Shipping Label Payment Updates

Here is a handy flow chart of how postage will be credited or charged. From USPS to, from to Bonanza, from Bonanza to you.

Automated Package Verification

As of August 2017, USPS is implementing a new Automated Package Verification (APV) system. This system automatically verifies whether the correct amount was paid for postage. This change is a mandatory change driven by USPS. You're not required to purchase postage through Bonanza, but any packages shipped through USPS will be subject to the APV system.

Why did USPS switch to this APV system?

The APV automatically verifies whether postage has been underpaid or overpaid by a sender. In the past, if a seller underpaid for postage, the remaining balance was charged to the recipient upon delivery or the package would be returned to the sender, neither of which is a good customer experience. If a sender overpaid for postage, the extra money would be kept by USPS. With the APV system, packages with insufficient postage will be delivered, and the postage due will be deducted from the sender, resulting in fewer delays for order deliveries. Any overpayment is credited back into the sender, saving you money.

How does it work?

USPS processing centers have new equipment that will automatically check shipments to confirm details like weight, dimensions, and packaging against the postage paid. If an incorrect amount of postage is discovered (either too little or too much), USPS will issue an adjustment, which Bonanza will either deduct or credit to sellers.

How does this affect me? 

Starting September 1, Bonanza will start crediting extra payments and billing overages back to Bonanza sellers who purchased shipping labels through

If you overpaid on your postage:

  • We will credit your Bonanza shipping fund. If you do not have a shipping fund set up, we will create one for you. This will only contain the amount of your postage credit - we will not auto-fill your shipping fund.

If you underpaid your postage:

  • If you have a Bonanza shipping fund with sufficient funds to cover the postage chargebacks, we will deduct the amount due from the fund.
  • If you do not have a shipping fund, or if there are insufficient funds to cover the chargeback amount, we will add the chargeback to your bill if the amount is less than $3.
  • If the postage chargeback amount is more than $3, you will be charged a $10 postage adjustment fee in addition to the extra postage charges. If you do not have a shipping fund, or if there are insufficient funds to cover the chargeback amount, this will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • If a postage chargeback fails, you will not be able to purchase labels in the future until charges are paid and / or a new card has been added.

Please note that you must have a credit card on file (or a running shipping fund balance) in order to be able to purchase shipping labels from Bonanza.

How can I avoid under or overpaying for postage?

You can avoid underpaid and overpaid postage costs by ensuring you've entered the correct information when purchasing your shipping label. The USPS will check the following parameters to make sure that the correct postage was charged for the package:

  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Mail Class
  • Packaging
  • Origin ZIP Code
  • Destination ZIP code
  • Postage paid 

How long does it take for APV adjustments to be processed by the USPS?

The USPS has up to 30 days after a package is shipped to issue an adjustment. However, their site stays that "we expect the vast majority of adjustments to occur within just a few days of the package being shipped." 

What if I believe an adjustment was made in error?

While the new system is state of the art and catches both underpaid and overpaid packages, there are situations where an error may occur. If this happens to you, please contact Bonanza with the following information:

  • Bonanza order number associated with the shipping label
  • The reason for the dispute (please provide as much information as possible)

Bonanza will contact the USPS to file a dispute on your behalf. Once a dispute is filed with the USPS, it may take up to 20 business days to receive a response. Please note that the USPS will not be providing partial reversals. A dispute will either be approved or denied. If the dispute is approved, Bonanza will credit the overpayment back to the seller.

Where can I find more information about this?

To read more about the APV system and how it will affect you, check out this help article.

33 responses to Shipping Label Payment Updates

  • twangerstudios says:
    08/24/17 at 10:24:22

    can i bypass bonanza and pay for postage from the sales transaction that shows up in my PayPal?

    BonanzaAmy says in response:
    08/24/17 at 14:50:48

    Great question! You can buy postage for your Bonanza sales though whatever platform is most convenient for you. But, keep in mind that any USPS postage you purchase online is subject to APV.

  • caracy says:
    08/24/17 at 11:40:41

    I can see first class packages getting damp/wet enough (during a rain lets say) between the mailing PO and the processing center to be heavier at the latter then when originally mailed at the former.

    BonanzaAmy says in response:
    08/24/17 at 14:53:49

    Hopefully issues like this won’t happen too often. In scnearios like this, our support crew is happy to assist with any APV disputes for USPS postage purchases made through Bonanza.

  • juanitamart47 says:
    08/24/17 at 11:59:19

    I have never had a problem, when I put down an amount for shipping and it ends up being more, I have always and I mean always paid the difference. If the amount is $1.00 or more over the shipping amount I refund the difference. I have had a lower rating from time to time because of the refund thing. But I still do it. I have a lot of repeat buyers because of my honesty. I also always put the shipping amount on all of my labels. Juanita

    08/24/17 at 12:40:22

    How does this effect a $5 FLAT FEE? (which ususally covers handling as well.)

  • DollsForCollectors says:
    08/24/17 at 12:51:14

    Thank you for this information Bonanza.

  • best_store_for_you says:
    08/24/17 at 14:09:45

    Thank you for this information Bonanza.

  • Keys2media says:
    08/24/17 at 15:35:35

    Thanks so much for this information, Bonanza!! I sell on other platforms, too, and I haven’t heard a word about it from them or even from a postal clerk when I’m there.

  • p57rose says:
    08/24/17 at 15:48:01

    i just wonder if USPS will actually refund the overcharges….seeing as USPS is always filing some kind of bankruptcy thingy.

