New item pop-ups, minor booth page updates, and more

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!  We made a few changes late last night that I want to point out.   The first thing you might notice is that we made some minor cosmetic changes to our booth pages.  Mostly we just brought them into our new style to be consistent with other pages on the site.



We also updated our ‘item sold’ version of the item detail page.  The previous version of the page was certainly successful in letting folks know the item had sold, but it also was just a bit scary (below).  



We decided to make the page look less like a biohazard and add some useful information at the top like other items that might be of interest from the same booth.



Lastly, we have been experimenting with a different version of the item pop-ups on our search results.  The goal with the new pop-up is to provide the shopper with additional information on each item they hover over and minimize the painful practice of hopping back and forth from item detail pages to search results.  The old pop-ups provided little in the way of new information.  This newer version, which we’ll continue experimenting with, includes item traits, part of the description, and information on the seller.  

Feedback encouraged of course.   

49 responses to New item pop-ups, minor booth page updates, and more

  • SharsBoutique says:
    12/20/10 at 09:02:48

    Great job as always!

  • pt2bch says:
    12/20/10 at 09:09:09

    Looks good!!!

  • sofyblu2 says:
    12/20/10 at 09:10:04

    Nice job..however remember that MANY items do not have any traits at all

  • alexwberg says:
    12/20/10 at 09:11:43

    Thanks Sofyblu. We designed it so they would degrade gracefully if there are no traits.

  • Lisas_TX_Treasures says:
    12/20/10 at 09:14:43

    Another awesome change… love it… keep em coming.

    Again I ask… lol… when do y’all sleep?


  • Alilbirdy2 says:
    12/20/10 at 09:20:59

    I like that you can tell who the seller is before you click on the item. Many times I have wanted to know who the seller was first, as some are really great sellers and some………

  • jacksplace says:
    12/20/10 at 09:22:31


  • SunflowerAntics says:
    12/20/10 at 09:40:46

    WOW! Yes, I noticed these FANTASTIC changes this morning…I agree with the above…GREAT JOB!


  • momspennies says:
    12/20/10 at 09:55:26

    I think it looks great!
    Especially the Items sold and new pop-ups design!

  • janman19 says:
    12/20/10 at 10:07:02

    I agree, the items sold changes are fantastic. Thanks.

  • newmillenniumbeatnik says:
    12/20/10 at 10:35:05

    I agree! These are great new meaningful features. Thanks to Bonanza staff!

  • BookbinEtc says:
    12/20/10 at 10:50:13

    Good job!

  • spencer455 says:
    12/20/10 at 10:50:36

    Thanks Alex & all, Merry Christmas to You!!

    I like the new Sold search view.

    But I can’t seem to make the Item pop-up work. Nothing happens when my mouse hovers over any items….must have a dead mouse.

  • SensualPleasures says:
    12/20/10 at 10:54:15

    Love the new changes!!!

  • alexwberg says:
    12/20/10 at 11:45:29

    @spencer455 – have you let your mouse ‘rest’ over an item for a second? We don’t launch the pop-up immediately as that would be irritating for those who are dragging their mouse across the page. If so, and you’re still not seeing the pop-ups, can you tell me what browser and version you are using? We may have a bug.

    Oh, also, the pop-up doesn’t appear on booth pages (yet), just search results.

  • Indizona says:
    12/20/10 at 12:28:33

    Nice changes. I would like to see shipping on the pop-up, which can only be seen when you click on the item unless it’s free shipping.

  • shellbysbooth says:
    12/20/10 at 15:00:38

    love the pop ups in the search results !

  • Felicitations says:
    12/20/10 at 15:13:17

    All is good. I would really like to know how to change which Facebook ID items post to from the product page. Also, is there anyway to set up an RSS feed of new listings from my booth to my Facebook page?

  • bizzysplace says:
    12/20/10 at 15:37:03

    looks great – now how about doing something about the lousy traffic lately which many of us are experiencing?

  • Starfisher says:
    12/20/10 at 16:56:28

    I love the Item Sold change. The idea of other items displaying from the booth is great!

  • irishonebac says:
    12/20/10 at 17:12:00

    Love the new item pop-ups on search results as well as the “More Information” button. Great way to showcase items with details. Thank you!

  • ladivafashion says:
    12/20/10 at 18:01:07

    Oh my goodness, another set of awesome upgrades. Bravo!

  • froggieb says:
    12/20/10 at 19:50:59

    I had noticed the search pop-ups and love it except for when it pops up when I don’t want and blocks what I’m trying to look at. Have found I just have to adjust how I scroll!

    I’m glad you toned down the item sold page. I like the idea that you promote the booth the item is from instead of random items too!

    Well done! Love these changes!

  • koolbeanzz says:
    12/20/10 at 22:41:28

    … and can someone include a clickable endorsement link on the bottome of my profile page (what is currently there is not clickable.

  • krochetkritters says:
    12/20/10 at 23:06:16

    Fabulous! I LOVE the “hover for quick info”, I first saw it on Netflix site and wondered why EVERY site doesn’t have it .. AWESOME. thank you, Kathy

  • bluepennylady says:
    12/20/10 at 23:44:32

    HI all

    I like the Item sold change..

    The old one “Items Sold” did make me want to go put on the HazMat outfit just to look at the page. I like the way there are other related booth listings appearing at the top of the page.. That is cool looking


  • yeshuazgirl says:
    12/21/10 at 03:05:52

    Thanks so much for your continued investment in this site!
    Your efforts are much appreciated.

