Holiday Marketing Recap

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Hello, and happy Friday! Over the past few months, our marketing team has been busier than elves at the North Pole. We’ve devoted time, energy, and even money into increasing sales on behalf of our sellers during the busiest shopping season of the year. I’m excited to give you an update on Bonanza’s marketing efforts over the past few months. Our 4th quarter strategy was to focus on sales-driving events, like Halloween, Black Friday, and the myriad of December holidays.


Costumes and Halloween accessories sell historically well on Bonanza, since buyers know we're a great place to find everything but the ordinary. With that in mind, wanted to make the most of this opportunity to drive new traffic to our sellers in advance of the major shopping season.

First, we created a listicle blog post called 100 Halloween Costume Ideas. We also created a series of video ads to promote costumes on Bonanza. The first video campaign advertised buying unique items on Bonanza and drove home our tagline – everything but the ordinary. The other three videos were stop-motion style ads that advertised the many different Halloween accessories that can be found on Bonanza. Here are the videos, for your viewing pleasure:


We advertised these videos on both Youtube and Facebook, which was viewed over 50,000 times. We also created a Halloween specialty shop, which we shared through several Pinterest ads.


Between the videos, the Halloween Shop, and these Pinterest ads, we increased Halloween sales by 18% compared to last year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In order to drive shopper excitement over Black Friday deals, we created several hand-picked lists that featured items with major discounts and displayed them on the homepage.

We also created several new Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails, designed to entice deal-seekers to shop on Bonanza. Each email focused on a different tactic, ranging from general “Buy on Bonanza” messaging to specific targeting on some of our high-performing categories.

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These emails performed exceptionally well, reaching about half a million buyers and increasing holiday newsletter sales by 194% year over year.

Winter Holidays

Sellers often request more video advertising for Bonanza, so we created a digital video to drive brand awareness to Bonanza (and our amazing sellers). The concept behind this commercial-style ad is that there’s something for everyone on Bonanza. By shopping on our marketplace, you support thousands of small businesses and individuals all over the world. This ad is currently running on both Youtube and Facebook.


Though this ad is still running, the numbers have been excellent so far. The ad has been viewed nearly 13,000 times on Facebook and 27,000 times on YouTube! We are excited to track the rest of this ad’s performance throughout the holiday season. If you like the ad and want to share it with your friends, please do!

We also have our Holiday Shopping gift guide center live on the site, providing buyers with links to relevant categories for seasonal shopping. This page also features links to our most popular gift guides. We are actively advertising these gift guides through 6 different holiday ads on Pinterest that are focused on driving holiday traffic to Bonanza.


We plan on running these ads until the end of the month, but early results show nearly 200,000 impressions, which goes a long way in driving more buyers to the site.

Wrapping it up

So, what’s on deck for 2019? We are planning to continue to grow our social media following and brand awareness both organically and through paid ads. One way we plan to grow our Instagram is by allowing sellers to submit their own images to be posted on our page. We are also looking at other outlets (like radio and television) to expand our reach even further. Stay tuned for more details coming early next year.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing Bonanza. Our marketplace thrives because of the amazing community of sellers we have, and as we prepare to wave goodbye to 2018, we are incredibly grateful for your loyalty. Cheers to 2019!

32 responses to Holiday Marketing Recap

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    12/21/18 at 11:25:36

    Okay awesome, thanks for all your efforts!

  • Shays_creations says:
    12/21/18 at 11:35:40

    I will be happy with one sale. I am glad you’re doing well. I am sure it will do better in 2019

  • EmpressDepot says:
    12/21/18 at 13:12:50

    Glad to hear about TV and radio. Thanks.

  • familyworks says:
    12/21/18 at 13:29:54

    Super! Could you also blog the actual numbers, percentages, increases, etc? When you get them all figured out, of course.

  • Rarezies says:
    12/21/18 at 13:31:50

    Amazing job! Bonanza is the best! Happy Holidays!

  • MarieADawson says:
    12/21/18 at 13:47:06

    Great job for 2018,Excellent plans for 2019.Cheers to a great Bonanza team. Thank You for all your hard work,in making and designing a one of a kind, great on-line marketplace.Merry Christmas everyone and a very Blessed New Year!

  • Majitoys says:
    12/21/18 at 14:04:15

    Thanks for your hard work. Hope it will benefit my shop some day. So far it has been slower than 2017.

  • SingAlongSoap says:
    12/21/18 at 15:30:18

    We’re looking forward to bigger and better things in 2019!

  • Evolti22 says:
    12/21/18 at 15:35:22

    Thanks to Bonanza team for your work in 2018! Merry Christmas! All plans and initiatives of Bonanza must come true in the new year!

  • ozzies_variety_store says:
    12/21/18 at 15:46:14

    thank you bonanza for all you do I hope to learn to build a top performer business with tour help.

  • RayM427 says:
    12/21/18 at 16:02:32

    Love Bonanza but my sales are very weak. I must be doing something wrong.

  • ronaldl66 says:
    12/21/18 at 16:47:33

    RayM427 I don’t think it’s you, very few people shop on Bonanza. I put a couple of items up on Bonanza and they have only gotten a few views. The same items on the main selling site would have hundreds of views and probably sold by now but I’m not paying their fees.