  • idealshoppe says:
    08/24/17 at 16:13:51

    I routinely round up and add an extra oz on first class packages that weigh in close to the oz, if my scales tells me it is 12.9 oz for example I will pay for 14 oz, just to ensure my customers have no issues. Does USPS have a minimum they will refund, I really don’t want to mess with accounting on refunds of 5 cents

    BonanzaAmy says in response:
    08/25/17 at 10:50:35

    Great question! We haven’t gotten specifics on the threshold for what USPS might consider “too small” to be adjusted.

    Keep in mind that any overpayments on labels purchased through Bonanza will be deposited into a Shipping Fund for you, which can be used for future label purchases.

  • eastofmaui02 says:
    08/24/17 at 17:04:45

    Thank you…good info to know.

  • DazzleDeals says:
    08/24/17 at 17:40:10

    Good to know. Thanks.

  • iloveoldstuff says:
    08/24/17 at 18:20:18

    Good to know – thanks Bonanza!

  • Kerridwens says:
    08/24/17 at 19:09:16

    This is great information…I use PayPal for shipping labels because I can weigh the item and put exact weight amounts in to calculate shipping costs. Then if it’s over I can refund the overage immediately to the customer right through PayPal. I’ve never had an issue with shipping costs. Oh…and I’m running a 50% Off Sale…come and visit!

  • brandons1018 says:
    08/24/17 at 22:07:03

    I have a UPS store about five minutes from my home. This is also a Post Office.

  • FrankR003 says:
    08/25/17 at 00:23:35

    The customer does NOT get charged the balance. I ship Everything Priority mail, using pay-pal. On the few occasions I was short on my shipping. The Post Office charges me when I drop it off. They weigh it to make sure the right postage has been charged. If not I pay the difference and they add another tag to my package

  • xiamei says:
    08/25/17 at 03:15:24

    I’m glad to see your team advise our sellers, and we are confident that we can sell more goods on this platform. thank you very much!

  • Collectablesandparts says:
    08/25/17 at 03:42:15

    maybe a dumb question – Our zip code is 34243 – we often drop mail off at a PO with 34203 zip code, since it’s on the way home after work. How do we calculate postage?

    BonanzaGrace says in response:
    08/25/17 at 10:47:06

    Thanks for your question, Collectablesandparts! To ensure accurate postage calculation, you should use whichever zip code your package will be shipped from.

  • PaperNirvana says:
    08/25/17 at 11:04:43

    Thanks for taking time to keep us abreast of these USPS changes. Hopefully it will benefit us sellers.

    My Shops:
    Artsy Craftery Studio
    Paper Nirvana
    Bead Tonic

  • Kerridwens says:
    08/25/17 at 15:55:42

    A kitchen scale makes an excellent tool for weighing packages. And you can pre-weigh items before listing them in the shop so you have an idea about how to charge for postage.

  • BookbinEtc says:
    08/26/17 at 17:07:17

    We’ve had this in Canada for a couple of years. It has only happened that I’ve been charged more, a couple of times, and it wasn’t much money.

    When I’ve bought postage from the Canada Post website, I could call in and dispute it – unsuccessfully, of course. When I’ve bought postage through a marketplace, you really have no recourse. They are in the middle and can’t fix any disputes.

    Still, it’s great that Bonanza is keeping sellers up to date.

  • Beautiful_Clothing says:
    08/26/17 at 19:45:36

    Im new at this, please tell me where to buy stamps and can i send it through UPS. Or do i have to buy packages with Bonanza logo.

    BonanzaAmy says in response:
    08/28/17 at 10:49:14

    Hi Beautiful_Clothing!

    You can buy postage for your Bonanza sales though whatever platform is most convenient for you.

    We offer USPS postage as a service for our sellers, but you are not required to buy postage from us.

    If you do wish to buy labels from us, you’ll see that option when you view an order in “Items Sold.” You’ll see the option to purchase a shipping label as “Buy shipping.”

    Happy selling!

  • YLEssentialOils says:
    08/28/17 at 13:45:45

    Thank you, Bonanza! :-)

  • haynesgroup says:
    08/28/17 at 17:10:37

    i offer free shipping and do not use your labels. Thanks.

  • EmpressDepot says:
    08/30/17 at 20:18:58

    Hi. Hopefully someone is still around :) Question, do sellers get shipping discounts when purchasing shipping labels via Bonanza. I thought I read some where that it starts at a certain membership level? Thanks.

    BonanzaAmy says in response:
    08/31/17 at 09:45:58

    Hi EmpressDepot! We do offer shipping label discounts – you can read about your options in our Help Center:

  • EmpressDepot says:
    08/30/17 at 20:31:17

    I also have another question, which I know is not directly related with the title of this blog, but it does bring about a question I’ve had.

    If I sell something to a customer where it was damaged in the mail or not as described, I’m not really comfortable with telling the customer they have to pay for the return shipping label and that I would refund the cost of the shipping once I receive the package.

    I’d rather be able to say in my return policy that I will send them a shipping label to their email address. Is there anyway to do this on Bonanza.

    I believe can do this but then there is a fee that is beyond what I can afford to pay each month….especially since I am very careful to begin with in my descriptions. It would be a waste of money for me paying a fee to since the service would be used only minimally and rarely.

    BonanzaAmy says in response:
    08/31/17 at 09:55:21

    Great question!

    You can include that info in your booth description (if it applies to all items in your booth) or in the item description itself.

    If you want more help setting this up, you can always contact our support team:

    Happy selling!

  • TotesAndMore says:
    08/31/17 at 06:51:45

    Thank you Bonanza for the info and everyone for your great questions – Good Information -

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