Item Traits: Now Even More Important

As of last night, we made a remarkably awesome update to our site search that calls out applicable item traits even if the searcher has not filtered the category they are searching for.   For example, if a user had searched Bonanzle for "Coach" prior to the update, they would only see the various categories that items with the word "Coach" in their title appeared in.  They would not see the item traits, such as "Material," "Color," and "Style" that are possessed by most Coach handbags.  You would have only seen those attributes if you happened to filter your category as "Handbags."

Now, if you search for Coach, you will see all available traits without picking "Handbags" as the category.  See screenshots at right for how this looks.  Or just click the link.

What does it mean for you?  If you're a buyer, it means you can now filter items far more efficiently than before.  

If you're a seller, it means that you are missing out on a huge sales opportunity if you haven't setup your traits.  Not only will buyers now be filtering by these traits almost every time they make search Bonanzle, but Google Product search is looking increasingly at attributes like "Brand," "UPC," and "ISBN" as criteria that determine if an item will show up in their search.  If you sell an item that has a UPC or ISBN and you haven't specified that, your item will no longer appear in Google Product search as of ... soon.  The good news is that if you have filled out your brand, UPC and ISBN item traits, we'll automatically convert those to Google Attributes for you and your items will continue to appear on Google.

Want to learn more?  Here is a primer on item traits, which includes specific instructions on how to quickly get traits setup for your items.  And, as always, if there is a trait that you think should be added to your item's category, you can suggest that to us here.  Trait, sell, and be merry, friends!

 Bonus video!


15 responses to Item Traits: Now Even More Important

  • BookbinEtc says:
    08/17/10 at 19:38:34

    Cool! That should help the buyers to find their treasures more easily.

    Thanks for the reminder on the UPC and ISBN requirements, as I think many sellers are not aware of that.

  • AutumnLeaves says:
    08/17/10 at 19:46:44

    Always do ISBN must check upc. Thanks so much Bill for this new improvement in search function.
    One question: You do sleep, right?

  • momspennies says:
    08/17/10 at 19:55:03

    When searching Home and Garden/Inside the Home/Home Decor and Accents/ Candle Holders & Accessories, Votive Holders, Pegged I narrow it down to new or used.

    When I click on Used, I get 0 results, even though there is a 12 next to the Used trait.

    So it seems this still needs more tweaking.

  • Vintagemaven says:
    08/17/10 at 20:12:57

    What if you are selling a lot of more than one type of item that has more than one isbn number or upc code? For instance a lot of pc games or books? What then are we to do?

    Also there are almost no traits at all for older or vintage glassware when I do my listings.

    I see there are traits for pottery, but none for glassware.
    Many of the same traits that fit pottery could fit glassware like the use of the following. Bowl, vase, shaker, mug, stein, astray, serving piece and so on.

    And also there are no colors like are found in pottery.
    Jadite, delphite, ivory, custard, seville yellow, chalaine just to name a few.

    I would hope you this can be fixed so that glassware items are more searchable and not lost in the shuffle.
    Thank you

  • shellbysbooth says:
    08/18/10 at 04:34:01

    Thank you for the changes, I hope that vintage clothing is next. I still cannot search by size !
    But I know it is just over the horizan. Thank you.

  • J7339 says:
    08/18/10 at 04:34:31

    I have a lot of items that don’t have traits at all – I have suggested a few – but with those I haven’t – I would have no idea what to suggest. Colour wouldn’t work – nor material in a fair few cases.

  • bluepennylady says:
    08/18/10 at 05:20:27

    I happened to be online as the site was updated doing some research using “Site search”.. And the change just appeared in the left navigation. I thought WOW.. how cool is this.

    And it would appear the search function now also searchs the description field text as well as the title line. Which is beyond totally cool. Thank you so much Bill for re-implementing that particular search parameter again..

    Much easier to narrow down a search… Kudos to you Bill!

  • STBThreadworks says:
    08/18/10 at 08:12:50

    These changes are great for both buyers and sellers. The question I have, Bill, is this. I have recently been updating all my items. I noticed yesterday that my item specifics had dropped off of most of the handbags we sell under another account (tillingtraders) and had to be re-entered. When these updates are made, how likely is it that existing item specifics will drop off of existing items and the sellers must re-edit their items to make sure that the specifics are there? Is there any connection? And if no connection, why would my item specifics have dropped off? Some were there, some weren’t. Made no logical sense. And in this account, the myriad of item specifics for my fabrics had dropped off in about half of the fabric items.

  • bharding says:
    08/18/10 at 09:53:50

    @STB: Sorry about the trouble, that was a one-time change specific to handbags. If you go to your “My Bonanzle” page under “System Announcements” you can read a fuller explanation on what happened.

  • Rdesigns says:
    08/18/10 at 11:42:18

    Given that 90% of my listings only offer condition as a trait to pick from, I’m thinking it isn’t any more important for me. At least not yet. Now if the internal search starts looking at the attributes too…..

  • STBThreadworks says:
    08/18/10 at 13:38:20

    Thanks, Bill. I’m just doing some routine cleanup, which I think we all should be constantly doing. Makin’ my list, checkin’ it twice! Gonna find out which items have been naughty, which ones nice!

  • BARNTIQUES859 says:
    08/18/10 at 14:50:48

    thanks ran them all down in batch edit and found a few in need. thanks for the heads up, been meaning to do this

  • CoinsYouWant says:
    08/19/10 at 09:09:42

    though I haven’t quite seen it yet I"m sure it will help us all! Bill thanks for making it better and better!!

  • MONTROSE says:
    08/21/10 at 11:50:43

    Thank you, MONTROSe

  • HavensRainbow says:
    08/21/10 at 15:02:59

    This is a great addition for searches. Thank you

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