the kids and dogs. Hehehe

  • Foxy_Lady_Boutique says:
    09/19/10 at 15:37:21

    Welcome to the Bonanzle Family “Christopher”.

  • shots&more says:
    09/19/10 at 15:39:12

    I love it here so much I have 2 Booths… and the other me felt left out… so I had to say hello twice!!!

    ~ Mariah

  • NopalitasShop says:
    09/19/10 at 17:23:25

    Welcome Christopher, Good luck with your new job!

  • CindyBear says:
    09/19/10 at 18:27:55

    Hi Christopher and welcome!
    Saw the name and thought “why is my brother on a bonanzle page?”…lol
    Good Luck

  • CritterCreekRanch says:
    09/19/10 at 22:19:50

    Howdy Christopher Welcome to the Ranch, when you are ready for a pet let me know I have 16 goats and I need to get rid of 2 please!
    Glad to have you on board

  • pieper says:
    09/20/10 at 08:41:18

    What???? You bypassed our beautiful, breathtaking Rockies? Sounds like an exciting trip, nonetheless…and believe me, be glad you didn’t make that trip with kids or a pet! Welcome.

  • STBThreadworks says:
    09/20/10 at 10:09:15

    Hi, Christopher, welcome. Beautiful kids, great dog. I remember moving here in 1988, my first view of Mt. Rainier. Then Mt. Baker. Then St. Helens and Mt. Hood. Lots of big mountains here. Lots to do when your head fogs up with work!

  • renagade says:
    09/20/10 at 18:44:43

    Like I did for all the new techies – You have a welcome waiting for you on my blog ..

  • sonsandie1507 says:
    09/22/10 at 13:58:30

    Welcome Christopher! Hope you love your new job!

  • yippykiyea says:
    09/24/10 at 07:08:36

    Welcome to the Ranch Christopher!

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