Our first Rush is scheduled!

Hi everyone – per my Friday post, we’re getting ready to launch our new Rush functionality this week. 

Our first Rush is in Antiques and is scheduled for Thursday, November 4th at 9:00AM PDT - 1:00PM PDT.  Those of you who are signed up to sell items in the Antiques Rush will receive an email notification on Monday that includes the date and time and a link to promote the Antiques Rush on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have general questions on Rushes please consult our Rush FAQ.  For more specific questions regarding our first Rush we’ve tried to anticipate the most likely ones below. 

Why did you pick this time for the first Rush?  We wanted to capture the American lunch hour.  This time allows us to get the east and west coast when they are shopping and eating at their desks.  We recognize this time will not work for everyone including some participating sellers.  There’s really no time that will work for everyone regrettably.  We’ll experiment with different start times and Rush durations to find what works best. 

Why Antiques first?  We had to start somewhere.  And the top of the alphabet seemed like a decent enough way to get things rolling; though we aren’t planning on going alphabetically moving forward.  We’ll choose a variety to start so we can see what works well and what doesn’t.

When are the next Rushes?  You can see Rush schedule on the main Rush page.  Right now we have scheduled the first three and will reveal the dates and times for the other Rushes soon.  We are planning on having one Rush each weekday, but might add more in the future.

Wait, I missed something.  What’s a Rush? 
Totally fair question – we all get busy.  We have a Rush FAQ just for you

How will I find out when a Rush has begun?  Lots of ways.  Sellers will get an email saying the Rush has started with a direct link to the Rush event page once the Rush begins.  Select buyers will also receive an email.  There will be a number of places on the site itself to gain access to each Rush.  The main Rush page will provide a link to the Rush event when it begins as will the homepage.  Also, a site-wide notification will provide a link to anyone who happens to be on the site when a Rush is occurring.  Lastly, we’ll be promoting the Rush on Twitter and via Facebook events.  And I suspect (hope!) many of you will as well.

What will a Rush look like?  A Rush will look a lot like a booth page, but not be limited to one seller’s items.  A multi-user chat with our new private message capability will live at the top of the page.  Below the chat will be a fairly familiar looking layout of various products with some tools along the left side of the page to allow buyers to narrow down their results.  Additionally, buyers will be able to sort Rush items in the order they see fit.  

Buyers will be able to initiate a private chat with each seller right from any item they are looking at (we have a handy new pop-up for each item).  Many of you noticed that we rolled a number of these new chat features out already to the booth pages.  I apologize for not communicating this to you as it happened.  We've been moving fast to get Rushes out and in your hands.  There are a few other bells and whistles as well of course, but we don’t want to spoil all the fun.  Overall the page will look very familiar to most of you I suspect. 

What’s next for Rushes?
  That’s hard to say at this point.  We have no shortage of ideas of course, but are holding any firm plans until we have real data and feedback.  In addition to monitoring the Rushes as they happen we’ll also be collecting feedback from all of you.  We’re conducting usability tests of Rushes as they happen to capture feedback from users who have never been to Bonanza before (let alone a Rush).  We’ll rely on this feedback a great deal to tune the buyer experience.

We’re really looking forward to holding our first Rush! 

-    Alex


28 responses to Our first Rush is scheduled!

  • JB7339 says:
    10/31/10 at 22:49:45

    I look forward to seeing what they look like. My time zones will probably never fit – but that is okay – I will visit when I can.

  • Mystic-Sales says:
    10/31/10 at 23:33:22

    Great to hear Alex! Thank you!!!

  • TimeSpanTreasures says:
    11/01/10 at 02:39:57

    That’s cool-I get to be in the first official one.

    Will we be able to preview all the items included in each rush and see what discount the seller is offering BEFORE each rush starts?

  • CindyBear says:
    11/01/10 at 03:02:08

    Is there any way to preview items? I looked around. Need to make shopping lists

  • pugs says:
    11/01/10 at 04:57:02

    >>>>and a link to promote the Antiques Rush on Facebook and Twitter.<<<

    are the sellers going to have the total responsibility for promoting the rush or will the site be doing some and if so what??

  • permacrisis says:
    11/01/10 at 05:25:21

    I know the data will eventually be ‘proprietary’ etc but the first coupla times you should really, really just throw us back some stats and let us know how the traffic responded! Looking forward to it.

  • lovelythingsdahlin says:
    11/01/10 at 06:36:45

    Can’t wait to see what the Rush looks like. It just ran through my mind that maybe they should be called a stampede, but a Rush evokes urgency, also. Probably a better image than cows actually. Off I go…

  • BeautifulBooks says:
    11/01/10 at 06:53:57

    Thanks, ALex. The Antique item in my booth ( a $95 oil lamp is not included on my rush page…and the item which IS shown isn’t an antique ( it’s in Art/FolkArt category) and is in reserve.

