How to change from a Personal PayPal account type from 'Personal' to 'Premiere' or 'Business'

As I mentioned in the last blog post about our upcoming shopping cart and checkout redesign there is one quick change you need to make to your PayPal account type if your account type is set to ‘Personal.’  PayPal’s Express Checkout (the new checkout technology we are using) requires a ‘Premiere’ or ‘Business’ account type.  

If you already have an account type of ‘Premiere’ or ‘Business’ then there’s nothing you need to do.  PayPal has let a few folks fly under the radar and sell with ‘Personal’ accounts, but sellers are really supposed to be at least ‘Premiere.’

What does it cost?  Nothing.  There are no additional charges.  

What’s the difference between account types?  Not a ton really - the personal account has a few more restrictions.  You can read more about them here on PayPal.

How do I know which account type I have?  Easy.  Just sign into your PayPal account and check the status in the top left.  There’s a screenshot below.  

If you don’t make the change you’ll receive an email from PayPal asking you to do so.  We’re telling you now so you’re not surprised.  Not to worry, it’s super easy; only requiring four clicks (I counted!) after signing in.  

Why are you making us upgrade?  In order to complete transactions on Bonanza, and more effectively be able to re-market to previous customers, we have to use PayPal’s Express Checkout.  We think a few clicks from each seller that needs to make the switch is worth the ability to drive repeat business for everyone.  

Below are some screenshots of the steps.  I made the change myself recently.  First is the main ‘My Account’ dashboard.  Click the ‘Upgrade’ link toward to top.


Next checkout the descriptions for Premiere and Business accounts and evaluate which is right for you.  You don’t actually select either on this page so just click ‘Upgrade Now’ – you pick your account type on the next screen. 
Last two clicks I swear.  Just select the account type and then ‘Continue.’  You’re done!  
You can review the confirmation screen below if you like.  
Here’s a few more anticipated FAQ……
Can I still make purchases with my business or premiere account? Yes

Can I open a second PayPal account for personal use? Yes

Will I still be able to receive money on Bonanza with a personal account?  No.  Business or Premiere accounts are really required for sellers on PayPal.  They have just been ‘lax’ about enforcing it and will be more pro-active with Express Checkout (the version of checkout we are using).  

What are the benefits of a Premiere account versus a Business account? Checkout PayPal for details.  

I don't use PayPal, will I still be able to use Bonanza?  Of course.   

How does this impact Google Checkout or Money Orders?  It doesn’t.

Please fire away any other with questions.  And to those few of you who need to make this change I say ‘thanks.’

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