Everything but the ordinary. Still.

We tried to resist.  We wanted to allow personalization.  We wanted to showcase the type of professional photography that captures buyers' attention.  We wanted to show coupons and new items. 

But we can't resist.

As of our next update, Bonanza will be launching a new old home page that will look quite familiar to any of our longtime Bonanzlers.

This home page update is the first step in a revised strategy that is going to refocus our efforts back on our core strength:  eveything but the ordinary.  Fashion is certainly an important part of the "everything but the ordinary" equation.  But so too are crafts, collectibles, home decor, and the many other categories that thrive on Bonanza over other marketplaces. 

In the weeks to come, we will be following this update with others that make Bonanza into the most browse-friendly marketplace.  We want to build an experience that snatches attention at the home page, and then straps the buyer in for a ride through the booths, hand picked lists, and search results that align most perfectly with their interests.  "Serendipity engine" is our internal buzzword for the experience.  We will know we have succeeded when you find yourself on Bonanza, wondering what happened just happened to the last half hour you spent wandering from booth to collection to HPL.  

We love trying new things, because it helps bring clarity to what our real strengths are.  The last year has taught us that our strength is helping sellers of "everything but the ordinary" find their home here.  So start putting together your hand picked lists, and lets showcase just how much great stuff we have to put on display.


82 responses to Everything but the ordinary. Still.

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    09/26/12 at 11:27:09

    bonanzamark says in response:
    09/26/12 at 11:39:37

    Way to set the tone SunflowerAntics! Can you come and talk to my kids?

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    09/26/12 at 11:48:33

    You betcha Mark!
    I know JUST how to approach them…

  • collectiblecorner says:
    09/26/12 at 11:50:38

    At long last! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!

    Big smooches from a very happy camper.

    bonanzamark says in response:
    09/26/12 at 11:53:06

    Whoa, cyber smooches! Are you camping right now? It is a bit cold here to camp

  • BookbinEtc says:
    09/26/12 at 11:52:25

    Good news!

    Thanks, Boyz and Galz

  • RedbirdRidge says:
    09/26/12 at 11:54:46

    Tweeted this great news. Thank you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • SharsBoutique says:
    09/26/12 at 11:57:35

  • Sofy'sSeasonal says:
    09/26/12 at 11:59:54

    oh thank God you found your senses lol now will you listen to input from your sellers that have been doing this forever? LOL see we ain’t so dumb afterall..so loving the we told you so
    (good thing you have a sense of humor

  • SharsBoutique says:
    09/26/12 at 12:12:46

    Only one problem that I see ….. we are entering the busiest time of year as sellers. Do you really think now is the best time to change. We all know that with change, comes glitches and with glitches, comes customers who have bad experiences. Any chance you could postpone this until after the holiday season?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    09/26/12 at 12:30:42

    Valid concern SharsBoutique. We are super sensitive to changes at any time of the year, especially during a peak sales time. Bill mentioned that we would be rolling out the changes which to me means baby steps which will minimize any unpredictable issues that may crop up. At the same time, the peak season is a time we have the most eyes on Bonanza as well so it is an opportunity to showcase the best of the best with new Bonanza users too

    bharding says in response:
    09/26/12 at 12:32:31

    Hey Shars,
    Totally valid concern. Our experience has shown that, come November, it’s the time for us to lay low and focus on stability and bugfixes. September and October we are more conservative than usual, but we still want to move forward with building the best possible experience, because we want our Q4 shoppers to see the best side of Bonanza. It’s a delicate balance, but we’re keeping in mind the potential risk in change, especially once November arrives.

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    09/26/12 at 12:23:59

    Somebody tell me I’m not dreaming! Wait,wait,wait I have to sit down I think I’m about to faint!

    Let me just make sure I got this right. Bonanza is going to go back to “Everything but the ordinary” as in showcasing more vintage collectibles?

    Don’t toy with me! Mark honey bunches of oats are you guys for real?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    09/26/12 at 12:34:02

    Honey bunches of oats? Boring. How about some coco puffs or a huge bowl of captain crunch? Now that is for real! When I count to three you will wake up…..on Bonanza, home of “Everything but the Ordinary”

  • UknowUneedAnother says:
    09/26/12 at 12:35:18

    YAY!!! The original front page was one of the things that had impressed me greatly when I first joined.

