New Seller Checklist

Making a list, checking it twice

You don't have to be Santa to love a good checklist. There's something very satisfying about checking off a task on your to-do list - just ask Bonanza's CEO and Master of To-Do Lists, Bill Harding. So, we decided to combine our checklist joy with Bonanza seller success tips, all in the name of Getting Stuff Done¹ (one of our core values).

Introducing: The Seller Checklist

The Seller Checklist is a resource for sellers like you to learn more about which tools and features could help you increase sales. The information is organized into three main sections: finding your audience, expanding your reach, and engaging your visitors. 

If you'd like to focus on one aspect of the list at a time, you can collapse the other sections by clicking the arrow at the top of each section. The items on this checklist vary per seller and are catered to the needs of your business. You can see the potential impact of each action, and once an action has been taken, you'll receive that oh-so-satisfying Gold Check

This is amazing! How can I view my Seller Checklist? 

To see your very own Seller Checklist, simply click the "Reports" tab on the Seller Dashboard and select "Seller Checklist." Or, you can click this handy button: 

¹This core value has been censored for the children.

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13 responses to New Seller Checklist

  • gearseller2 says:
    07/28/17 at 08:08:49

    Lots of great tips- thanks. So important with “season” approaching rapidly!

  • Savymichealstore says:
    07/28/17 at 16:37:02

    Never to late to get ready for the Fall Madness! Which I love!

  • xiamei says:
    07/28/17 at 20:17:55

    Yes, now is almost a student to return to school to buy a peak, to seize this point, then the resources to roll to the!

  • devinegemdesign says:
    07/29/17 at 20:48:39

    I have been learning a great deal with the wealth of information we receive.thank you!

  • ForrestBonzia says:
    07/30/17 at 15:03:32

    My kind of thinking. We’ll get along just fine. Just the beginning of a long prosperous, profitable, partnership venture.

  • sunylaser says:
    07/31/17 at 02:37:05

    Lots of great tips- thank you so much.

  • joseph_osuji says:
    07/31/17 at 20:36:15

    Its been a huge experience and I am excited about it.

  • FeeLnSassY says:
    08/02/17 at 20:36:57

    Look forward to seeing how well i can do here on Bonanza vs you know who… I like bonanza already.

  • Promissy says:
    08/03/17 at 03:51:53

    Thank you! it’s really helpful for me.

  • HandmadeWorldBags says:
    08/04/17 at 02:34:00

    Great tips it will help us lots


  • Mynameismyname1 says:
    08/07/17 at 00:48:23

    Really useful check list! Made me use features I wasn’t even aware of lol

  • nutsnmore says:
    08/07/17 at 12:06:08

    good suggestions keep it up

  • PaperNirvana says:
    08/09/17 at 22:11:10

    Thank you for the update! Great tool!

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    Artsy Craftery Studio
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