    Patti (yeshuazgirl)
    THE Eco-Chic Boutique

  • pugs says:
    12/21/10 at 05:00:01

    >>>I like that you can tell who the seller is before you click on the item. Many times I have wanted to know who the seller was first, as some are really great sellers and some……<<<<

    all I ever had to do was cursor over the item and look down to see where the link would take me and there would be the booth url with the seller ID

    I just wish some of these pop ups around here didn’t pop up so easy… trying to look at an item and the pop up from the one above is there

    I loose QTs I’m sending because I end up on my profile

    sorry, guess I am mouse challenged

    yeah, I know, bah humbug

    at least it’s my time of year

  • pugs says:
    12/21/10 at 07:38:53

    I have discovered a problem

    use to be when you searched a category in someones booth… all the categories still showed on the left. This made if very easy to browse the categories you were interested in.

    No, all the other categories go away… you have to go back to “all stuff” and then the next category, when checking many categories this will add a lot of extra time. It means there is a lot less browsing in my future.

    Not to mention periodically I check all my categories to make sure everything is where it belongs.. now that will take me twice as long.

    It seems everytime here is an improvement we lose something. I wish you would make a new years resolution to not improve so much thanks

    could you please change this back the way it was… this will hinder navigation, and functioning on the site, not help it.

  • alexwberg says:
    12/21/10 at 07:58:21

    @pugs – I’m not seeing the problem you describe. I’ve done a keyword search in your booth and clicked a category link in the left side and neither during my spot checks made all the other categories go away. Can you tell me exactly what you are searching or clicking so I can reproduce the problem on my end? I suspect I must be missing something.


  • pugs says:
    12/21/10 at 08:36:58

    Hi Alex

    Apparently it is one of those bonz hit and miss things that doesn’t happen to everyone.

    I checked your booth and mine.. both did as they always have.

    So, I went to where I first discovered it.

    Go to this booth, click on the DVD category then see what you see over to the left under category.

    thanks for checking on it

  • alexwberg says:
    12/21/10 at 10:17:58

    @pugs – ah, that’s the difference between folks who use custom categories vs. the standard site categories.

    If you use custom categories (and it looks like you do) then we don’t know the hierarchy and therefore don’t roll them up. If you use the standard categories we roll up the categories when selected to let sub-categories bubble up to the top so it’s easier to continue narrowing results.

  • pugs says:
    12/21/10 at 11:44:05

    so, are yours custom too, cause I didn’t have that when I checked it in your booth

    well, I can see the good side of narrowing the search if someone had a few hundred items in that category… but still, for many of us that like to browse the various categories, it will be a bummer

    thanks for solving the mystery

  • Queenmum says:
    12/21/10 at 13:32:36

    I haven’t looked at any of the new goodies yet, but I’m sure they’re great,howevvver….

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE…put the date the seller was last on scene somewhere that can be SEEN when either the item is moused in search, or in sellers’ booths, say under their avatar?….
    It would do a HUGE lot to boost buyers confidence, and if they’re coming in from Google search, or anywhere esle, for that matter, they aren’t gonna know they have to click on a sellers profile to find out if they’re actually a seller here, or just another dump & runner.

    That’s what I want for Christmas, Santa Alex

  • fiftiesdrivein says:
    12/21/10 at 14:18:20

    biohazard, hahaha. Lovin it! as always! Merry Christmas!

  • loristhisandthat says:
    12/21/10 at 15:21:31

    Nice, Thanks Guys!
    Merry Christmas!

    BTW Ditto on what Queenmum said!

  • momspennies says:
    12/22/10 at 04:18:39

    Just had to come back again and say I am really liking the new pop-ups. I can’t wait to see this feature included in Booths also.

  • spencer455 says:
    12/22/10 at 06:23:28


    The pop-ups are working for me today. Must have been a star alignment issue. I had done what you suggested as I’ve had experience with these on many other sites.

  • shots&more says:
    12/22/10 at 10:30:37

    nice changes!!!!

  • CritterCreekRanch says:
    12/23/10 at 04:25:18

    very nice changes! I really like them, I have been so busy with holidays and listing new items that I just noticed these wonderful changes! Thanks for all the hard work boyz!! Merry Christmas

  • MosaicArtist says:
    12/23/10 at 07:33:17

    I really like all the Changes!
    Have a Wonderful and Safe Christmas and New Year!!

  • calico1953 says:
    12/23/10 at 08:11:32

    I love the changes! Awesome! Merry Christmas!

  • normasbathandbody says:
    12/23/10 at 13:40:47

    Fantastic! Thank you Guys!

  • MrsMysteryGal says:
    12/23/10 at 13:45:44

    I love it I love it I love it.. The BOYZ Are working to make everything better

  • alexwberg says:
    12/23/10 at 23:14:58

    The pop-ups got some style improvements last night and now appear on booth pages as well. Merry Christmas!

  • HavensRainbow says:
    12/26/10 at 09:26:00

    Love the improvements. Thank you.

  • sonsandie1507 says:
    12/26/10 at 16:28:26

    Great improvements Alex!

  • johngermaine says:
    01/11/11 at 18:16:27

    I like the pop-ups, just slow them down, sometimes I am just going past them and don’t want them to pop up and they do, it slows one down while browzing. It might aggravate a potential buyer as well. I vote to keep them, just don’t let them activate so quickly when one mouses over.

  • xImpressionsExpress says:
    01/19/11 at 23:50:34

    I LUV the amount of information you are able to see. I would also like to see them slowed down a bit so that I am not distracted by them popping up too quickly when moving around my booth normally. I should have to purposely stop to view the information and not see it in ‘passing’ over the item.

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