  • Rolando_lopez says:
    12/21/18 at 17:27:21

    gracias estaremos en comtactos

  • freshfloridafruit says:
    12/21/18 at 17:42:00

    Havent sold one item yet. Seems like you only have a chance of selling here if you pay crazy high advertising prices. Please tell me what I am missing if this is not the case. Ebay charges 10% seller fees, etsy charges 5%, and the the only way to get your items sold here is to pay at least 15+ % advertising. Again, please tell me what I am missing. I would have to raise my listing price a lot to make up for that which then makes the price to high for buyers.

  • A_Sterling says:
    12/22/18 at 00:37:59


  • vintage-duchess says:
    12/22/18 at 04:42:52

    Nice! I’ve had a small increase in sales this year, thanks!

  • pendragons_books says:
    12/22/18 at 05:53:41

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Bonanza and log on everyday but don’t have near the traffic I have on Ebay. I was trying to get away from Ebay wanting to charge me on the front end for listing and back end for sales but don’t look like I can do it yet. Keep up the good work and maybe traffic/sales will improve.

  • FUSIONS says:
    12/22/18 at 10:49:26

    Well, here`s hoping, my product is unique designed marketed and shipped by me, iy is probably the best of its kind in the WORLD, in the UK I anm selling 1 to 10 a day each on Ebay and Amazon, I have so far not made a sale on Bonanza, so I am very much hoping this may change soon, and wishing all iolved with Bonanza the very best of luck for the comming new year and the future.

  • RJWachal says:
    12/22/18 at 10:53:33

    Much more promotion is required to make Bonanza a super selling site..

  • RonTees says:
    12/22/18 at 11:04:15

    Not as good as last year, you have too many costs that I can not recover and still make sales. My ROI was down and I must look at where we are spending too much at your site, postage, commission or just sell out and retire…

  • ib30667 says:
    12/22/18 at 13:15:07

    This is all nice and everything, but all the items you’re promoting in your ads are for brand spankin’ new things. Trying to keep up with Amazon is quite a task, but us smaller sellers don’t have that kind of pull especially when it comes to collectibles, vintage and antiques which don’t have GTIN’s or MPN’s. So those things go into limbo. I know other sellers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are probably tired of seeing the same things being promoted over and over. So I’ve stopped for the time being. Glad you’re making your numbers and you’re getting the place out there! I hope 2019 brings more traffic here. It has such potential.

  • DiscountCrafts4U says:
    12/22/18 at 13:16:48

    I have been with Bonanza now for years and it does get better in sales every year. I hope to be able to leave ebay soon they are driving it into the ground. i have looked at every other online sales site and have not found one as good as Bonanza. So just keep listing items the more items the more sales and join stripe to give people more ways to pay besides paypal my sales have doubled since I did that. Happy New Year everyone!!!

  • Pierre_W_Martin says:
    12/22/18 at 14:40:06

    I personally can’t wait for Bonanza to take off, it has the all the ingredients but will never catch up to Amazon and I am predicting Etzy will surpass Bonanza if they haven’t already, the ONE factor is Bonanza is greedy, it charges way too much to sell, all the costs for sellers to sell make it very difficult to make a decent profit but…. the efforts are there and much appreciated for new sellers to understand what it will take to make a go of selling online. Thanks

  • Design3a says:
    12/22/18 at 14:58:13

    Gracias por hacer este esfuerzo, Felices Vacaciones

  • InspiredCreations says:
    12/23/18 at 01:15:09

    Well done! Keep up the great work!

  • onemanstreasure16 says:
    12/23/18 at 04:26:31

    We make a few sales on Bonanza, but pay very little in fees. We don’t have a store or pay ad fees. We have accumulated quite a few tokens to pay most of our selling fees.

    On-line selling isn’t what it used to be on any site. Too much competition, high fees, increased shipping costs, & dishonest buyers. We are slowly phasing things out before the nationwide Internet tax becomes a reality.

  • FantasticFinds2014 says:
    12/23/18 at 20:56:39

    Looks great! I know for myself, my sales have increased quite a bit this year, especially from October thru Now. Hopefully we all see even more increases in 2019! Happy Holidays!

  • parodycollector says:
    12/23/18 at 22:06:59

    1 sale each month…but I’m patient and believe in the future of a company that’s less greedy such as this, thus I will keep pushing here and that way when things do take off, I’ll be part of the lift

  • Beauty_on_the_wall says:
    12/26/18 at 00:00:01

    HI, how to sell on bonanza?
    What thing do you sell?
    Thank you

  • Ms_Prissys_Patterns says:
    12/27/18 at 08:09:52

    The best thing you can do for your sales on Bonanza is use all the free advertising you can do by making a page for your shop on Facebook (and ignore all the promotion requests by FB) Put links to your booth on Twitter, and “do” Instagram. Also put a few of your things on Pinterest, with a link on each one to your booth. If Bonanza won’t do it for you, do it for yourself!

  • abigdogmom says:
    12/28/18 at 09:52:56

    As far as I am concerned, the best thing Bonanza could do is have Stripe as a option for everybody. I don’t understand why they have limited the Stripe option when sales benefit everybody.

  • old_or_new says:
    12/29/18 at 01:29:20

    Thanks, Bonanza.

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