Seller Spotlight: Sports Jeweler

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Seller name:

Morris. Check out his booth here!

How did Sports Jeweler come to be?

"I had a background in electrical engineering working as a defense contractor, and found myself out of work in the 90’s. My wife was a jeweler, and we decided to make that our main business, owning our own store named ‘The Jewelry Box’. In the mid 90’s, I built a website for us to use to start selling our jewelry online to help reach new customers. Over the next 10-15 years, when eBay and Amazon became steady marketplaces, I also listed our inventory on those venues, and about 3 years ago came across Bonanza to further expand the reach of our business."

What is your favorite feature on Bonanza?

“Since I have multiple channels that I’m actively selling on, being able to manage my inventory via CSV file is extremely helpful, and Bonanza makes that task easy. Uploading new items or updating what’s currently available without having to go through each item individually saves a huge amount of time.”

Morris also appreciated Bonanza’s Advertising Broadcaster as an alternative to traditional “pay-per-click” advertising. “It used to be that ‘clicks’ were much more affordable, but now it’s easy to pay a large sum for views without making any sales. Bonanza pays for the views and sellers aren’t charged anything until a sale is made, which makes it much more manageable.”  

What advice would you give to sellers who are new to online selling or Bonanza?

“With so much competition out there, you need to give customers a reason to purchase from YOU instead of someone else. Having unique items that are hard to find, or a particular niche that makes you stand out from the crowd, makes a big difference. Competitive pricing is important too, but with the volume of people selling online, it isn’t always feasible to continue lowering your prices against your competitors."

Morris added, "Another aspect of online selling that might not be obvious when first starting is being able to manage your time effectively to ensure your business is fully functional. Between customer interaction, managing sales you’ve made, updating your inventory regularly, advertising your products, and everything else that keeps your store running smoothly, time requirements add up quickly and you may find yourself overwhelmed if you’re unprepared.”

Who is your favorite creative?

“Bruce Springsteen. I’ve seen him live a few times, and he puts on a great show!”

With Baseball season in full swing, which team are you hoping is on deck to win the World Series?

“Growing up in New York, the Yankees are my favorite team, and with the way they’ve been playing I think they’ve got a shot to take it this year.”

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22 responses to Seller Spotlight: Sports Jeweler

  • Img 9701 thumb128
    SFOSEA415 says:
    06/09/17 at 10:26:08

    what a fun read! the seller had great tips. thanks for doing these!

  • Fishing bridge x thumb128
    SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    06/09/17 at 10:40:55

    Thanks for putting these out there. Interesting to see the history and different takes from other sellers.

  • Userpics4
    gail81 says:
    06/09/17 at 10:44:25

    Thanks for the tips.

  •   kgrhqmokjme3vmc3 zgbof op 6kw   7 thumb128
    WrappedRoundMyFinger says:
    06/09/17 at 11:44:20

    Great insight. Only thing I can see that we disagree on is the Yankees. Dodgers all the way! LOL

  • Img 3180610 1490808576 thumb128
    amazingazriel says:
    06/09/17 at 11:52:39

    Great insight. Go Yankees!

  • 100 0015 thumb128
    tegger says:
    06/09/17 at 12:54:09

    Thank you for taking the time to share your story. It’s fun to see what other sellers think and how they approach their on line selling experience.

  • Userpics12
    FleeceAndFabric says:
    06/09/17 at 13:01:50

    Wonderful read. Thanks. Mary

  • Img 5649468 1531846436 thumb128
    CarolCE says:
    06/09/17 at 13:13:54

    Thanks for the informative spotlight. You are an inspiration.

  • Bob and i email size thumb128
    bjstlmi says:
    06/09/17 at 13:54:55

    Great read! Very informative. Thanks.

  • Fb img 1495649716254 thumb128
    Mydestiny says:
    06/09/17 at 16:19:53

    Thank you for your advice:)

  • Scooter yoga 1 thumb128
    lismel says:
    06/09/17 at 16:57:14

    Thanks, Sports Jeweller for your sage advice and hard-earned business building tips. I agree that savvy time management is critical for any small online entrepreneur.

  • thumb128
    ooak says:
    06/09/17 at 17:59:09

    thank you, SPORTS JEWELER, for your interesting bio….

  • Userpics8
    xiamei says:
    06/09/17 at 20:11:48

    Have any suggestions and needs we can speak freely, welcome and thanks!

  • Aftfire front thumb128
    romanticwedding says:
    06/10/17 at 01:35:38

    Thank you!

  • Dscn1388 005 thumb128
    EmpressDepot says:
    06/10/17 at 21:20:34

    Congratulations, Morris. On the time management tip, so very true.


  • Bagwithbooks thumb128
    DazzleDeals says:
    06/11/17 at 09:37:10

    Great read! Good suggestions to new sellers. Yankees all the way!

  • Iusa 400x400.22039271 s76y thumb128
    MawmaRosesCrafts says:
    06/13/17 at 08:12:06

    Thank you, Sports Jeweler, for the tips! I just moved my shop (MawmaRosesCrafts) from Etsy, over here. Just afew days ago actually. Bonanza made it easy to transfer my items. I just wish there could have been away to transfer my reviews. To help customers to see my trustworthiness. I think I will like it here! Thank you again!

  • Img 0006 thumb128
    Kanga23 says:
    06/13/17 at 19:08:29

    Thank you for all the great tips. My shop, Kanga23, is new here. I just moved it from Etsy a few days ago. The transfer went incredibly smooth and easy. I agree with MawmaRosesCrafts that it would have been nice to be able to transfer my reviews as well. Looking forward to being a Bonanza seller!

  • 60 70 percent 300x300 thumb128
    Shop75percent says:
    06/14/17 at 05:12:56

    I’m new seller, So awesome to read the tips.
    Thanks so much!

  • Gardenwhispers mums1 etsynewshopsquarebanner 2new thumb128
    MarieADawson says:
    06/14/17 at 15:26:56

    Thank You for sharing your success story.

  • Ilovemovies2 thumb128
    Extra_Mile_4_You says:
    06/18/17 at 07:37:10

    Great Read, Thanks

  • Eshop button thumb128
    shopinsuperhighway says:
    06/18/17 at 16:45:18

    Nice tips. Great read.

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