Live Auctions on Bonanza!

You may or may not know this but each and every day there are live auctions on Bonanza!  If you have ever been a part of a live booth auction, you can vouch that they are fast, fun, and quite social.  A perfect marriage with your booth chat feature and your Bonanza booth.  You can get a pulse on what auctions are occurring on any given day by visiting our message forums and typing "Auction" in the forum search field.  You will find many different themed auctions (Games, tributes, community auctions, etc).  That is the beauty of the Bonanza platform.  You can create any type of auction you like versus being nailed down to one type of auction.  We actually encourage you to be as creative as you like with the Bonanza platform.  

Have you ever visited a live booth auction on Bonanza?  If so, what type of booth auctions did you find the most fun to attend?  Have you ever hosted a live booth auction?  What are some of the creative ideas you have for live booth auctions?  Please do share your ideas and successess in the comments section.


13 responses to Live Auctions on Bonanza!

  • SensualPleasures says:
    05/30/12 at 11:40:38

    I love live auctions!!! I have hosted and also attended many live auctions. Always a great experience!

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    05/30/12 at 15:30:51

    I have been to and have hosted a live auction. In the Bonanza format…it is too confusing for the Seller and the Buyers. Personally?? I would like Bids and Buy It Now…that would make all sellers on Bonanza happy.

    OH…I have even had “silent” auctions – promoted the tar out of it and had a full 24 hours for people to bid…NO BIDS were turned in :(

    I have been to Tophatter – don’t like it’s format either and WON’T go back. So people here on Bonanza – please stop sending me invites to Tophatter….I am VERY happy here on Bonanza – it is my home! ♥

  • TheNostalgiaNook says:
    05/30/12 at 16:57:12

    Auctions here on Bonanza have been fun, some of them are doing well with them. I am one that would like to see an site wide auction format offered along with out Bonanza booths.

    I would bet that in offering site wide auctions,Bonanza would explode with new members looking for new home from other auction sites. It would also bring in more buyers as well as sellers. Love Bonanza,been here for 3 years but would like to see us grow in this direction.

  • Calcedonia says:
    05/30/12 at 17:09:08


  • ToBeContinued says:
    05/31/12 at 02:14:40

    I love auctions! I have had them in the past and will have some in the future. They are fun and you can find some great deals!

  • SparrowsJewels says:
    05/31/12 at 06:24:48

    I love going to these auctions….so much fun and great deals !

  • Jennifer_fbahgxq says:
    05/31/12 at 06:38:05

    Hey this is a really cool blog and an awesome website. Just wanted to say you have very cool stuff thanks for sharing.. keep it coming

  • sunshinegold1 says:
    05/31/12 at 07:41:13

    Yes, We have been doing the live booth auctions here on Bonanza. They are fun, and you get to meet new people, visit with other booth owners and save, save, save. I am very happy about the support we get from Mark and other’s here on Bonanza. A truely great place to be. Come Join us on the Auctions trains. This Sunday will be a sign up for all. Lets see how many people We can get on the auction train. Look in the promotions and sign up.

  • MyTexasTreasures says:
    05/31/12 at 09:45:07

    A big thanks “for noticing us”!
    The Monday night auction crew is happy to have the support of Bonanza. Join in, support, attend the Bonanza live auctions.
    And we hope to see you all Monday. We will be featuring great gifts for Dad and that special man in your life, as well as gifts, collectibles, art, jewelry.

  • tammiestreasures says:
    05/31/12 at 12:09:00

    I have both hosted and attended some live auctions. always fun and great deals as well.

    Door prizes and trivia questions during the auction always keep things lively.

    If you like a longer running auction you can check out 7Days of Deals. Any member can post auctions and anyone on bonz can bid. Most auctions there run several days.

  • Sheenys-Shack says:
    06/01/12 at 05:20:13

    I hate to disagree with those who love live booth auctions, but selling an item for a lower price to an interested individual is not an auction.

    To have an auction, you must have at least two people wanting the same item, and their bids drive up the starting price of that item.

    From what I have seen at live booth auctions, they should be called, “Live OBO’s”, only in reverse. The seller initiates the offer price, and the buyer accepts. JMHO

  • BotanicaBookshop says:
    06/01/12 at 07:20:12

    This would be the perfect time for Bonanza to create a platform for true Auctions which run a week.

    Auctions would bring immediate traffic…because there’s an urgency to bidding as listings ALWAYS CIRCULATE TO THE TOP.( as opposed to sitting dormant in Fixed Price)

    The Auction format would be in ADDITION to the store sellers who don’t want to participate in auctions don’t have to.

    Auctions bring buying traffic…because there would be a reason to come to Bonanza all the time for the fun of finding a treasure NOT being sold on the big Ebay and Amazon stores.

    The yearning for finding a treasure or a bargain lurks in the hearts of most everyone.

    To be successful, Auctions have to be in a VENUE FORMAT which is simple.

    Going to individual sellers’ booths is too unwieldy and time consuming to bring constant auction traffic to Bonanza….which would occur with a Bonanza auction platform.

  • TippysQuaintCottage says:
    06/02/12 at 08:38:35

    These types of auctions are confusing and hard to understand for buyers. Every seller doing his or her own thing with games, auctions, reductions, sales does not present a unified, organized, well organized business site for buying. If auctions are to be offered, I still think they should be from management level. The same goes for the sales and promotions! Let’s get organized, pay a small advertising fee and get the name of Bonanza recognized as a viable shopping destination!

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