Logos! Banners! Business cards! Come 'n get 'em!

Hey, all you wonderful Bonanzlers! I’ve got some more good news, hot on the heels of our recent press coverage.

With the big name change and with all the new sellers hopping aboard from 1000 Markets, we know that some of you are looking for ways to promote the new site a well as promoting your booths and products. To make things easier I’ve put together some great new tools on our assets page to help you hit the ground running!

Bonanza.com!Icons, Logos, and Banners
Did you notice our nifty new “Square B” icon at the top of your browser or on our twitter page? Well, now you can download and use it to promote Bonanza.com on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you can find prime real estate to showcase it.

Likewise, you’ll find images with our full name and tagline on green, white, and super-cool-green-texture backgrounds.

Business cards!
While I was at it, I also created a store at Zazzle.com as a way for Bonanzlers to create customized business cards! Just choose one of the available styles, click “customize,” update the information, and place your order! No worrying about image sizes, file formats, or any of that nonsense -- I did it for you! Check out our store to get started!

We know that some of you have stockpiles of promotional materials featuring the old name, so please consider these sexy, no-hassle business cards as our way of saying “thanks” for your dedication to the site and for working with us as we grow and as we transition to our new and more memory-friendly name. And for those of you who want to make business cards through some other means, we’ve also provided hi-res, business card-sized images you can use.

From time to time we’ll add more images and assets for you to use, but we wanted to get you started with lots of resources to get the ball rolling and keep people coming to your booths.

Check out our assets.
Get down to
business (cards).



29 responses to Logos! Banners! Business cards! Come 'n get 'em!

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    09/22/10 at 16:54:25

    Thanks Chris The business cards look great!

  • angiesjewelry says:
    09/22/10 at 16:57:05

    Is it okay if we choose to use the old logo for our business cards?

  • topherbook says:
    09/22/10 at 17:17:46

    @AntiquesRGreat: Thanks! I hope they serve you well!

    @angiesjewelry: Although the crazy orange spikes have served us well up to this point, we’re retiring it as the official Bonanza logo. We’ll keep it in the grass at the bottom of our pages because it holds a special place in our hearts, but like the old name, the old logo will no longer be in use on the site, in our promotional material, or on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

    If any Bonanzlers just love the orange spikiness too much to give it up entirely, you can also use one of the business card styles that incorporates it into the grass at the bottom.

    - Christopher!

  • angiesjewelry says:
    09/22/10 at 17:23:38

    okay Christopher .. thank you

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    09/22/10 at 17:24:08

    Thanks for the artwork Christopher – but WHY would you promote business cards on Zazzle???? WHY didn’t you set them up here on Bonanza.com? BTW – they look good!

    I guess I’m lost on all the changes going on right now. AND, there are some Sellers here on Bonanza.com who ARE authorized to sell Bonanza Merchandise, I’m one of them – and have the NEW designs listed.

  • GINGERH1003 says:
    09/22/10 at 17:47:09

    How much are the business cards as i went to the site and didn’t see any information on price or how to order.
    Maybe i am just slow.

  • AnnappleBonanza says:
    09/22/10 at 17:48:23

    Thanks Christopher, they are awesome.

    I like the orange spikiness too!

  • FabFinds says:
    09/22/10 at 17:52:11

    @gingerh1003 click on one of the business cards and the price will come up…. looks like 100 for around $16.00

  • FabFinds says:
    09/22/10 at 17:52:55

    thanks Christopher, the logos look great

  • topherbook says:
    09/22/10 at 18:02:41

    @Cheyenne2u: I would have loved to keep the business cards on our site, but we don’t custom-print merchandise (maybe someday?). With zazzle, we can offer the same great looking business cards to all bonanzlers with minimal work on your part!

    Definitely feel free to offer and share services on Bonanza.com to help each other create promotional materials. If everyone gets their business cards through Bonanza sellers instead of Zazzle, you won’t hear me complain!