  • jashafada says:
    09/26/12 at 12:39:46

    Many thanks from me and my alter-ego, daveylee. Fashion takes up very minimal space in both booths. Items for everyday, collectibles and items I consider; everything but the ordinary take up the major space of my booths. Thanks again!

  • Sofy'sSeasonal says:
    09/26/12 at 12:41:56

    lol Gladys

  • chill02wolfart says:
    09/26/12 at 12:45:48

    Sounds like great news, guys!
    I also Ditto what Shar stated; excellent points, well said.

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    09/26/12 at 12:45:48

    Doing the happy dance

    Mark I’ll send you a box of Captain Crunch!

    Bill what kind would you like?

  • fnanjfuofno says:
    09/26/12 at 12:46:35

    Bill, I think I love you!!!!

  • RayvensRarities says:
    09/26/12 at 13:00:36

    Well about friggin time you guys. Much better choice and doesn’t make us look like we’re nothing but a clothing store

  • PortofMystery says:
    09/26/12 at 13:03:45


    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sofy'sSeasonal says:
    09/26/12 at 13:07:30

    the polar bears are even dancing

  • reksplace says:
    09/26/12 at 13:11:19

    Hee Hee Heee

  • Funkarelics says:
    09/26/12 at 13:20:14


  • kenoticket says:
    09/26/12 at 13:21:24

    Excellent move guys! And please, please, don’t wait another day to change us back to ‘Everything But The Ordinary’.

    It’s been well over a year since I’ve even attempted to do a HPL, and just as long since I quit checking to see which ones any of my items might show up on. I don’t do fashion sales so knew any HPLs that I’d appear in would be hidden.

    It’ll be nice to start checking them again and thanking those members who include my items.

  • DS520Diecast says:
    09/26/12 at 13:39:03

    Add a little orange “grass” to the logo and it’ll be just like the GOOD OLD DAYS! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AutumnLeaves says:
    09/26/12 at 13:43:23

    I could just cry I am so happy to see this happening. Having been here in the beginning I missed that home page so much.
    Mark and Bill, bless your hearts.

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    09/26/12 at 14:11:14

    Okay now that I’ve had time to settle down a bit. I want to say I’m so glad to hear you guys are going back to “Everything but the Ordinary”. You have restored my faith (yes I was losing faith) I wasn’t sure about the direction Bill was taking the site and I wasn’t sure if my items still had a place here or not. Bill’s innovation is what has kept me here…this site is anything but the ordinary.

    I do have a concern. With all the constant back & forth changes aren’t you afraid your confusing buyers? We went from Bonanzle to Bonanza to adding Bags Bonanza to getting rid of Bags Bonanza to going back to Bonanza “everything but the ordinary”. So what exactly is your vision of Bonanza? And is this going to be your vision going forward?

    I know eCommerce is constantly evolving and so must Bonanza but the site can evolve with out the constant switch in directions. Feel me?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    09/26/12 at 16:37:44

    Good question! We are afraid of confusing buyers and think about it often. That is why we are constantly innovating Bonanza, to make it less confusing and more memorable for the next time buyers visit. As for vision of Bonanza, that is a question best suited for Bill but for my part, I envision us to continue to set the standards for the best customer support experience online and also to potentially add more phone support.

  • BookbinEtc says:
    09/26/12 at 14:15:55

    Gladys, I thought you were calling Mark ‘honey’, not offering him ‘honey bunches of oats’.

    I’ll say it, Mark, honey, keep that whip on Bill; it’s working!

  • StarvingPackrats says:
    09/26/12 at 14:27:04

    Very, VERY Happy

    Thanks Bonz Girlz & Boyz

  • irishonebac says:
    09/26/12 at 14:32:59

    Link to EcommerceBytes article:


    Good new spreads fast :-)

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    09/26/12 at 14:39:36

    Bookbin I was calling him honey but as usual it went over his head.

  • momspennies says:
    09/26/12 at 15:01:56

    See, a little ping pong worked wonders to bring you all around…Now how ’bout convincing Google to do the same thing?

  • LADivaPlusApparel says:
    09/26/12 at 15:16:44

    Great news!

  • GenericUser says:
    09/26/12 at 15:18:35

    so. let me get straight. The weather is cooling down and we are going to wear less clothing. brrrrr.
    Anyone have a big planter to hide behind.

