It's a Renaissance Bonanza!


With the arrival of Fall we also mark the arrival of the 3rd Annual Renaissance Faire on Bonanza!  Like Christmas in July, the Renaissance Faire is a product of the Bonanza community, where sellers come together to offer deep discounts on their items for the entire month of October.  This is a great oppotunity to network and also to create another channel to market your items.  

It's still not too late to join and there is no experience necessary.  There are many hands to help.  If you are interested in being part of the 3rd Annual Renaissance Faire, you can sign up here.  

Special thanks to momspenniesCindyBearAllThingsVintagePurpleIris, and the many other volunteers who have spent so much time and energy orgainzing this event.   


Hear ye! Hear Ye! Lords and Ladies! The time has come to sign up for The 3rd Annual Renaissance Faire here at Bonanza! Saturday, October 1st, 2011 through Monday, October 31st, 2011


19 responses to It's a Renaissance Bonanza!

  • Whittaker3 says:
    09/23/11 at 15:22:48

    What a fun event!!!! Hear Ye, hear ye…..hark many sales to all!

  • ccmom says:
    09/23/11 at 16:18:07

    gonna be fun..don’t miss it

  • divinefabricsnmore says:
    09/23/11 at 16:21:30

    Thanks so Much for Blogging about The Bonanza’s Renaissance Faire, Mark! Looking Good! It is a Delightful Event ~ With Plenty of Sales ~ Lots of Exposure, and Much Merriment!
    Feel privileged to have offered FREE Banners, and Happy to Say I Will Definitely Be a Buyer, This Year! Had a Great Time as a Seller Last Year!

  • cshort0319 says:
    09/23/11 at 16:47:18

    DivineFabrics ‘n’ More has been an inspiration, gifting us with free banners, spending countless hours finding photographs to inspire us, along with her masterful command of medieval English to nudge us along.

    We love you, Dee.

  • AutumnLeaves says:
    09/23/11 at 19:15:15

    Mark, bless you dear. Sellers hurry on over and join us. Many wonderful people to assist you as well as great free banners for your booth.

  • johngermaine says:
    09/23/11 at 19:54:26

    Thanks Mark! I’m signed up. Looks like fun.

  • momspennies says:
    09/23/11 at 19:54:47

    And a great BIG thank you to Dee from Divinefabricsandmore and BonBonAnonz who has devoted her time and incredible talent to create beautiful graphic banners for anyone to use if they wish. I can’t wait to get my move completed so that I can celebrate and enjoy the fun, camaraderie, and sales with those who will also be participating!

  • MedievalMisc says:
    09/23/11 at 20:25:01

    Renaissance education and music books sold out already, but have costumes for you to copy and wear
    The new sellers will certainly learn how to spell this word LOL

  • BlueBoy says:
    09/23/11 at 21:05:57

    It was fun last year.
    Come on folks, lets make it a HUGE success in 2011!!

  • MKDesigner says:
    09/24/11 at 07:22:13

    I’m so excited about the Renaissance Faire! Can hardly wait ’til October 1st arrives. This community always comes together for so many wonderful events … and the support from Bonanza is phenomenal.

  • adelberta3 says:
    09/24/11 at 10:14:35

    I can’t wait thanks so much for everyone’s help.

  • mrsdinkerson says:
    09/24/11 at 18:41:46

    I’m signed up and can’t wait for all the merriment and the sales! Looking forward to shopping in new booths and making new friends, too! Come one, come all and join the fun!

  • daisy77 says:
    09/24/11 at 19:35:17

    Can’t wait !!! This will be my first time participating…Gotta get my but moving to make more jewelry….

  • angiesjewelry says:
    09/25/11 at 05:24:25

    Thank you for mentioning the Renaissance fair !

  • Oldtoyguy67_ says:
    09/26/11 at 09:44:32

    I will be offering $100.00 0ff my hand made corpses for October so they will only be $200,00 ea. plus shipping no one offers corpses like I make for prices I have prices so low its Scary!!! come check out my booth!

  • sevensistersbooksetc says:
    09/26/11 at 11:01:30

    I am very excited. In the midst of the disappointment at closing our physical store in comes the RF. It is our first time participating also. Can’t wait!!! Cindy

  • sparklemotion says:
    09/28/11 at 16:41:50

    OK. I admit that I just signed up as an excuse to use the word “HUZZAH!”

  • hopeistheseed says:
    09/29/11 at 08:09:04

    This is my first year here on Bonanza for the Ren Faire and I am really excited to see what it is all about! I am signed up and ready to sell… and buy too

  • smog says:
    09/29/11 at 16:44:02

    I cannot remember how to pull up my banner for Ren Faire. I am new at this so I need all of the help I can get. Any info will be appreciated.

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