  • bogcandle says:
    09/22/10 at 18:27:37

    Fabulous! Love the new look and you’re making my life easier.

  • sofyblu2 says:
    09/22/10 at 19:15:34

    need some assets decorated for Halloween, Christmas and Easter please and thank you Christopher

  • bluepennylady says:
    09/22/10 at 20:03:25



    Yes sofy we do need christmas, halloween and easter…

    Halloween for sure like now or even yesterday would be good If they leave me to my own devices I might have a hat on top of the B


  • sofyblu2 says:
    09/22/10 at 20:06:30

    @Judy…need to borrow one of Joey’s cowboy hats? lol

  • polzar says:
    09/22/10 at 21:23:01

    Excellent Chris… Think its a great incentive…

  • EuropeanGoodies says:
    09/23/10 at 00:15:56

    LOVE the b … just the b – it’s modern and up to date!!

  • EuropeanGoodies says:
    09/23/10 at 00:19:42

    I can decorate Halloween, Christmas and/or Easter… whatever on b logos for you!!

  • ChristinesTreasure says:
    09/23/10 at 04:02:55

    Thank you Christopher!

  • ladivafashion says:
    09/23/10 at 05:00:28

    Looks great! Thanks for making this so easy!

  • emmesattic says:
    09/23/10 at 09:26:17

    @topherbook, you should have created your store on bonanza or given one of our bonanza merchants a chance to design the merchandise

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    09/23/10 at 09:39:33

    Thanks Christopher!
    I have just listed for my PAST .PDF Card & Label buyers – I will remove the OLD Logo & URL and replace with the NEW information!
    Here is the Listing:

    Bonanzle to Bonanza Cards & Labels

    Cheyenne General Store is an Authorized Authentic Bonanza Merchandise Seller

  • BargainBasement says:
    09/23/10 at 12:09:33

    Nice job! Can you tell us the name of that font?

  • miriamkay says:
    09/23/10 at 14:44:40

    That is Awesome Christopher~We all love FREE

  • kayceestudios says:
    09/23/10 at 18:39:45

    the assets page looks a little out of whack with the huge image sizes. Maybe a smaller one on the main page clickable to the large size.

    I am also happy to re-create the holiday assets in the new style if anyone is interested. I did all the original ones, just let me know.

  • kayceestudios says:
    09/24/10 at 11:19:36

    Zazzle is having a sale on biz cards all weekend for 20% off, but for four hours today (noon to four PT) you can get them for 50% off. Go now and use coupon code: FFHS50OFFBIZ

  • renagade says:
    09/24/10 at 17:07:30

    Will have to get and change on all my websites once I get my good computer up and running … had major malfunction (running chkdsk when power surged and went out .. Wiped C drive clean) and waiting on new operating system now.

    It all the banners etc going to be so plain?? Nothing with more oomph ?

  • kayceestudios says:
    09/25/10 at 07:29:03

    I don’t know Ren, looks like it so far. No one has answered my offers to re-make some of the holiday designs, etc. with the new “logo”. I and several others have also stated multiple times that the new “logo” is boring, lacks the whimsy of the old and has no real punch due to lack of colors and style, but no response from the team has been heard with regard to any of those concerns.

  • DenimBunny says:
    09/25/10 at 17:27:32

    I’m sorry, but the top of the website is bland now. Perhaps the color combination was chosen for it’s “soothing” or “natural” qualities, but it’s sleep inducing. The punch color of orange in the grass makes the bottom of the page more visually stimulating than the top which further fades the top into blandsville.

    As if I’m not being tough enough…The word “bonanza” is too fat which makes the letters visually run together. This (and the bland colors) make the eye naturally skip over the all-important brand recognition part of your site.

    Just some well-meant critiques from a lowly graphic designer and web designer of 14 years.

    Feel free to ignore them

  • alexwberg says:
    09/25/10 at 18:58:10

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. We look forward to seeing your own versions of course. The assets are there for you to work with as you see fit!

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