    (princess is blushing here)

  • BotanicaBookshop says:
    09/26/12 at 16:33:40

    THANK YOU ! THANK YOU…Bill and Mark


    I’m excited to be listing on Bonanza now…instead of previously “waiting in the wings”

  • hartmann219 says:
    09/26/12 at 16:44:03

    Thank You, Bill. Very Good News ! You have made the right decision.

  • sparklemotion says:
    09/26/12 at 17:43:01


    “Serendipity engine” is way too verbose, though. I humbly suggest you call it “Falcor”. Because it’s not just goal-oriented shopping; it’s a wonder-filled flight of fancy on the back of a big, furry dragon. Or something.

  • FabFinds says:
    09/26/12 at 17:46:48

    Wonderful News !

  • tegger says:
    09/26/12 at 18:02:37

    Joy to the World. You guyz and galz, Thank you.

  • HavensRainbow says:
    09/26/12 at 18:32:36

    Excellent is what I have to say

  • cshort0319 says:
    09/26/12 at 18:37:55

    I came here because the site promised “Everything but the ordinary.” It’s a dream come true to hear that the site is returning to that original mission statement……

  • momspennies says:
    09/26/12 at 18:45:04

    Our Renfaire List is ready, Maybe you will show it on the Home Page to sponsor the event?

  • TheHotAttic says:
    09/26/12 at 18:50:33

    All Rightah! I was “In”, then I was “Out”, now I am “In” again! I guess everything comes back around if you wait long enough! And BOYZ, do I have a WHOLE bunch of stuff to stuff in this booth that is not ordinary!

  • PlushHotel says:
    09/26/12 at 19:35:33

    Now to listing in all my booths !!

  • CoinsYouWant says:
    09/26/12 at 19:52:44

    You guys are the best!!

  • tillingtraders says:
    09/26/12 at 19:58:57

    Thank you, Bill. I used to love doing HPLs. I don’t even look at them any more. Some of us aren’t into fashion and heels so high you have to be attached to the wires electric buses travel on to be able to stand and walk. Sanity returns, and I am glad! Maybe I’ll try a few lists again! Clara

  • bluepennylady says:
    09/26/12 at 20:24:27

    Ditto Ditto and double ditto. I am so excited about the home page.Can’t wait to see it up and running!

  • AbundantBlessings says:
    09/26/12 at 20:42:45

    Awesome news!!!

  • marlenesvintage says:
    09/26/12 at 20:54:08

    Amen and Hallelujah!!!!

  • calicoseas says:
    09/26/12 at 21:16:29

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!! I am SOOOO GLADDDD!!!!

    I don’t anticipate too many glitches with the Home page change, as the programmers have already had quite a lot of experience with changes related to the Home page; i.e., new Hand Picked Lists, the original way it was done, then the way they had individual pictures rotating in each “box,” etc.

    I can’t tell you how glad I am for this change! That fashion home page was making me sadder and sadder, feeling left out :( But, THIS is going to be FANTASTIC!

    One request, is a PROMINENT Coupons and Discounts link on the Home page, please

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • robinscornernest says:
    09/26/12 at 21:32:54

    Happy Dance Happy Dance :=) Some back a bit feel a bit worried about the changing back & forth. I believe the absolute contrary. Nothing intrigues me more then a selling venue that shakes things up a bit to get my buying attention. I do get bored with the same old 123, 123, So I really think this is going to get lots of attention out there.
    I have to say I have enjoyed all of Bonanza’s trials & errors. I have watched you all learn & grow. That makes me learn & grow. What is very special is we have been with you from the start. For me almost from the start. It is priceless being be a part of Bonanza on the personal level you have allowed us to.
    Thanks so much Bonz Worker Beezz. OXOXOXOXOXOX
    Mark & Bill you the best as always.

  • audreygrace says:
    09/26/12 at 21:50:42

    I was going to start ramping up my listings for the holidays next week and now I’m SUPER EXCITED! HUGE THANKS!!!

  • nolamom says:
    09/26/12 at 22:06:44

    Awesome news! Great call! This is Bonanza’s niche. Let ebay chase after Amazon – while we welcome customers looking for the unique, the unusual, the OOAK – the extraordinary.

  • anneBlueAngel2 says:
    09/26/12 at 22:37:52

    Wow! Makes my decision to really start concentrating on Bonanza more this year all the more justified. I used to just “tentatively” list here from the start. But I’ve been devoting the MAJORITY of my time getting everything on here and promoting lately.
    My sales have picked up too! And now THIS News! YAY!!!!!
    tHANKS Guys!!!

