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Legend says that nearly 127 years ago, Santa had a bunch of toys left over (cause everyone was really bad back in the old days) that were causing a riff between him and Mrs Claus.  Mrs Claus had enough of it and threatened Santa with no cookies for dessert unless he cleaned out the workshop.  With his mind set on snickerdoodles, Santa needed to cook up a plan, quick-like.  That is when he shared his story with Buddy the Elf (his trusted 1/2 human 1/2 elf) who suggested that Santa have a mid year sale to liquidate his stock of toys.  Santa applauded Buddy for his slick idea and even promised Buddy that he would eventually introduce Buddy to his real father in New York, in the future of course.  

Today we call this yearly event the "Christmas in July" sale and right now is the time to get signed up and get ready.  This community run event is a great opportunity to network with your fellow sellers, get involved, and have some fun!  It is also a great way to promote your booth and the cost to participate is free ninety nine (free, no cost, free banners, etc).

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE/SIGN UP (Everyone is welcome)


Here is just one of many banners that are being created to celebrate this annual event.

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