Rush notifications (for sellers)

Hi all.  Below is a screenshot of the email you will receive a few days before a Rush if you are signed up to participate (and haven’t opted out of Rush notifications). 

The first link, labeled ‘1’ in the screenshot, is a link you can use to promote the Rush on your own sites and blogs, etc.  Leading up to the Rush the link will take you to the main Rush page.  Once the Rush begins it will take you directly to the Rush itself.  It’s a ‘smart’ link that knows where it should go when the Rush is on.  The second and third buttons, labeled 2 & 3 in the screenshot, are shortcuts if you want to promote the Rush on Facebook or Twitter.  This is optional of course.  The Facebook link, once you approve our Bonanza application if you haven’t already, will actually RSVP you for a Facebook ‘Event.’  Each Rush is an ‘event’ on Facebook that you can share with friends and/or customers.

Oh, and one more thing, buyers and sellers will also receive a notification right when the Rush begins.  That email has a very strong 'call-to-action' (giant button) to join the Rush.

I’m sure you guys have your own ideas and best practices for promoting your items.  Consider this another tool for your toolbox to use at your discretion!

Feedback or questions?  Fire away. 

-    Alex

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