  • lovelylittlethings says:
    09/26/12 at 22:44:12

    Thank you!

  • Gandorion_Games says:
    09/26/12 at 23:48:39


  • txskys4ever says:
    09/27/12 at 00:22:27

    OMG! I’m so happy! Everything But the Ordinary is what pulled us all together in the first place! And it can do it again, and together we can do anything!!

  • AbbysAttic says:
    09/27/12 at 02:39:20

    I’m obviously late to this party. From the responses above, I think you can be assured you’ve made the right decision. Thank you.

  • FrogAndBearCreations says:
    09/27/12 at 07:20:11

    Love it!

  • AbbysTreasures says:
    09/27/12 at 08:55:01


    The more variety we have the more we will attract buyers.

  • islandheat says:
    09/27/12 at 09:44:58

    Thank you for keeping Bonanza a driving force for online selling. Thank you for the Google interrogation in Product search. This back to the basics is just in Time for the holidays. Keep up all the good work. :-)

  • milieu says:
    09/27/12 at 09:48:18

    yeah! great news!

  • permacrisis says:
    09/27/12 at 11:31:24

    First off: attaboy.

    Secondly: Now do the original, “flippy / random / OMG did you see that / going, going, gone” homepage and I’ll mail you 10 pounds of coffee.

    Lastly: In your every deliberation henceforth, keep the following in mind: Destination site, destination site, destination site.

    “Subway… the way a sandwich should be.®”

    “Bonanzle… The way Bonanza should be.®”

  • GingerTwo says:
    09/27/12 at 14:44:31

    Great news! Thank you very much!

  • autonutt says:
    09/27/12 at 23:40:11

    Let’s hope the changes being made to the item for sale listing page aren’t permanent.. the suggested title keywords are a nice touch, but the HTML code (not WYSIWYG) item description box and the deletion of the “save for later” button beneath the “list now” button are glaring omissions that make listing an item less than user-friendly.

    bonanzamark says in response:
    09/28/12 at 06:35:35

    The nice update, keyword suggestions, will remain. The not so nice changes (HTML, save for later button) are issues we are working on addressing today. Should be corrected mid day today.

  • UknowUneedAnother says:
    09/28/12 at 04:37:22

    Just wandered in and, …

    IT’S BACK!!!!!!

  • tammiestreasures says:
    09/28/12 at 04:48:56

    h3 Wooo Hoooo!

  • txskys4ever says:
    09/28/12 at 05:39:53

    Oh Wow! I love the feeling of being mesmerized by the home page again!!

  • RM1Gordon says:
    09/28/12 at 07:28:51

    Glad to see the change, now we just need HPL’s that are not fashion only..

  • NimbusBooks says:
    09/28/12 at 12:34:59

    Except for the fact that it is still mostly about fashion until new HPLs are created, the change is AWESOME!!! Yes, I am YELLING, AWESOME!!!

  • autonutt says:
    09/28/12 at 16:50:57

    Thank you Mark! I should have had faith it would all work out in the end! Looking forward to all the new business the handsome home page will likely attract!

  • my5treasures says:
    09/29/12 at 10:22:51

    Simply love it!!! It is one thing that made Bonanzle different and makes Bonanza unique. Thanks!!!

  • CoinsYouWant says:
    09/29/12 at 13:21:03

    The front page looks Awesome Guys!!!!! I am so proud to be a Bonanzler!!!

  • CleopatraInStyle says:
    09/30/12 at 05:21:43


  • DebbiesCorner says:
    09/30/12 at 14:50:29

    Finally, Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

  • bmorganovich says:
    10/01/12 at 05:08:10

    Yowser! Happy Dance! Thanks, guys.

  • SCCollectibles says:
    10/01/12 at 08:39:21

    I am THRILLED about this positive change! I missed the original terribly…it made going in to explore so much fun. Thank you so much for “un-fixing” what was never broken! Hearts and flowers to you all!

  • EclecticStuff says:
    10/01/12 at 22:41:36

    Boy I am really late to this great party. Total shock …I had to double check that I wasn’t seeing a cache of an old Home Page. The eye pleasing beauty is back. The Home page is gorgeous like it used to be. And the motto “Everything But The Ordinary” makes sense again. Thank you!

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