    Will this correct itself before the 4th? or is there something I need to do?

    Can I add additional Antique items today?…and what is the cut-off before the 4th?

    Thanks very much…

  • alexwberg says:
    11/01/10 at 07:38:04

    @ TimeSpanTreasures – there is no plan at current to allow previews of other merchants items though this could change.

    The one thing I am confident of when it comes to Rushes is that it’s going to take some tinkering to get them right. And that will come with time and experience.

  • Paceset9999 says:
    11/01/10 at 07:40:58

    I’m excited-Thank You For the Notice! I would like to know if we are going to be able to take down our published coupons and put them back up after the rush (right now we are only allowed to post 2 per month). I’m hoping that coupon posting limit will be waived for rush participants.

  • alexwberg says:
    11/01/10 at 07:42:24

    @pugs – Bonanza will be doing its part as well. We will email buyers who have demonstrated an interest in each respective category. We will also promote each Rush on Facebook and Twitter. Lastly, we will make sure that every user on the site is made aware via a notification system which has yet to launch.

    I imagine we will look at other promotional avenues as well. This week is just the start. We have lots of learning and testing to do to see what works.

  • alexwberg says:
    11/01/10 at 07:46:31

    @ Beautifulbooks – I will let support know. You can add additional items to the Rush still. As of right now there is no time cut-off.

  • alexwberg says:
    11/01/10 at 07:53:12

    @Paceset9999 – there are no changes to the coupon functionality at present. Any restrictions that apply now are still in effect. I’ll take a note of this for the future though!

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    11/01/10 at 08:09:38

    Let the RUSH’s Begin!!!! A NEW era…A NEW way of buying and selling – this is exciting!


  • MyTexasTreasures says:
    11/01/10 at 08:48:54

    Very good news ! My question- Can we exclude an item from a rush or must we include all? If so how do we do that? Also, can we discount an item a different percentage or must they all be the same?

  • alexwberg says:
    11/01/10 at 08:51:11

    @mytexastreasures – right now there is no exclusion capability nor a way to change discounts on a per item basis. This may change in the future though.

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    11/01/10 at 08:56:35

    Actually Alex MyTexas can put items on reserve he/she doesn’t want in the Rush.

    Can’t wait to see how the Rush will work and what it will look like in action!

  • Paceset9999 says:
    11/01/10 at 09:18:28

    Ok, thanks Alex, to be clear on this though, Will our Published Coupons Be In Effect while the Rush Sale Is On? Such as I have a 10% Discount Coupon running and my Rush Discount is 20%. Will buyers get a 30% discount during a rush if I keep my published coupon up during the Rush?

  • Abbysantiques says:
    11/01/10 at 10:24:58

    Will there be a notice for the rushes on the home page, and the main category page, for those coming into the site that way. If someone comes in by Google directly to an item, will there be a notice for scheduled rushes on that page?

  • alexwberg says:
    11/01/10 at 10:48:24

    @Paceset9999 – coupons are additive. So, if you have a coupon in place, the discount would be added to the Rush discount.

  • alexwberg says:
    11/01/10 at 10:49:11

    @abbysantiques – check out this section of the blog above for a description on how and where you can find Rushes…

    ‘How will I find out when a Rush has begun?’

  • EuropeanGoodies says:
    11/01/10 at 13:23:51

    Just promoted the upcoming Rush on Facebook and will continue to do so.
    It’s just cool.

  • pugs says:
    11/01/10 at 14:33:26

    >>>>We will email buyers who have demonstrated an interest in each respective category. <<<<<

    I am guessing and hoping these buyers you are going to email have opted in to receive promotional materials from Bonanza ??

  • alexwberg says:
    11/01/10 at 15:35:47

    @pugs – yes.

  • pugs says:
    11/01/10 at 16:11:13

    interesting, is there a spot on checkout somewhere? I think I remember seeing one for them to get stuff from the seller they just had a transaction with but do not remember seeing one for the site. Or, is it somewhere else? I would like to know so I can tell buyers and friends to be sure to check it off so they can get emails about rushes etc.

    Curious also… how many are on the mailing list at this time?

  • alexwberg says:
    11/01/10 at 17:18:23

    @pugs – there are lots of places to sign-up for various promotional emails from Bonanza. The footer of the website if you are signed out, the rush index page, the cart during checkout, your email settings page, the rush index page.

    If you want to direct someone to signup for specific Rush emails I would send them to the Rush index page.

    We’re not announcing the specific size of our entire mailing list – besides we don’t email everyone for every single Rush.

  • pugs says:
    11/01/10 at 18:04:03

    >>>the cart during checkout<<<

    I will have to look the next time I check out, I only remember seeing one for the seller and not the site

    thanks for the info

  • alexwberg says:
    11/03/10 at 19:01:46

    Thanks for all your questions everyone. If you have any more please check out the FAQ or try support@bonanza.com.


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